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Media Magnetism …
February 2, 2010, 6:10 am
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Hong Kong is a busy place.

It’s even busier than Lindsay Lohan’s bedroom – and as per this consumerist society – companies are going to greater and greater lengths to try and find ways to invade the populations consciousness and [hopefully] get them to ‘acquire’.

With so much competition of the wallet and purse, it is fortunate that companies like Mindshare exist – using their proprietary tools to identify ways that carefully engage the right audience at the right time.

Who cares if it the media channels they recommend tend to be very similar to the media channels that have been recommended for 50 years, they’re the experts with their polished, fancy-sounding tools and techniques and so if anyone should know, it’s them and their like.

But what about the poor little businesses … the one who can’t afford to engage a specialist to tell them that after careful market analysis and use of their purpose-built machines, they recommend a television, print, and a little outdoor with – at a push – some internet stuff thrown in, but no more than 7% because that’s just mad, especially when Youtube is free … what about them?

Well, maybe they could take some lessons from the people behind a campaign I saw recently … a campaign that I doubt cost much … a campaign that definitely didn’t require the use of any propriety tools … a campaign that ensured the medium didn’t take people’s attention from the message [you’ll see what I mean in a second] … a campaign that stood out to a much greater degree than any of the communication carefully placed by media agencies in an attempt to carefully interrupt my consciousness on the journey between my house and the shops.

Ladies and gentleman … boys and girls … media planners and buyers … let me introduce you to the future of media impression …


More [sort-of] proof that what you say and how you say it, is as important as where you say it. Media people please take note.

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all those boring fucking words just to show a bird in her smalls. that doesnt work for playboy so it sure as fuck wont work for this blog.

just trying to pass on some friendly words of advice.

Comment by andy@cynic

According to US Weekly not much is going on in Lindsey Lohan’s bedroom except boozing.

PS) That mindshare post is unbelievable.

Comment by DH

Sadly Andy, you’re right …

I forced myself to write even more tat than usual just so you wouldn’t see the photo as soon as you logged on. It wasn’t worth the effort was it. Pah.

And Dave, I take it you’re slagging off the Mindshare post interms of what they do/did, rather than my rant. But I could – and probably – wrong in that assumption aren’t I.

This blog is back to normal in 24 hours … that’s faster than a Hollywood star after divorce. Quite impressive indeed.

Comment by Rob

Walking down the Strand today on my way to a lecture on mediatation, I happened to glance into an office foyer. Four floors of Mindshare and four floors of Bain. Gave my chakra a nasty jolt I can tell you. Om.

Comment by John

you make it sound like thats a fucking unusual campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

Golf sale?

I recognise that square…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Can’t wait for J&J to start using hot babes in their pants to attract mum’s to their baby talc ads.

It’s a communication revolution and it all started here. Well done Rob, you’ll be recognised for this one day, pity it will be by the police.

Comment by DH

okay, so what is this possibly for? does anyone even care? and why is it that only the woman in the dotted jumper and you seem to look at it? from what i can tell she is shocked. actually you/you taking pictures seem to generate more attention than the hottie…

Comment by peggy

careful peggy, campbell will claim youre calling him hot and the only hot he could ever be fucking associated with is a steaming pile of turd, better known as his daily blog rant wank.

Comment by andy@cynic

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