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Video May Of Killed The Radio Star, But Stupidity Killed The Agency …
April 20, 2010, 6:00 am
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First we that reputation vampire from Mindshare in the Netherlands.

Then Ogilvy in Greece decided to go one better and piss on the grave of their great founder.

And now – even though they took it down as soon as Mumbrella highlighted it [but obviously not as quick as some nimble fingered download evil genius!] – I’ve come across this snuff video from Leo Burnett’s Sydney … showing how excited they get when they win a pitch.

Does this show they’re fun to work with or more that they’re a bunch of jokers?

Maybe it’s me, but I can’t help but feel it looks like the sort of lowest-common-denominator stuff many brands churn out when they’re trying to demonstrate they’re “fun”.

Would Apple do this sort of thing?

Would NIKE?

Hell, would Mother, WK, BBH or Crispin?

Nope …

But then they’re all brands who have masses of inherent energy and can demonstrate it by how they work and what they produce … they’re not the sort of brand who has to create ‘brand mascots’ to walk around local fairs giving out candy to children in a desperate attempt to be noticed and liked, even though the type of children who notice and like this sort of stuff are the ones who have the loyalty of Larry King and the taste of Cher.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, Leo’s took it down the moment someone accidently posted it up … however as it appears to be a ‘standard pitch ending video’, I assume its removal wasn’t because they thought it was [1] embarassing or [2] highlighting how they don’t tailor pitches to specific clients … it was because they probably think it’s such genius, they don’t want anyone copying it.

Don’t worry guys, I think your pitch-winning strategy is safe.

There’s some great people in Leo’s Sydney … people who have done some great and exciting work … but this is total and utter car crash material.

I’m sure some of their clients feel it showed/shows the agencies passion and sense of fun … but personally I’d rather drink bleach than work/pitch for the sort of organisation that thinks this is a good idea.

Just incase you hadn’t grasped it, I hate it … but then I hate most things don’t I!

NB: I am happy to make a twat of myself, I do it everyday on this blog as well as sometimes on video – but never to win some business, there’s not enough money in the World for that!

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well if this doesnt feature your favourite person campbell, the self appointed hunk of australian advertising.

he might be mr athletic pretty boy but he dances like a spastic and lip sinks like whitney houston so im guessing when the desperate housewives of sydney county see this, his ‘in the sack’ rating will plunge lower than billys and thats fucking low.

what you say about nike etc is fucking true so if clients buy this contrived shit then theyre getting all they deserve.

i like this post, i like you evil but nothing is as sick as getting your agency to look like a bunch of 5 years old whove eaten too many fucking e numbers.

Comment by andy@cynic

Yes it is Andy … which is why I like it so much. 🙂

Comment by Rob

I endured 20 seconds of this. It reeks of desparation and is the sort of thing your teachers used to do to try to appear cool and witty.

All it does is show they have no idea how to sell themselves let alone anything else. No client could possibly buy this.

How does stuff like this ever happen? How out of touch do you have to be to not know that it’s crap?

Comment by John

not out of touch john, just fucking delusional.

the lip synching failure at the beginning of the shit is the md or ceo so when you take that and the fact mr hunk hosts some show in australia, he probably thinks everything he suggests is genius and cool.

designed to appeal to middle management medifuckingocrity.

Comment by andy@cynic

Bet they didn’t focus group it.

Comment by John

Have you seen the trash that focus groups approve John? This is definitely the product of research … or if I appeared in it, it’s what I’d claim to try and hide the shame.

Comment by Rob

They had be cringing as soon as the first notes of the Pointer Sisters played out.

And that chick who looks at the camera while she’s doing some 80s aerobic workout synchronised swimming shit at 1min 17″ should be ashamed of herself unless she actually wants to look like she’s Bridget Jones.

There’s a few people on this who think the camera loves them. Maybe it does but anyone normal who is watching it doesn’t. I’m not slagging another agency because I’m jealous, even if Rob say’s they’re a decent agency this is shit.

