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Sometimes You Can Just Tell When A Company May Fail …
May 4, 2010, 5:46 am
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… and if that wasn’t bad enough, they don’t have anything to do with nails, they sell clothes.

Maybe it’s a case of being ‘lost in translation’, but I have a feeling it might have more to do with being ‘lost in business’ … but given this photo was taken in China – a land that can even make money from dwarves – who the hell am I to comment?

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that dwarf place is fucking awesome in a totally inafuckingppropriate way. and youre right to say you dont know shit. they said cynic would fucking fail but then the people who said that didnt realise auntie and me were involved or theyd be right. you cant even organise to make a fucking sandwich plus you cant make any green when you spend all your time fucking blogging. do you thank your lucky pissing stars when you think of us campbell? feelings not mutual. parasite.

Comment by andy@cynic

China’s so big and powerful if a company was called Monkeyanalprobe it would do well but that’s also because Kmart buys everything from China.

Comment by Billy Whizz

That’s a more insightful comment than you could ever know Billy … an insightful comment that basically got me booted out of a Kmart meeting when I asked key directors who really owned the company given they were overly reliant on their Chinese manufacturing friends to provide them with the goods at the prices they need to keep driving their enourmous profits.

And Andy …

Naturally I thank God on a daily basis for bringing you into my life. George also … but more you. Happy now?

Comment by Rob

better. so give me your share of the profits you tight ass.

Comment by andy@cynic

I wonder what the mandarin says.

Comment by Rafik

Running out of stuff to write about Rob?

Comment by DH

That hasn’t stopped me for the last 3 years has it.

Comment by Rob

a desparate attempt at Search Engine Optimisation?

Comment by Chris

Coincidentally, I came accross a chinese medicine shop in Slough shopping mall last week, about as much chance of success as a Steps comeback (have you seen the size of Claire).
Speaking of awful pop groups, has anyone seen the laughable Saturdays/Impulse campaign in the UK? It’s laughable, only saved by the hotness of the ladies. Makes me hate myself for liking it, nearly as sickening as having Megan Fox as you’res sister and still wanting to do her..

Comment by northern

Seriously NP, I think you should sue TBWA because since leaving, the new and improved you is a sight to behold.

With that in mind, I think you’re going to LOVE my post tomorrow.

Comment by Rob

So shops exist in China and Slough that seemingly have no chance of success. And yet they don’t close down. The landlords seemingly get their rent. A conundrum? Or maybe we shouldn’t be judging a book by its shopfront. Maybe we should be wondering about what’s out the back. Clearly they’re all fronts for highly profitable secret sneaker emporia.

Comment by John Dodds

the shop name is funny. i would probably have a look inside to find out what the heck its all about! but thats just me…

and that little people theme park is so very wrong, discriminating and letting all the ‘normal’ people stare at the ‘abnormal’. but then, ive seen a thing on tv about it. and the people who are employed there live in a sort of ‘village’ for little people. they were happy to have a job and there was a couple who met there. if my memory serves me, the park gets tons of applications. so what does that say about the level of discrimination outside the park. well, i dont know… also, in an absurd way, it might educate visitors that little people are just little people and very well able to do ‘normal’ things… im very much undecided what to think about it… i wouldnt visit this sort of thing. i also wouldnt visit a circus, or a zoo. but thats just me, again.

Comment by peggy

you visit this blog peggy and thats a fucking zoo and circus rolled into one.

Comment by andy@cynic

i assume everyone is here because they chose to and not because they are lockd in here or dont have a chance somewhere else.

and i know i asked before, but wtf is wrong with johns comments. its a mystery to me.

Comment by peggy

im here to get written into campbells will, dont know about any other fucker.

Comment by andy@cynic

you covet his ass? and his gadgets?

Comment by John Dodds

dont be such a sick fucker dodds.

Comment by andy@cynic

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