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The Case Of The Missing Earring …
May 11, 2010, 5:53 am
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I love my Mum.

I love her so much that I’d be here forever if I had to explain all the reasons why she’s so wonderful.

I’m sure you all think the same about your own Mum’s … and that’s understandable because you’ve not met mine.

Anyway a week ago she sounded very down because whilst out, she lost one of her earrings from a pair she got on her wedding day … way back in 1964.

My Mum – like her son – is quite a sentimentalist, except where I can feel emotionally connected to a calculator, my Mum is moved by things that matter. Like earrings. Earrings that represent the day she married her beloved husband, a husband who passed away 11 years ago and yet remains in her – and her sons – heart and thoughts each and every day.

Anyway a couple of days ago, she was going home – still desperately scanning the pavement she had walked over countless times in the last 72 hours – when she saw a glint in the sun and you guessed it, there was her earring.

Sure it was a bit battered and bruised as god knows how many people had trod on it but she had found it and the joy in her voice when she told me she found it was magical.

I’ve never tried any drugs [unless Strepsils count] but if its anything close to how my Mum’s happiness made me feel, I can understand why it’s addictive.

My Mum is 77 and yet the joy in her voice made her sound 17 … it was infectious … suddenly everything became good, happy and possible.

In a World where we mistakenly associate happiness with material possessions, it’s important to remember there is nothing greater than hearing people you love being happy and nothing greater than knowing their happy because of things that matter, not things that are new.

Thank you Mum. Seems Dad is still watching out for us.


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you soft bastard campbell. but its for your brilliant mum so i can allow it. at least its a big fucking step up from being gushy about calculators, internet radios and fucking sherbet dib dabs.

hello mrs c, hope youre well and glad it ended happily ever after. you deserve it after everything youve had to suffer with your son.

Comment by andy@cynic

Comment seems superfluous, but I am very happy for your mum.

Comment by John

you could take the piss over the strepsil incident?

just trying to help you feel valued doddsy.

Comment by andy@cynic

Some incidents are just beyond ridicule.

Comment by John

Infectious feelings are wonderful feelings.

Comment by Pete

I like ‘infectious feelings’ … though I am slightly concerned this could become an advertising buzzword and cheapen how I felt about my Mum’s news.

Saying that, ‘infectious feelings’ is pretty much what adland should be aiming to pull off, though given the recent Standard Chartered and VISA campaigns, it would seem we’re a long way off capturing the real essence of the emotion.

Comment by Rob

Now that is a pleasing story to end my day on.

Comment by Lee Hill

Very nice. You’re very lucky to have such a relationship. Mine is rather neurotic, but she’s the one I have. Actually, it’s my Grandmother who has made the difference…95 and still sassy. Farm girls, both of em!

Comment by adchick

I lucked in where my parents are concerned … of course whether they feel the same way is entirely debatable.

Comment by Rob

Not in the slightest bit debateable.

Comment by John

What I like about you is that you’re not afraid to say how you really feel about stuff.
It’s very easy to be all ‘cool’ and ‘cynical’ about the stuff, especially for the British, must the Italian in you.
Very happy on a number of fronts.

Comment by northern

That’s very kind of you Northern.

Funny thing is my Dad – a VERY English man – was also very open with his feelings and beliefs so it was bound to happen I guess.

And is being cynical ever cool? Maybe subconciously that’s why we decided to call the company that name. If it is, it didn’t work, ha.

Comment by Rob

fuck you campbell, im ice box cool and anything associated with me is ice box cool as well. except planners for obvious fucking reasons.

is mrs c going to say a word? shes not said hello for ages.

if she does come by, sorry for the swearing mrs c, its a disgusting habit but its advertisings fault, im an innocent victim.

Comment by andy@cynic

I don’t think cynicism is cool, that’s my point.
Your Dad sounds like he was cool though, very cool indeed

Comment by northern

I don’t think you’d ever call my Dad ‘cool’ … he was warm, funny, smart and kind and let me be sure I was loved and cared for each and every day … but his barrister persona was always lying just under the surface which meant by conventional standards, he’d be described more as cheeky curious than cool.

Still, the concept of that would amuse him, so thank you.

Comment by Rob

Lovely. Best post this month.

Comment by Marcus

Of all the blogs in the entire universe?

That’s amazing.

Comment by Rob

Yes it is

Comment by northern

its funny how material things can sometimes mean so much. not because of a thing itself, but because of the stories and feelings that are attached to it. i have a ring my granny got from my grandpa for their 25th wedding anniversary. he passed away some years later. the ring meant a lot to her. and now it does to me. it would make me sad if id lose it… i just love your mum found her earring again. that is so sweet to know 🙂

Comment by peggy

Here I am, Andy and everybody. That earring meant a lot to me and I must admit I was very happy when I found it. Thank you for sparing the time to write comments on it; I did not know Robert was going to mention it!
And Andy, I feel so sorry that your innocent nature has been corrupted by advertising – you certainly are a victim, poor thing!
Bye everyone.

Comment by Fiorella

Hello lovely Mum … how nice to have you pop by, even though its somewhat disconcerting that you react to the requests of a foul mouthed man in America but not your loving son. Ha.

Love you and speak later.


Comment by Rob

Sorry, Robert if I did not say anything directly to you. You know I love you a lot. I cannot wait until I see you and Jill.
Mum xxx

Comment by Fiorella

Don’t you worry my Mum, I know you love me … or I will when I see the size of my present for my birthday. Haha.

Love you.


Comment by Rob

mrs c addressed me by my name. thats like being touched by the pope. not that way you dirty bastards. good to know youre well mrs c, you have added a much needed bit of sophistication around here which is excellent news because i shouldnt be expected to add that glossy sheen to commentary proceedings all by myself.

Comment by andy@cynic

I must apologise for calling you by your name. I should have asked Robert for your surname, Mr Andy( I hope this will do for now).
Thank you for making me laugh with your reply.
Mrs C, Fiorella, Robert’s mum (you choose).

Comment by Fiorella

Please don’t encourage him Mum, he’ll be inviting himself round for dinner next – but that could also be because he doesn’t want to supervise the house his wife just made him buy in Canada.

Will call you soon with an update on the houses situation. All mad, but not as mad as I feel I am going trying to get some answers from the Chinese Embassy … Ha!

Comment by Rob

i will call you queen c from now on if thats ok with you maam.

Comment by andy@cynic

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