Reminds me of that Microsoft Steve Balmer(?) entrance he made in some conference. The one where he looks like a twat and he thinks people are laughing with him when we’re laughing at him and saying we’ll never buy any of the bald twats products.

Comment by Billy Whizz

you can take the boy out of cynic but you cant take the cynic out of the fucking boy.

Comment by andy@cynic

I think you mean this one Billy:

And I think the post it takes you too highlights my comment about brands that behave in a desperate bid to appear “fun” and brands that don’t try so hard because ultimately they do stuff that people naturally want to be part of.

Comment by Rob

Absolutely pathetic.

Comment by George

best fucking prop youve ever written.

leaving now, dont start without me.

Comment by andy@cynic

Hope Lucy likes her pressies. Give her a big hug from us.

Comment by Rob

Mad Men would be a whole lot less popular if this was how Don Draper closed all his pitches.

Forget about making a powerful, insightful and emotional speech about the Kodak Carousel, here’s a video of the agency looking like the lunatics have been let out the asylum.

It’s little wonder the advertising industry has lost their seat at the boardroom table if this is how they act to attract but on the positive, if Hi De Hi or Benny Hill ever get remade, we’re certs for a key role.

Comment by Pete

that young pete, is solid fucking gold.

Comment by andy@cynic

Genius Pete … both the comment about Mad Men and the fact it’s little surprise adland has lost its seat at the big table when they talk about wanting to deal with business issues but act like they’re members of Butlins.

Comment by Rob

Todd Sampson has had it coming for a long time. Good detective work officer.

Comment by AdPolice

I know a couple of legends in this video but, dear god, please make it stop.

Comment by Angus

You want to admit to that Angus?

Just shown the clip to a mate who pointed out there’s a dummy in the middle of the clip. Funny, I thought it was full of them.

Comment by Billy Whizz

[…] the link as it’s been disabled. But happily not before it leaked onto YouTube. (Hat-tip: Musings of an Opinonated Sod for finding […]

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The Grumpy Brit – no not me – this one, … has found a great video that somehow seems very apt given the monstrosity we’ve all just viewed from Leo Burnett Sydney.


Comment by Rob

I can’t watch it all the way through to the end, it’s so terrible.

I looked at the mumbrella site and there’s some comments saying they like the clip because it shows the agencies passion and sense of fun. I presume they must be people who work at futurebrand or landor.

That Leo Burnett video is brilliant Robert.

Comment by Bazza

Sums up LB pretty good.

Comment by RM

Are those drawings behind the guy at the beginning of the clip Leos next brilliant print campaign? They were at the front of the queue when talent in singing and art was handed out.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I’d rather watch man vs jar

Comment by ultimate nigel

“the loyalty of Larry King and the taste of Cher”


Comment by Lisa W

this is retarded.

Comment by Eli M

I presume you mean my blog … but I’m hoping you mean the Leo’s “exctited” video.

Comment by Rob


THE people u know, are they those ladies? Cause i am guessing they have esteem issues at worst and at best they are dllusional and drunk ( and recently fired from an agency).

If live gives us lemons..

Comment by Niko

You are a bigger opportunist than Gene Simmons. You’re like him in other ways too …

Comment by Rob

Niko, negative on esteem issues but quite possibly positive on the drunk option. You have to drink to deal with that kind of stuff though, don’t you.

Comment by Angus

Niko needs to drink to breathe … whereas George & Andy [and probably Jill & my Mum] have to drink to put up with me.

Comment by Rob

I can’t believe it. It’s official. People who work in advertising will do anything they are told and every agency as a wannabe pop video editor. Just fucking stop it will you.

Comment by Charles Frith

Maybe we should send it to a certain French CEO in a particular Asian country …

Comment by Rob

Fun. If you like that sort of thing.

Comment by Chris

Like what sort of thing? Looking a twat?

Comment by Rob

… and finding the least innovative manner to achieve the look. Hiding behind the sofa material, doubly so if you were in the office at filming time.

Comment by Chris

what George said.

Comment by Marcus

You’re supposed to be on holiday.

Comment by Rob

holiday’s are for Tories.

