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A Lamb Amongst Lions …
February 24, 2011, 4:05 am
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So yesterday was brilliant.

Not only did I get to see some old friends [as well as some even older enemies] I got to listen to a bunch of bloody brilliant, interesting and inspiring speakers. What I particularly liked was that there was a lot of contrasting views, which meant the audience got breadth, as well as depth, and I always think that is hugely valuable because then you are forced to make your own mind up, not just rely on what you’re repeatedly hearing.

I have to say I especially loved Jess from Contagious, Chaz from BBH, Jeffery Cole and Agnello from Taproot.

In Agnello’s case, he is the humble father of the wonderful ‘Times Of India’ campaign – an idea that is genuinely impacting the culture of an entire country. He also told us why the client ran it, despite knowing it would never sell them another paper.

“News is competitive. By doing this work, they knew it would give them the credibility to ensure they always would be the first media group invited into the room”.

Brilliant and a perfect demonstration that if the client feels you are addressing their business objective, they’ll be less hands on in terms of the work produced. Though he did also deal with the CEO rather than the Marketing Director which flows with Andy’s view the Marketing Director is dead, long live the CEO.

[See Andy, I credited you with something other than insulting me]

I enjoyed doing my preso.

I think it went down well, even if I slagged off some work in front of the people who created it … oops!

But hey, I didn’t do it to be nasty, I had issues with it and explained why. Besides, I wouldn’t waste my pettiness on something like that, I’ve got people who really deserve it and hopefully tomorrow, I’ll be able to hand deliver it via another preso.

Now are you sitting down?

Are you?

Well the thing is, I’ve written a new preso.

I know … I know … but it’s true and get this, it has 95% new pictures AND new words.

What the hell has got into me eh!

Anyway, it’s for the Big Thinking competition – like the one the APG run in the UK – however the only reason I agreed to do it is because being a Brit, I have no chance of any Aussie ever voting for me so I can have a bit of fun with zero pressure. To be honest, I’m very glad about that, because if I was taking it seriously, I’d be shitting myself because not only have I been placed in the business category, but I’m up against the fucking awesome Justin Baird from Google who could beat Einstein in his sleep.

In classic planner wankdom, my preso is called ‘Specialisation Leads To Limitation’ [take a deep breath Andy. Breathe!] and if you really are interested to see it [mainly so you can laugh at how bad and simplistic it is … even though in typical ‘Campbell’ fashion, there’s hardly any words on the slides to guide you through it so it’ll probably make even less sense than the poor buggers who have to hear me blathering through it, though I’ve added some words just to ease the pain a teensy bit] you just have to scroll down.



[If it’s too small to read, you can see it better here]

Told you it was new.

Impressive eh! No, I didn’t think so either.

Anyway, as much as I am loving the conference, the big, Big, BIG news for me is that I’m going to be [hopefully] meeting Lauren for the first time today.


Swear-a-lot and tat lady.

I don’t know how long I’ve known her, but I am incredibly excited … though as I said to her, she’ll probably break her leg on the way and the whole thing will end up not happening.

Anyway we’ll see how we go, but with hopefully Lauren today and Rob M and Northern in a few weeks, 2011 is shaping up to be the year my virtual reality because reality.

You poor, poor bastards.

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what the fuck are you thinking lauren? break your leg or at least stab your fucking eardrums and eye sockets. fuck me what is wrong with you people.

and campbell i am not even going to comment on your fucking topic title except to say its the sort of wank that all planners come out with which if you fucking investigate with about 2 seconds of fucking attention youll see its saying the fucking category norm and you just wanted to try and grab some attention because you know every fucker would walk right past you otherwise. its the fucking equivalent of putting the “freddie star ate my hamster” headline.


double twat.

but go down trying.

the times of india shit is fucking good shit. love that stuff and like the fucking client justification. makes more fucking sense than a lot of the shit i hear, see or read. how did it go down in racist aussieland? bucket of sick perhaps?

shocked about the new preso, but its the same old campbell shit so it doesnt feel that fucking new.

now back to lauren.

what the fuck are you thinking woman!

Comment by andy@cynic

and of course ill be taking a fucking deep breath, you think anything you write could make me miss an ounce of fucking sleep? dont overestimate your fucking talent campbell, its still fucking lower than a fat snakes cock.

