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Dear Leo Burnett Sydney …
April 23, 2010, 6:11 am
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… so you cried and whined to Youtube so they’d take the video of you acting like a bunch of muppets taken down.

You think that makes you clever don’t you?

Well sadly it doesn’t … because while you may think you’ve now protected your oh-so-pretentious brand image, the fact is the ad community now know what you’ve done/do and find your strategy of appealing to clients by acting like the lowest-common-denominator court jester very sad and very silly.

On top of that, having the video clip proudly announce that it is no longer available due to ‘a copyright claim by Leo Burnett‘ is just plain mental because you’re basically saying acting like twats is a unique attribute of your agency … no doubt developed through a proprietary tool called “twategy’ or something equally as inane.

But hey, that’s your right and I respect that … so instead of saying how I’d of respected you more if you’d just said it was a moment of insanity, I’ll simply hand this post over to Andy who made a rather insightful comment about your actions on my original post:

“theyve taken it down because leo burnett cried to youtube. you bunch of sad snivelling wankers. you did the crime so do the fucking time.

the good news is im closer to the youtube owners than lb ever will be so maybe a word in their shell like will get them to unrelease the clip and feature it on the fucking landing page.

next time leos talk about viral i hope it chokes them. the ad wankers who dont want to spread their message”

Couldn’t of said it better myself.

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youre like a cockroach and terrier rolled into one. persistent, resilient and an overall annoying little fucker.

only child syndrome?

my calm and considered contribution on the other hand is a fucking beautiful and passionate plea for fairness and honesty in this cruel, harsh world and lifts this post to an entirely other fucking level.

im shakespeare, youre max fucking clifford.

Comment by andy@cynic

Out of interest Rob, is there someone in particular your “won’t let it lie” attitude is focused towards or just a general annoyance at this type of agency behavior?

I’m not saying it’s wrong or unjustified, just interested.

Comment by Pete

It’s his mafia roots Pete, the only thing that keeps him from total boredom.

Comment by Billy Whizz

A bit of both Pete … a bit of both.

Comment by Rob

A proper Italian vendetta! Me likey

Comment by northern

Can you imagine what he’d be like if they’d spilt his diet coke?

Comment by DH

You call dis a video? Dis is an outrage.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Twategy?? Did you say TWATEGY! Is this like Cunty? Did i just say a version of the C-Word? Holy Crap, I’m crying from laughter. I will use Twategy in a sentence on Monday. Oh yeah, and I’m so disappoinmted I didn’t see the video.

Comment by adchick

Adchick … I know you put a ‘y’ on the end, but the “c” word is strictly banned on here as my 77 year old Mum pops by every now and then. You know I love you – but my Mum comes first so feel free to use “twategy” to your hearts content, but no more “c-word” with or without the ‘y’.

Now the good news is I have a copy of the video thanks to some fancy pants software – so send me your ‘e’ and I’ll send you the Leo Burnett humiliation.


Comment by Rob

My apologies to your Mum, who must be a saint!! Tell all your readers then …. no more “C”‘s here!! E is You’re the best!

Comment by adchick

to be fair to adchick, if there was ever a time where the fucking horrible c word was appropriate to use on this blog, it would be to describe the leo muppets and their bad miming pitch crawling.

Comment by andy@cynic

Maybe that’s the case Andy – but the ‘no use’ rule still applies so deal with it. Or deal with my Mum. Ha.

Comment by Rob

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