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2010: Sort Of Holiday #2
February 12, 2010, 5:55 am
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The 14th Feb has always tended to strike fear into my heart because as I’ve written many times before – it has less to do with love and more to do with fear.

However this 14th Feb is different because in 2010, it also signifies Chinese New Year – the year of the Tiger – so I get to celebrate by having another holiday.

Yes … I know I have only just come back from ‘sort of holiday #1′ but it’s not like I made the Chinese culture give me more time off is it?.

Anyway, as this is my last post till Wednesday, I want to bring up an issue about holidays that I’ve written about previously and that is basically that holidays are not a gift, they’re a right.

My Sunshine boss, the brilliant and irrepressible Chris Jaques, has the greatest attitude towards holidays … basically he insists you take them.

However he doesn’t mean it in terms of you just being out the office … he insists you are emotionally, physically and mentally detached from the place.

No calls … no emails … no SMS’s … no nothing …

It doesn’t matter if your client is demanding some attention or some answers … Chris is of the belief that when you are on holiday, you need to be ‘free’ from all ties, not just the physical.

I remember when I worked with him at Y&R/WPP and we had the big SONY pitch.

We’d gone through a number of rounds and were basically down to the last 2 when they announced the final pitch date would fall smack bang into the time when I was supposed to be taking Jill to Graceland for her 30th birthday.


Now even though I got on very well with the client and the strat was a big part in their final decision making process, he didn’t ask me to delay the holiday … quite the contrary … he told me to go and explained to the client why I wasn’t going to be there before taking a life size image of me to the pitch wearing an Elvis mask.

As most of you know, we ended up winning the pitch … and whilst that could mean I wasn’t very important in the first place … the thing I think worth remembering is that we all need and deserve holidays and as much as our clients are very important, they don’t and shouldn’t ‘own’ our lives and if you are ever in a situation where you’re being told they do, remember you have as much right to a life as them and if your boss isn’t defending that [or at the very, very least, offering an alternative where you benefit for the inconvenience], then get the agency mission statement and point to the line ‘Our Staff Are Our Greatest Asset’ [it’s bound to be there somewhere] before giving them all the middle finger, physically or at least metaphorically.

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it … though I appreciate I don’t know what this post is trying to say either.

Anyway, see you Wednesday – at 11am – as I’ve been told it’s luckier for us to start at that time than anything before. God I love Asian myth and legend.

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Sadly enough, that’s the first time I hear of a boss who doesn’t “hate” holidays. Have a good one, whatever you’ll be up to!

Comment by rafik

you do know youre the only fucker chris insists has their fucking holiday, to everyone else hes pol fucking pot.

and why does some fucker who spends his days writing his blog and occaisonally swearing at clients when they dont give him the freebies he wants need a holiday?

thats right to give the fuckers who keep you in childish and fucking sick novelty alarm clocks sane and no fucker deserves that more than me so fuck off for you bonus holiday and do whatever it is you do which probably revolves around weird fucking docos, shit music and the latest overpriced electronics from japan.

its jill i feel sorry for but not enough to take her manic husband off her hands. im no saint and im no fucking idiot either.

see you wednesday then rob. im beside myself with anticlimax.

Comment by andy@cynic

Ha, nice work with the cut-out. I’ve seen that image before but never knew the story behind it. Enjoy the break!

Comment by Age

they used the cut out because it spoke more sense, was better looking and was an all round nicer fucking guy. we have one in the office except we use it as a stand in goalie or dart board. still looks better than the real thing.

Comment by andy@cynic

LOL @ Andy… always with the harshness. I love it.

Comment by Age

I feel so loved. And missed.



Comment by Rob

enjoy your break.

Comment by The Kaiser

You can run but you can’t hide.

Comment by John


Comment by andy@cynic

talking to me fat boy?

Comment by The Kaiser

the prices for flowers must rocket high if v-day and the start of the celebrations dont fall together. is anyone celebrating v-day if a real holiday happens to be on the same day? anyway, remember to wear red from head to toe and take a picture. have a good one!

Comment by peggy

that *dont* was too much

Comment by peggy

thats the fucking marcus i know. welcome back.

Comment by andy@cynic

every time valentines day rolls around, i forget that i’ve got those harsh cards to produce. one year i will.

have a good holiday rob. wishing you good fortune.

Comment by lauren

as if that fucker needs more luck, hes lived off our coat tails for decades.

you should do the cards ms swearalot, we did fuck you christmas cards years ago and they sold like hot shit proving christmas isnt just for christians its for bastards with grudges.

Comment by andy@cynic

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