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Laughter Is The Best Medicine …
April 8, 2011, 6:10 am
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So following on from yesterday’s post, I want to talk about how SKYPE gave me one of the most precious things in my life.

Well, it wasn’t just SKYPE … it includes my best friend Paul and my wonderful wife, Jill.

My wife has the best laugh in the World.

I don’t just mean in terms of the sound, I mean in how she expresses it.

When she laughs, every part of her reacts … it’s as if her whole body gets taken over … however the bit I like most is how her face lights up, because when that happens, it’s not only infectious, but beautiful.

Back in November I was at my Mum’s house in Nottingham.

While there, I’d seen my beloved Paul, and he told me there was a video of him that made him look a bit of a tit.

Of course I demanded to see it and so with a heavy heart, he showed it to me.

You see while Paul is a printer, he is also a part-time bouncer.

The thing is, while he is built like a 6 foot 5″ brick shithouse, he’s actually as soft as a teddy bear and his bosses at the security firm where he works must know that because instead of putting him on the tough jobs like running nightclub doors, they put him on at concerts where the only danger he’s likely to face, is being kicked by 5 year olds at some teeny-bob concert.

One such gig was – I kid you not – some Dr Who bollocks at the Nottingham Arena.

For some reason, Paul was sat right at the front of the stage and it was here that his ‘tit’ moment occurred.

At one point in the show, the Cybermen – one of Dr Who’s nemesis – come out.

To loud and dramatic music, 20+ evil aliens walk through the crowd and head towards the main stage.

Kids hold on to their parents arms shaking in fear … Dad’s try and look tough infront of their families … women shield their eyes from the sight of multiple silver robots heading right towards them … and at the front of all this, is a giant of a man – bent over as if he’s on a toilet rather than a seat – with the most bored expression on his face that you have ever seen in your life.

I wish I could show you, but it’s been taken down …

Anyway, at the time I wanted Jill to see it because it was truly ridiculous, so I sent her the link and then – thanks to SKYPE – I videoed her reaction as she watched it, even though she was thousands of miles away in Shanghai.

It doesn’t matter how down I might feel – or how many times I watch it – seeing her face go from intrigue to anticipation and then breaking into a fit of uncontrollable laughter is something that will never cease to cheer me up.

There’s so many bits about it that I love … from how she covers her mouth in an attempt to get back some decorum [only for her laughter to brush it all aside as the scene in front of her eyes becomes ever more ridiculous] through to the fact you can tell the exact moment she see’s Paul looking like a sad twat [despite not being able to see what she is seeing] … and that is why I owe a debt of gratitude to SKYPE, Jill and – of course – Paul, because in just 58 seconds, they unknowingly have combined to give me the antidote to pretty much anything and everything … which in terms of brand value, is pretty much the holy grail of holy grails.

So with that, it’s time to sit back and watch the clip that makes me fall in love with my wife all over again, everytime I watch it.

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with friends like you, who the fuck needs evil bastards.

its not good enough for you to embarrass your best mate writing posts about your love for his horse cock or taking out full page fucking newspaper ads to make sure the world knows hes an old bastard, you have to rub it in by explaining in detail how hes a soft bastard who looks like a retard when hes bored and then top it off by showing your wife pissing herself laughing at him. not with him. at him. 

what a shit. 

still it sounds like he deserves it if only for the fact the fucker still talks to you so carry on fucking up your relationships, itll be funny in a few years when the only person who knocks on your door will be the postman. 

delivering bills. 

and hate mail. 

ps) good laughing jill. I expect  its similar to the one you do when you see your husband naked. you poor fucker. 

Comment by andy@cynic

Good job I’ve never liked you then isn’t it!

Comment by Rob

Don’t forget Rob tried to out his best mate a couple of years ago as well.

Even the mafia have a better approach to friendship than him.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Tried to? Did you see the photos … no ‘tried to’ about it.

Comment by Rob

Something tells me Jill doesn’t fall in love with Rob every time he posts something about her on this blog. At least this time he’s not shouting about something stupid he made her say in her sleep. Paul’s pain is Jill’s gain.

Comment by Billy Whizz

look at billy and his elephant brain.

funny how you could never remember a fucking timeline but you could always be relied on to remember some pointless fucking fact. thats a skill. pointless as this blog, but still a skill.

Comment by andy@cynic

why is jill watching whatever the fuck shes watching without any lights on? are you so fucking tight you ban light usage because it sure as shit isnt for environmental concerns is it mr gadget twat?

Comment by andy@cynic

it wasnt because you were having some internet loving before you made her watch that clip was it? or maybe its your version of foreplay. whatever, both thoughts make me feel fucking sick but i can understand why jill would prefer that to having to deal with the real, underwhelming, unimpressive, floppy as fuck, over in 12 seconds, thing.

Comment by andy@cynic

I think the real reason is because she didn’t want me to see all the bags and shoes she’d bought … even though she doesn’t really buy bags or shoes. Or maybe she is just like that when I’m around, which is much more likely if you ask me.

Comment by Rob

she needs something to justify putting up with your fucking shit. has paul called? or his hitman?

Comment by andy@cynic

Enjoyed this. You cannot help but laugh too.

Comment by Henk

first you buy a fucking dalek and now you write about the cybermen. what the fuck is going on with you and your dr who obsession. it might be better than loving queen, but only fucking just.

Comment by andy@cynic

Could you please refrain from writing such caring comments about your wife, I am getting serious grief from all the women in the house.
I have pointed out that I spend my time with them rather than write a blog but it’s fallen on deaf ears so help me out.

Comment by George

It’s not my fault I’m the George Clooney of compliments. Ahem.

Comment by Rob

oooooooooh. :):)

Comment by truuskie

Are the Cybermen employed by Omnicom?
By the way, I trust Jill refrains from buying bags and shoes because she’s cooler than that, not because you’v spent all the money on Daleks and underpants that double as a toaster

Comment by northern

Jill is a sucker for bags and shoes, but fortunately they’re not the poncey, priced-like-a-house ones, but more the cheap crappy stuff from dodgy backstreet markets. I married well in more ways than one.

And for the record, the Dalek is soon to be leaving – at an almost 100% profit – so as sad as I may be, I can sleep easy that there is someone way, way worse than me.

Plus I added a devious element to bump up the value but I better not say anymore in the unlikely event the purchaser stops touching himself while watching K-9 glide across his television screen and comes across this.

Hmmmn, not the best choice of phrase there was it. Oh well …

Comment by Rob

The image I have in my head has now ruined my day

Comment by northern

That makes me happy, but what on earth is the image in your head???

Comment by Rob

So cool! I love that you love her soooo much! Warms the cockles of my northern heart!!

Comment by Ibbo

A geek watching K9 on telly while being serviced by his Dalek if you must know.
Don’t blame me, you put the thought there and I suspect you knew what you were doing.

Comment by northern

dont give me that fucking shit groper, we know thats your fucking youporn search request.

and how much did you flog the plastic piece of shit for. go on make me fucking sick.

Comment by andy@cynic

On another note, this article was specifically places to wind me up, I just know it

Comment by northern

Rob, you do know I read this blog don’t you?
For the record I am tough n hard bastard proven by my promotion to Strictly Come Dancing on tour!!!

PS Andy Thanks for the referral to my ‘horse cock’ again 🙂

Comment by paul

pity its a shetland fucking pony.

Comment by andy@cynic

Did they want you for security duties or because they needed your Ally McBeal CD?

Comment by Rob

Yes Rob, so can you give it back to me please?

Comment by paul

horse cock got you there campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

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