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There Might Be A Fine Line Between Fashionable And Fashion Victim …
June 23, 2010, 6:31 am
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… but last week, when I saw these dresses at ‘George’ [better known as ASDA Supermarket] I couldn’t help but think there was a new criteria, the fashion criminal.


Look I know I have the dress sense of a blind Australian from 1982 … but seriously, how bad are they!

You think this post is bad?

Just think how awful it would have been if I’d decided to use the picture to write a post about how planners could use/adapt their skills to help George identify, understand & create designs that attract women.

Yes … imagine that nightmare.

Fortunately for you I can’t be arsed – but if you are a planner and think planning is only about helping create ads, then may I suggest you get out more, or better yet – don’t hang out with advertising people so much.

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Just because they didn’t have them in your size.

Comment by John

think u missing the obvious angle here..these clothes were primarily made for the north americ. george sells in us and in canada as well.. wall mart is smart like that..

so their strat is the same as the dress. one size fits nation under one Muumuu, bad pun etc etc etc..

Comment by niko

youve been missed niko.

trojan should make these dresses because theres no fucking way any woman wearing one of them is going to get pregnant.

Comment by andy@cynic

asda? fucking asda? living overseas hasnt made you any more sophisticated has it. thank fuck you didnt make this post about planners or id of got one of these dresses and tied it round your fucking neck.

im just surprised you didnt like the tarzan collection given the shit you proudly wear in public. nice to see w+k hasnt stopped you writing fucking wank posts. and this couldnt be more any fucking wanking ugly if the people at george/asda designed it themselves.

Comment by andy@cynic

The one on the right looks like it’s for a woman who can’t decide whether to go to a funeral or a party.

Comment by DH

trying out for project fucking runway are you dave?

Comment by andy@cynic

I’d only go on it so I could smack Michael Kors.

No need to get scared Andy, I had to look up his name, didn’t know it automatically.

Comment by DH

course you fucking did dave. course you did.

Comment by andy@cynic

I wonder if the dresses would be more appealing if they were displayed separately rather than next to eachother? Avoid the pattern car crash / clash.

Comment by Pete

stop trying to turn this post into something valid with your pattern unrecognition deep and fucking meaningfuls pete.

and the answer is maybe the one on the left but the one on the right couldnt be saved with a ’50 for 1′ price promotion.

Comment by andy@cynic

You know those times when you wish you could turn back the clock? This post is one of those times – but I do like Pete’s comment/question. It almost (but only almost) legitimises this post but then Andy nipped the possibility of that in the bud.


Comment by Rob


Will use my ‘I am a woman’ card here and say that those dresses CAN be saved with accessories and maybe some skillful rips (in the thighs area, for one)

A planner could suggest that placing COMPLEMENTARY accessories (belt, shoes, nail polish, hair bands etc) in the vicinity of those hideous clothes COULD help women see this outfit make sense AND pick it up as well the rest of products…

Also, I think a good planner can make ANY subject valid/legitimate and create connection between ANYTHING (example: the Pepsi logo change manifesto)

Comment by Madison

the problem with planners is they think they can solve anything which is a fucking laugh when they cant even get clients to use them properly.


Comment by andy@cynic

arent all planners are a bunch of girls madison, except the ones who have the ability to pop out screaming demons from inside their bodies (not those who look like they can. campbell.) are smarter and nicer to look at.

now there’s a fucking insight for you all.

Comment by andy@cynic

I agree with you Madison, some funky earrings, a pair of havaianas (not birkenstocks Rob), big hair and a size 0 body could make those dresses work but the one on the left would still be very scary.

It’s cute to hear boys talk about fashion.


Comment by Jemma King

“It’s cute to hear boys talk about fashion”

Could you be any more condescending Jem? And no, that is not a challenge.

