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Alone In The Wilderness: #3
March 10, 2010, 6:27 am
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If you don’t what this post is about, go here … if you do, here’s today’s view:

Planning is an outdoor job, not a desk job.

Remember, add your own – but stick to the underlying message of each statement – or you’re off brief and slapped on the wrist!

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funny how apple are supposed to be interesting but this thing for them has bored me to fucking tears. then theIr new ianticlimaxpad has already made me want to stick screwdrivers in my eyes so maybe this is all “on brand” afterall.

baz has a shitload to answer for.

Comment by andy@cynic

downloading aint the same as getting laid.

Comment by Niko

Planners should get out more, however disagreeable this might be for the rest of us.

Comment by rafik

and its even more fucking disagreeable when one of them insists on wearing fucking birkenstocks wherever he may roam.

Comment by andy@cynic

Planners unearth the where (and recycle themes).

Comment by John

Seeing things with your own eyes is more valuable than reading it through another interpretation.

Comment by Pete

Planners should hang out with the wrong people

Comment by northern

The slipperati you mean?

Comment by John

planners are the wrong fucking people.

do you think campbell intends to do this all fucking week? im bored shitless of it already.

Comment by andy@cynic

a good planner is an observer and explorer of situtations and people.

Comment by peggy

unnerver and exploiter?

Comment by niko

eh? lol

unnerving and exploiting people you meet? on purpose? dont think thats a healthy way to do it : )

Comment by peggy

is it?

can’t have sheep protecting the herd, now can you? 🙂

Comment by niko

if i can? deal with it? lol

sheep protecting the herd? who, what, why, how, where, when? would you mind saving me from being lost here? : )

Comment by peggy

(might be slightly off)

Planners never switch off learning. Everything they read, watch, hear is stored somewhere. Just like creatives always get briefed last thing Friday so they think about it over the weekend.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

A planner is never not working (much to the annoyance of spouses)

Comment by northern

thank you northern. fucking proof campbell cant be a real planner because the fucker hasnt done any work since 1994. work for his clients or his company anyway.

Comment by andy@cynic

Let us fervently hope that we can define a planner without inadvertently writing the worst ‘Confucious Say’ book in human history.

I’m worried.

Comment by Angus


Comment by John

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