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Racing Against Predictable …
December 16, 2009, 7:00 am
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Did you see it?

Good isn’t it!

Really want to talk about it – especially the cool, people-powered stuff – but I am not allowed to at the moment [though that hasn’t stopped me boring the pants off Jill for the past few months] but if all goes to plan, this could be something I can feel really proud of and given my age and length of time in adland, that’s something to be quite chuffed about, though I did write 2 posts about how I want my ‘golden period’ to be in the future, not in the past.

[Post 1 / Post 2]

Without wishing to sound like a broken record, for adland to grow, I genuinely believe it has to start adopting a philosophy of creating fate, rather than just creating ads … because if it doesn’t, then the Mad Men era will be seen as the age where advertising was at it’s peak and given the talent that exists in the industry, that would be a tragedy.

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I am first to post again, this could be classified as an emerging trend.

Good post and good news though I would have preferred it if the details of your work had been made public as part of the official launch. I know why it wasn’t as it guarantees masses of free column inch publicity further down the road, (excuse the pun) but it’s very exciting stuff and I am eager to see the reaction once it is all made public.

Maybe you can ask Alex when that will happen as I have shockingly seen he has become the latest contributor to this blog.

I leave for my family vacation today so I would like to pass on my season greetings to everyone and wish you all a happy and prosperous 2010.

PS) Where on earth did you find the picture used for this post?

Comment by George

That’s 31.52 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. But well worth it. I could do without you banging on about that stupid mug and the canned laughter was oh so annoying, but if more people had your passion for outcomes, the worlkd would be a better place – but on the other hand, we’d all have to work a lot harder to stand out.

Happy holidays George.

Comment by John

I presume from John’s comment he is full of Christmas cheer because the alternatives are disturbing even if he’s right in what he says except for the bit about MY mug idea.

Congratulations on Virgin Racing, but I want to hear what you have developed because I know it will be cool and very Virginesque.

Finally happy holidays to George and gang, see you in Vancouver.

Comment by Bazza

For someone who only is only contributing a little bit to this whole project, I like that it sounds like my personal team. I bet Richard/Alex will be over-the-moon to hear that, hahaha!

Still, thanks for the nice words [especially John, who I am very concerned about because he doesn’t “do” nice. At least to me!) and for the record, the picture at the top of this post is NOT the official logo, though it would be very cool if it was.

Comment by Rob

Doddsys gay but he slagged off the tea mug so he is alright by me.

PS/ Can you get me some free F1 tickets Rob? I’m sure I’d be the first person to ask you so I’m sure you won’t let me down.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Congrats! Here’s to catching up with you when you’re in Melbourne for F1 and invite me into the Paddock Club… ahem…

Comment by mccannmelb

Is this part of your demand strategy Mccannmelb?

Comment by Rob

Ha, touche!

Comment by mccannmelb

I’m shattered, and a little thick to boot – but what have you done? I don’t understand? Is it in the video (that I can’t watch ‘cos I’m in the shed)?

Please advise.

Comment by Marcus

Got it. Nice.

Comment by Marcus

Hello lovely. You haven’t really got it because what we’ve done has not been officially unveiled – but it’s not advertising, it’s how Virgin Racing will operate and behave and its got the potential to be very cool indeed. But then so did Sonic the Hedgehog and looked what happened to him!

@ Alex … that is a joke, it will be brill.

Comment by Rob

WTF? I just realised it logged me in as mccannmelbourne! Fail. In more ways than one…

Comment by Age

Nodody slags of the tea mug, comprendez?
And good talk…

Comment by northern

Age’s pain is everyone elses gain. 🙂

And NP, as a recipient of a freebie mug, I am very glad your loyalty has been secured, even though you were really saving the honour of tea.

Comment by Rob

Not a surprise venture, but one I am very happy to see. If anyone can make it work it’s the Branson/Campbell and co combination.

If I keep posting nice things do you reckon they’ll give my wife some tickets? (joke)

Comment by Rob Mortimer

i cannot wait to see what is going to happen! will there be grid guys? 🙂 or is ms kournikova starting a second career as a driver? probably none of the above…

happy holidays to all!

Comment by peggy

huzzah!! and the good news for george is that i heard about this first from a fellow F1 fan from the iphone app. w00t! the bad news for you, rob, was that i didn’t get the scoop from reading your blog.

and whilst i’m excited that there is going to be another team in F1 that i’ll probably have to support, in a way i’m still grieving the ultimate perve team that was Brawn last year. yet again, it’s wham, bam, thank you ma’am and out the door before we’ve caught our breath.

now, here’s hoping that the virgin manner.. er, manor is just as thrilling this year.

and rob, i know that we’re never going to meet, but if you are in melbourne for F1, i’ll be there. not barracking for mclaren or red bull/toro rosso. ahem.

Comment by lauren

Check your twitter Lauren, 2010 is going to be your best year ever. Unless they cancel/move the meeting again.

Now quickie, when you say you didn’t get the scoop from me, please say you’re talking about Virgin Racing rather than my involvement … especially as Alex [the team’s big cheese] has suddenly [and scarilly] become a reader of this blog and I need him to know his ship has more leaks than mine. 🙂

Comment by Rob

You were involved? Awesome.


We just presumed considering you know Mr B.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

dear alex, i’m sorry to say that your ship has more leaks than rob’s.
but not by much 😀

and, as i said on the twittersphere, rob, i’ll believe it when i see it. cynic is my middle name – which is why we get along 🙂

Comment by lauren

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