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You Don’t Get One With Puff The Magic Dragon …
June 6, 2011, 6:16 am
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Today is a national holiday. It’s the Dragon Boat festival. I love China.

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you have got to be fucking kidding me. another holiday. when the fuck do you do any fucking work or is the commie bastards goal to keep you as far away from that as fucking possible.

enjoy you day off from every other fucking day off.


Comment by andy@cynic

and puff looks like a fucking kiddy fiddler in that picture. bet his magic is caressing some poor kids head and then say, “look no hands”.

gary glitter should rebrand himself gary the magic glitter and get kids everyfuckingwhere wanting to sit on his filthy fucking knee.

Comment by andy@cynic

If it keeps Rob away from me, he can have as many holidays as he wants. Is a dragon race some sort of military hardware test? The commies are going to declare war. I would lay money on Rob being behind this or the cause.

Comment by Billy Whizz

calm down billy boy, those red fucks would only want to declare war on campbell and who the fuck could blame them.

Comment by andy@cynic

After being made to feel guilty and typing until by fingers bled to give my feedback to your project on time, only to see you then malinger and publish your results late, very, very late, I didn’t really expect you to give me your APSOTW feedback on time, but I did hope.
But I should have know, you always cease to amaze me. This time of course, you have gone the extra mile for uselessness and even forgetten to download the entries.

Then, to add insult to injury, I find your reclining in pillows, a dawdling flaneur with ANOTHER holiday. No excuse, non at all.

I’d refuse to comment on this blog ever again, but then I realised you’d like that.

Besides, Andy would miss me. I hope I’m wrong about you, since Monday is not yet over, but I’ve been let down too many times.

Comment by northern

Ouch. Ouuuuch.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

You couldn’t cope without this blog Northern, it’s your “Betty Ford” clinic for your disruption experiences. That said, I have been shit with the feedback – but then I’ll blame being with my Mum [though that doesn’t explain not downloading the entries in time] but I’m doing them right now and it will be in your grubby little hands before sunset.

Comment by Rob

Are you asking me to test how long I can do without this blog? Don’t tempt me.
You’re in a hole and now you keep on digging, blaming your inoccent Mum for your own shortcomings. How low can you stoop? What next?
And why are you posting comments on your vanity project when you’ve work to do?

Comment by northern

It’s done. It’s in your mailbox as I type … and sadly for you, it’s even longer than the average post I put on here, ha.

Comment by Rob

fuck me those poor fucking bastards. bollocked by the biggest blog bore in the whole wide shitty world.

could anything be more fucking depressing.

Comment by andy@cynic

Yes, watching your fortune evaporate on ex-wives and a money pit in Canada

Comment by northern

thanks a fucking lot for reminding me you northern shit.

Comment by andy@cynic

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