Comment by Marcus

I thought putting an orange in your mouth and masturbating with a plastic bag on your head was for Tories?

Comment by Rob

Make it go away! Why would you see the previous videos like this and think ‘that’s a good idea!!’ ???

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Even the Pinball Wizard would know this was not something to tackle …

Comment by Rob

I recognise Billy and Bazza in that photo, but who’s Chunky Chips?

Comment by John

Lorraine Kelly. Or Sir Martin.

Comment by Rob

Women don’t like men who haven’t got rhythm or dance with their hands above their shoulders. Fail.

Jemma x

Comment by Jemma King

now thats a fucking insight.

(yes campbell, i know youd want to know why chicks dont dig robot dancing rubber armed freaks but the rest of the male race dont give a fuck, they just want any tip to get laid because lynx does fuck all. why dont lynx do a female insights book? probably because one of the nuggets would be women hate the smell of cheap fucking deodorant)

Comment by andy@cynic

i dont need tips, i was thinking of billy “drier spell than the fucking sahara” whizz.

what a guy. i am.

Comment by andy@cynic

Crispin DID do one of these… Remember the inters rapping… Ouch fucking ouch. This business is now stuffed with douchenozzles. I give you credit on AdScam… ‘Cos I am a fucking prince.

Comment by George Parker

hope campbell gave you cash up front for appearing on here george. and whatever hes paying you, its not enough.

Comment by andy@cynic

fuck. you credited campbell on your blog. didnt know he had syphoned off so much cash to be able to pay you whatever your reputation was once worth.

and hes in fucking commie territory, not the uk but the way that countries going the chinese and ruskis will own it in a few months.

Comment by andy@cynic

theyve taken it down because leo burnett cried to youtube. you bunch of sad snivelling wankers. you did the crime so do the fucking time.

the good news is im closer to the youtube owners than lb ever will be so maybe a word in their shell like will get them to unrelease the clip and feature it on the fucking landing page.

next time leos talk about viral i hope it chokes them. the ad wankers who dont want to spread their message.

Comment by andy@cynic

you sad man.

at least they dont dress as angels

Comment by superfunhappyguy

True … but I bet they’ve done a video of them jumping around like tits to Robbie Williams song about the halo ridden bastards.

Comment by Rob

Bloody hell, you all had fun yesterday. I’ll add one thing,you have do do good work etc, but most pitches are down to luck, chemistry and timing. As long as you’re good, the reason you won wasn’t down to ‘skill’ so much….

Comment by northern

Pitches are won before the presentation … which is why in most cases, the work presented never gets made because the work presented often doesn’t really matter.

Tragic. But true.

Comment by Rob

And we didn’t have as much fun as we would if you were here.

Shall I pass the sick bucket now?

Comment by Rob

Sacharin, pure sacharin..but nice nonetheless

Comment by northern

I’m in a stupid good mood – first I caused shit yesterday and my mild-life crisis is nearly signed, sealed and delivered – so enjoy it while you can, because I’m sure I’ll be a grumpy fuck soon … especially given I have to talk to quite possibly the most stupid person I’ve ever met in a position of power later this week.

Did I just go off on a tangent there? Sorry.

Comment by Rob

Interesting nonetheless – can’t wait to see the shape of the mid-life crisis…

Comment by northern

It’s your fault, you started me thinking about it when you decided on your life changes and wrote a post on it.

[This comment will be used in later life when it all goes tits up, I’m living in a bus shelter, divorced and have to sue you for the price of a cup of tea]

Comment by Rob

Made in the pot of course

Comment by northern

dont blame northern, youve been having a mild life crisis since 1987.

Comment by andy@cynic

This is old news but this comment over on the umbrella blog is too good not to share.

“My take out is that Leo’s has a company designed like this:

Each creative has his own office, is 20 something, male and with ironic facial hair.

The account service team is comprised only of females who sit in an open plan area of the office, and are encouraged to wear cute frocks.

They like to promote themselves doing 80’s agency pitch stunts, and haven’t realised they are dated and are better off just letting the work speak for itself.”

Comment by DH

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