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Alone In The Wilderness: #2
March 9, 2010, 6:10 am
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If you don’t what this post is about, go here … if you do, here’s today’s view:

Too many planners seem to come out of a factory rather than a womb so remember, empathy is intelligence, not a weakness.

Remember, add your own – but stick to the underlying message of each statement – or you’re off brief and slapped on the wrist!

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fuck me youre serious about this lark arent you. im going to have to spend the whole week watching planners try and get in jobs pants.

isnt this sentence of genius like david ogilvys “the consumer is your wife” only written badly?

this exercise is typical apple, reinventing whats already there with a bit more gloss to con the gullible.

empathy is intelligence not a weakness, like ms swearafuckload said yesterday, if you have to explain this shit to planners then they should be at grey not apple.

Comment by andy@cynic

a good planner is trying to understand the motivations of people.

Comment by peggy

I know Andy and Lauren think it’s stating the obvious and it probably is, but I think its very important for planners to know/remember “empathy is intelligence, not a weakness.”

As for what I would add, it would be “people hold the answers, planners find them.”

Comment by Pete

Planners don’t know everything and shouldn’t pretend they do.

Comment by John

A planner brings the consumer into the room.

Comment by Age

I think your quote is more than suitable Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

I’m glad I’m not a planner.

Comment by Marcus

I’m not, you’d be awesome and let’s be honest, you already produce more stuff of interest than most of them in their planners chair.

Comment by Rob

My chair is a toilet.

Comment by Marcus

this series has really captured the imagination.

is campbell the jj abrahams of the planning blog world?

is he fuck.

oi campbell how did you post some shit? have you got the chinese to walk away from communism in 24 hours?

Comment by andy@cynic

have balls but also have a vagina

Comment by Jacob

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