Comment by Rob

You wouldn’t know it to look at me, but I know a fair bit about fashion and stuff.
These pieces can indeed be saved by accessories, and would look great on woman with the confidence to pull it off – or want to wear something that makes them feel confident.
Despite what most men think, women couldn’t give a monkeys about what men think and dress for other women and themselves.
These clothes might look a little out of place in Asda, but would probably look fine in a boutique that has the fashion sensibilties these clothes are attempting to portray.
Howeverm what I really don’t understand is that aninal prints were done to death in 2009, surely these clothes are SO last year

Comment by northern

Great point about women dressing to impress other women … helps explains why Jill continues to annoy me by choosing to wear shoes rather than Birkenstocks.

And I’m not in the least bit surprised to know you know something about womens fashion … no one asks for Andre Aggasi NIKE denim shorts without knowing their Prada’s from their D&G’s.

And I have an answer for your ‘last year’ musing Northern.

2 words: Asda. Nottingham.

Comment by Rob

Thanks for clearing that up.
As for the denim shorts, vintage is so now it’s not true, you should see my collection of Lendl shirts

Comment by northern

You get scarier and scarier …

Comment by Rob

Problem is, they won’t be worn by women who can pull it off. They will be mostly worn by that select group of loud 50+ year old party goers who think animal print is the height of subtlety.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

But that’s kind of the point, an outward expression of self, or tribe, not to mention the outside affecting the inside.
Anyway, I once wore a towellinh shirt so I’d better shut up -and no, it wasn’t a demonstration of swimming credentials

Comment by northern

I agree but it doesn’t make it pretty..!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Can you please arrange for Madison, Jemma and Northern to demonstrate their accessorising claim. It would be both educational and a boost to the Nottingham retail economy.

Comment by John

Nice idea John, but it wouldn’t boost the Nottingham economy as the currency of the city is shoplifting.

Comment by Rob

the thing on the left reminds me of some d&g browser theme. why d&g? why animal print? thats questions ive been wanting to ask since months. anyway, i agree that if those dresses had a label other than ‘george’ and would be presented in a different way/environment (display dummy, plus acessories), they would probably sell. maybe they sell anyway. another thing id like to know: who dress men for?

Comment by peggy

Traditionally, to fit in, for uniform, expression of tribe -and even now.
Recently, for what they think women find attractive
And a minority dress for other men and themselves – ergo expression of self, self definition.

Comment by northern

personally, i think it is a mixture of all things considered, depending on sexual orientation, personality and occasion. im in the postmodern/individualization corner, obviously. i do see the need to classify things for marketing reasons, however.

i think i remember having read before that many women dress for other women to get compliments and evoke a bit of jealousy. that sort of implies these women strive for this form of ego-boosting, i.e. being up for a competition and winning it by appearance. but then, all show no substance is close, which is not a new concept. and not exclusive to women. which sort of backs the personality point i made above. if i now think about the influence of media and marketing on socialization… it seems i had too much coffee. and sugar lol

Comment by peggy

I have to say this post has attracted much more debate than I was expecting … and it’s all on bloody subject. Bloody typical, the most flippant post gets the most focused responses … you’re all bastards, but I do kinda like you.

Comment by Rob

Perhaps we need an APSOTW challenge.

(Accessorising and Personalisation School of the Web)

Comment by Rob Mortimer

i have dreadful fashion sense, but am agreeing again with madison, jem and northern. accessories and shutzpah.

in fact, i’d even go so far as to say that they’d look shit-hot on a super-strutting afro-carribean momma with a booty, hair from outer space and a stack of silver jangling. and a strut. it’s all about the strut.

planners could learn from stylists.

ps. australian men dress for their mothers.

Comment by lauren

australian men dress for their fucking sheep more like.

eng ger land. eng ger land. eng ger land.

Comment by andy@cynic

if you’re basing that on rob’s dress sense (which he clearly borrows heavily from), then maybe.

enjoy the celebrations. i suspect they’ll be short-lived. until sunday, to be exact. 🙂

Comment by lauren

I clearly borrow heavily from Australian men or Australian sheep?

Neither is good, but one is less sickening than the other.

Comment by Rob

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