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November 9, 2009, 6:02 am
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Yes I’m back.

Yes I had a great break and yes, my Mum had a wonderful time and a lovely birthday.

To be honest, I feel more invigorated and refreshed than I have all year – which is a pretty sad thing to announce.

However what this means is that I’m ready to have some fun and while I’ve been away, I’ve been doing some things that have ensured that is going to happen – which involves things as varied as a soon-to-be announced global F1 ‘thing’ and a new way to sell/communicate [in that order] pizza and pretty much everything in-between.

I hope to be able to announce some of this stuff at various points over the next few months, but as much as some people may hate getting back into work, I’m really up for it.

Don’t worry, I’ve not turned into one of these uber-positive individuals, I’ll still be a pedantic, cynical shit … however thanks to the rest, some conversations and the removal of a couple of toxic obstacles [which I can’t really go into, but I am ecstatically happy about, but not as pleased as George, Andy, Jill and anyone else who has had to endure me whilst I’ve been trying to find a way to ‘alter’ things] … I am back on the path to being able to do something about it rather than just rant.

And that has been the big problem with me this year … I have not produced enough. [and I mean ‘I’, not the wider team/companies]

OK, in terms of hot air and idiotic hypothesis, maybe it’s been a vintage year … but in relation to the things that [1] I am passionate about [2] get excited about and [3] want to be judged by, it’s been poor by anyone’s standards.

Yep it’s been an economically tough time – but that’s no excuse – in fact that should of meant I got to do more stuff because companies needed ideas how to counter the decrease in consumer demand.

It wasn’t a totally bleak year – I did a few things I’m pretty chuffed about and have some really cool shit waiting to be announced in 2010 – however it’s not been enough, especially as my friends/colleagues at cynic and Google_Lab have been up to their usual tricks of developing all sorts of weird, wonderful and commercially viable shit.

It’s actually really good being involved with great people who do stuff because it makes you want to do more and be better.

I wrote about this a while back … and whilst I have Sunshine to occupy the majority of my time these days … I still have an inherent need to come up with stuff that impresses or annoys [in the sense of making them jealous] the guys who I have spent the last 6 odd years of my career with.

You see I may be 39, but I still have a desire to ‘do’ stuff.

I don’t want to be one of those guys who ‘moves upstairs’ and simply conducts … I want to ‘create’ … and whilst that doesn’t mean just doing ad’s, it does mean developing stuff people talk about or play with.

I know I have a duty and responsibility to help everyone I work with grow and develop … and I want to do that because it means a huge amount to me … but I also don’t want to spend my time on the outskirts because I also get huge enjoyment making interesting things happen to.

The thing is, at my age, I have about another 4 or 5 years left before adland consigns me to the dustbin … which means I have 4 or 5 years to do what I feel I have to do … and whilst I can’t articulate exactly what it is, I know it involves my ‘socialistic capitalism’ philosophy and talking by example rather than in theory.

I’ve been lucky to have been able to do quite a bit in my career so far – and if I was Paula Abdul, I’d say I still managed to do a few half decent things this year as well – however I’m greedy and want to do more, stuff you know about because you’ve experienced it, not because I’ve told you about it. I know it sounds dramatic, but it really feels it’s a race against time because the older I get, the more I realise I have still to learn and achieve and if there’s one thing my parents encouraged me to do, it’s live fulfilled.

So here I am, formally announcing the end of my creative coma [well, in terms of fundamental execution] and I hope this time next year, I can feel far smugger than my lovely boys and girls do today.


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oh so youre back are you campbell? and you say youre fighting fucking fit do you? about fucking time, only 4 years late. quite pleasing to have you back but its sunday and im hungover so who the fuck knows what i am saying. ill read your homecoming queen shit tomorrow and make a proper judgement.

hope you treated mrs c to the holiday of her life but shed be pleased just to be in your company. she really must aim higher.

Comment by andy@cynic

Did you get drunk to celebrate my impending return then Andy? How sweet – but then you are only human. Allegedly.

And Mrs C is always treated well – though given it only takes beans on toast and a big hug to make her happy, it would be scary if I somehow didn’t put a smile on her face.

And yes, I miss her and I don’t care who knows it.

Comment by Rob

welcome back mate, looking forward to seeing where you take us on the journey 😉

Comment by Age

A passionate post and a welcome return to form.

I would say you have achieved plenty this year but if that means I will miss out on an even more forceful Robert in the impending 12 months, then I shall sit back and enjoy the show.

Comment by Lee Hill

welcome back rob. and i have to say, as mean as it sounds, i’m glad to hear that you’ve been able to pin down exactly why you haven’t had the bumper year you’d hoped. and it doesn’t surprise me that there’s a relationship between not producing things and satisfaction. just goes to show you’re still an artist underneath all that guff 😀

Comment by lauren

Sounds like your mum kicked your backside into gear. Good job Mrs C!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Keep This Blog Closed.

Comment by Keep This Blog Closed

You’re pretty much the only person I know who is better when they’re angry.

Comment by Bazza

good to see you are back and full of motivation. but seriously, what is it with getting old? i agree that time flies by. but you are only 39! which means you didn t even spend half of your time being a grown-up who s officially allowed to drink alcohol… and your face doesnt even have any wrinkles 😛

Comment by peggy

That’s his face?

Comment by John

right im fucking sober now and i want to take back everything…. everyfuckingthing i said earlier. it is quite good to have him back but apart from the genius called “keep this blog closed” (i would guess dodds or marcus but campbell has more enemies than the bloke who got murdered on the orient fucking express so it could be the us government for all i know) there is way too fucking much fawning going on. especially peggys too nice for fucking words comment. but she has a point, the fuckers skin is softer than a babys arse but thats because his mum has skin heidi klum would kill for and he never does a fucking days work for the skin to stress over.

but as mighty midget bazza said, he is much fucking better, interesting, active and pleasant to be around when hes angry so maybe its worth hanging around with him for a bit longer, might get some fucking payback on the investment ive made him for the last 20 fucking years.

so campbell, tomorrow you better be announcing youve solved the middle east conflicts (with an ad) or ill point out youre all mouth and no fucking trousers.

see. im back too. lol

Comment by andy@cynic

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