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Kevin Roberts Better Come And Kiss My Birkenstock Clad Feet …
February 25, 2011, 12:35 pm
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So as you know, I’ve been ranting like a loon in Sydney this week.

The ‘feedback’ has started to come through … and while in print it makes me sound like some nutcase Trade Unionist Worker [whereas the video, when it comes out, will show me as a fucking clown] I am glad the point I was trying to make is seemingly starting to have an effect.

On the first day, I finished my presentation with 3 requests:

1/ Could clients give their agencies problems and an open mind, rather than an all encompassing ‘solution self-diagnosis’.

2/ Could agencies ensure they get back to finding a solution rather than going straight to writing an ad. As I keep saying, the process should be [i] identify the problem [ii] identify the solution [iii] advertise/amplify the solution … whereas way too often it appears to be [i] identify the problem [ii] do an ad, often an ad that promotes the problem rather than changes attitude and/or behaviour.

3/ Could anyone in the room who has views they believe in just have a go – even if their bosses/colleagues think they’re wrong – because 7 years ago, no one in Aussie adland would give me a job and yet here I am on stage, as part of W+K, saying exactly the same things I believed in 7 years ago. The best advice is to ignore everyone’s advice.

Anyway, I know from the feedback of the day that points 2 and 3 hit a [positive] nerve, however this afternoon I’ve received an email from a client of Saatchi’s – who was in the audience during my rant – saying the agency should thank me in a few weeks because they are literally going to brief them a problem and will be open to any solution as long as it addresses it.

That is awesome.

Not just because that is all adland should ever want from a client, but because you have let my Mum feel her son isn’t a total swearing idiot.

So to Mr Kevin Roberts … let the folk in your company be brilliant rather than do the sort of stuff that too many do on the challenge section of the Gruen Transfer … or we’ll veto NZ lamb and ensure your super-super-super platinum hotel card is made null and void.

[For those who care, here’s the post on meeting Lauren!]

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“We are encouraged to fail hard. They want us to fuck up and I am very proud to say I have done an amazing job at that in my early days at Weidens.”

i don’t say this very often about you Rob, but that was genius.

Seems you really went for it. Good one.

Comment by DH

It’s probably the only thing Dan would agree with me on.

Comment by Rob

Even Kevin Roberts wouldn’t suck up to a client enough to kiss your feet. Good post, point and reaction, you should feel very pleased with yourself.

Comment by Bazza

Kissing my feet is nothing compared to some of the things he’s kissed before. Allegedly. Ahem.

Comment by Rob

I’ve been working @Saatchi for three months now, just about. Can’t say I’ve interacted with Kevin Roberts at all, so I have no opinion on the subject. Why the angst? /justcurious.

Comment by Aditya

It’s only at him. I like S&S.

Comment by Rob

I had been working in saatchi for a couple of years. I realize that Saatchi has one of the best concepts but they don’t know how can use it yet. Actually they use it but only in presentations.

Comment by name

I think that’s because they don’t know what it is. Not really. It ends up being basically any ad that has been done by S&S which, with the upmost respect. just isn’t true. Not always anyway.

Comment by Rob

Bravo! Agreed. Agencies should solve their clients’ problems.

Comment by Carol L. Weinfeld

Couldn’t agree more with your three final points Rob, especially the former. We are problem solvers not decorators.

Comment by annie

Look at Kevin, he doesn’t get it does he.
Glad it all went well, looking forward to the video – I will bear in mind the camera adds ten pounds

Comment by northern


Comment by Marcus

you should be on video groper but you dont have those fucking inventions up there yet do you. or electricity.

cliche ouch.

Comment by andy@cynic

Comment by northern

you look like that harry enfield character, the nice but dim fucker. good look.

Comment by andy@cynic

2007? fuck me you could have a whole new head of fucking hair by now. stop being a twat and do some more, itll stop campbell being like some z grade soap star and turning up to rant at the opening of a fucking envelope.

Comment by andy@cynic

kevin is a cock. a great big kiwi cock. the news of your fucking glory should piss me off no end, but because you managed to get the word “fuck” into pretty much every one of your quotes means you get a tip of a nod from me even though whoever wrote this fucking article has the same knowledge of punctuation as groper and we all know how fucking shit he is at that.

Comment by andy@cynic

I only pretend to be illiterate, that’s my schtick.

Comment by northern

so youre fucking northern monkey act is the real thing? you poor fuck.

Comment by andy@cynic

so where do you go from here campbell? washington? geneva? london? because theres zero fucking chance youre going to be going back to commieland and doing some actual work are you. twat.

Comment by andy@cynic

whoever wrote that overly fucking fawning article on you over at campaign brief doesnt know how to use fucking grammar. whoever voted for you because of the bollocks featured in that fucking fawning article doesnt know what they were fucking doing. a little fucking auntie bird has told me theres a television and podcast interview? tell me theyre fucking joking. its like a bad car crash, i don’t want to see but i am compelled to fucking blacken my mind and soul. where are they campbell. come on. come fucking clean.

Comment by andy@cynic

Normally the people who write comments in Campaign Brief are the vicious ones, so it’s very kind of you all to save me that journey, Ha.

Guess what Andy, I’m going home and I couldn’t be more ready – even if Jill could, ha!

Comment by Rob

so next week youll be back in the office doing no fucking work? bet w+k and jill are over the fucking moon.

Comment by andy@cynic

Rob winning is like Sarah Palin winning. Not good.

Comment by Billy Whizz

wheres your fucking post slackass?

Comment by andy@cynic

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