Comment by andy@cynic

What’s specialization?

Comment by Billy Whizz

you wouldnt know billy. but you sure as fuck know a lot about limitation.

Comment by andy@cynic

w+k has done something for you. its increased your range of font usage on your fucking presentations. and your images are a bit fucking better. but only a bit. dan must be so fucking proud.

Comment by andy@cynic

I want to meet Andy. I’ll take Campbell at a push. And where the fuck is George?

Nice fonts Rob. Good to see you’re squandering Dan’s cash on true-type.

Comment by Marcus

george is in the shed. not your shed but a shed.

Comment by andy@cynic

And Lauren is lovely. She doesn’t swear as much in real life, mind.

Comment by Marcus

fucking wimp.

Comment by andy@cynic

your French needs a bit of work on the final slide (unless you were purposely juxtaposing your own brand of esperanto with the French flag), but I like where you’re going here…especially slide 15.

Comment by amanda

i dont know who you are but you semi pissed on rob so i like you.

Comment by andy@cynic

Like slides 8,9,10. Even engineering departments at uni now specialising. I mean really. Unless you recast a cv to look like you are a specialist, you cannot find a job. Once in it, they expect you to be a generalist. Would like to hear you talk through pressentation – is a podcast available perhaps?

Comment by Jan (drjanroodt on twitter)

You didn’t see me tweeting pics of black sheep to remind BBH Labs in New York yesterday to see what they look like did you?

I don’t think they’re amused but then they’ve lost their voice too 😉

Comment by Charles

bbh labs? the people who write up other fuckers work and somehow get the fucking cred for it from ad monkeys who want the glory not the pain.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’m just pleased you’re still talking to me Andy *laughs*

Comment by Charles

You have no idea how this day will change you.

Comment by john

Lauren is by far one of the realist and raddest people I know. I’m stoked you guys are finally meeting! We’ve got a little trio happening here in Melbourne who try to catch up every so often and share what’s been happening. Lauren, we need to do this asap when Ben is back in town next week! Let’s discuss.

As for your preso, it struck a chord with me. I’ve always thought that the deeper you dig yourself into one direction, the harder it is to look back and see the horizon line. Sooner or later when you come back up to the surface you might come to the sad realisation that you haven’t moved an inch.

Comment by Age

Age, as a middle aged man of minimal hair I should point out that “raddest”, “stoked”, “asap”, and “preso” are words that alienate many people who visit and comment on this blog.

The word “sad”, however is something that we feel comfortable with.

Comment by Marcus

you read my fucking mind.

Comment by andy@cynic

raddest comment ever Marcus.

Comment by john

LOL, my apologies “dude”.

Comment by Age

Hurrah! Hope you got to to meet Lauren!

I need you to text me though as I lost your number!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

It might not be a new concept but you’re presenting it in a fresh way. Good luck.

Comment by Pete

It’s the juxtaposition, Andy’s new friend. Spanish, French, English. Pretty broad knowledge, and yet special.

Comment by Evolution

age, marcus and doddsy, your cheques are in the mail.
andy: jealousy suits you.
rob, you still have time to break your own legs you know..

Comment by lauren

Went that well did it?!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Judging from Twitter’s reaction, you were absolutely adored. Well done Rob.

And, yes saying “judging from Twitter’s reaction” does feel kind of weird.

Comment by Rafik

is australias fucking advertising community that fucking gullible?

and did you meet swearafuckinglot?

Comment by andy@cynic

@Age – they don’t take kindly to emotes and ‘LOL’ either but that shouldn’t stop us…

I really enjoyed your presentation even if for potentially all the wrong reasons because it struck a chord with me for as far as academic life goes. I am pondering a master’s at the moment but don’t think would enjoy a PhD like everyone else seems to be pushing me towards that sort of thing. It fills me with thoughts of drilling down too deep into one area of human knowledge and that’s very scary.

Back to advertising though, excellent point and I’m sad I missed the delivery. No, really!

Comment by andrea

Working with Aggie on Lead India was quite a treat. Taproot are doing some brilliant work all-round, even, *shock-horror* on Pepsi! (Their work in India has sucked for the longest.)

Comment by Aditya

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