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16 Days Of Being A Little Angel …
October 22, 2009, 6:05 am
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So tomorrow my Mum arrives for a couple of weeks which means not only will I not be blogging till Nov 9th, I won’t be swearing till then either.

Now obviously my Mum knows the odd swear word escapes from my mouth because – scarily – she reads this blog every now and then, however for some reason, whenever she is in my physical vicinity, my vocabulary becomes distinctly smaller and the only things that leave my gob are words of sweetness and light.

Now like many people who have their parents to stay, I too am nervous.

However it’s not because I think she’ll be demanding – it’s because I know she won’t be demanding enough.

I love my Mum with all my heart.

She is a beautiful, intelligent, sweet, caring woman.

Throughout my life, the only thing she has ever wanted was for me to be me.

She didn’t care what I did, where I did it … her [and my Dad’s] only wish was that I did was I was passionate and excited about.

To be honest, I didn’t really realise how lucky I was to have parents like that until I was much older … and now, when I see what so many kids go through in terms of parental pressure … I think I may of been the luckiest man on Earth.

Anyway, back to my Mum.

Without going into specifics, the fact is she’s had a pretty tough life.

No, I don’t mean because she had me as a son – I mean it because she faced trials and tribulations that would have derailed most people.

She has sacrificed so much to let the people she loves have opportunities and she has never asked for or expected anything in return.

And quite frankly, that’s what pisses me off.

I want her to have whatever she wants … she deserves whatever she wants … and yet she fights like Mohammed Ali to stop me giving her a bloody thing.

We literally go through monthly battles and every time she fights vehemently against it.

Hell, it’s not like I want her to buy diamonds or cars, I’d just like her to know that if she wants, she can buy a coat that costs more than 50 quid from bloody Next once every 24 months!

Don’t think my Mum is ungrateful for my gesture, she is … it’s just that she doesn’t feel she needs anything and she’d rather I used the money to build my life, than hers.


I know I’m her only son, but I’m 39 years of age, earn a stupid salary [but not as stupid as some I should add, ha!], have property, insurance, some terrible investments and a few savings … I’m pretty much set up … so I think I can spare some cash each month to make things a little easier/better for my Mum, especially as she lives more frugally than a bloody Nun so 10 quid would probably last her a year!

And that’s the thing … my Mum is a very humble and independent woman.

She doesn’t like attention [I take after my Dad, obviously!] and values health, independence and knowledge more than money and possessions.

And that’s how it should be … however after all she’s gone through and all she’s done for me, I want to try and ensure this period of her life is as fulfilling and satisfying as can be … where she no longer has to sacrifice her personal dreams and goals for the benefit of others.

I know she’s happy with her life.

I know she feels lucky she has relatively good health … a nice home with nice neighbours … a nearby college where she can continue to learn to paint and write … an ability to use technology so she can be part of this ever changing, fast paced World rather than just be an observer of it … a son who is doing OK and who is happily married and exploring what life is about … and I know seeing and spending time with me – especially in a totally new country – is something that will give her great pleasure and satisfaction … but I also know my Mum has a hungry and curious mind mixed with a sense of adventure and discovery so I just hope that on this trip, rather than simply feeling grateful for what she has, she embraces her right to do what she wants and deserves because I assure you, making it happen would give me happier than almost anything else on Earth.

Welcome to HK Mum …

[PS: It’s my Mum’s 77th birthday on November 3rd. Even though I don’t know where we’ll be – she will be with me – so feel free to leave her a birthday wish on this post. I know I’ve told you she doesn’t like the attention, but what better way for her to get over it than throw her in at the deep end? Ha!]

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And if we’re all lucky, our children will love and care for us as much as Robert does for his parents.

Enjoy your time together, it is very much deserved and I would like to be the first to wish Mrs Campbell a very happy birthday and an even better holiday.

Comment by George

when it comes to money, mums can be real mothers…on behalf of all sons, even if you dont spend it just take it anyways…Male pride and all that.

Enjoy all rob and jill have in store and congrats from Holland/Montenegro ( of which italy is actually a province as we all know 🙂 )

Comment by Niko

Someone we know isn’t going to be happy he’s not first to comment. 🙂

This is a really touching post Rob.

Whenever you write about your parents you do it with such warmth, grace and charm that I feel I know them, then their son is a pretty decent guy so I’m guessing that helps me create the image of how special they are.

I hope you have a great holiday together and my best birthday wishes to your fantastic mum on November 3rd.

Comment by Pete

Happy birthday in advance ‘Rob’s mum’!! I hope you have a lovely time with your lovely son.

(Take the money and run)

Comment by Angus

We’ve always known your Mum is terrific. So many happy returns for her special day.

Comment by charlesfrith

The happiest of birthdays to you Mrs Campbell.

Your sons success is due to the influence you and your husband had on his development so I am in full agreement with Angus that you should take the money or at least let him spend mouth watering amounts of it on you. Do not fret, he can certainly afford it because I’ve just signed off on their monthly retainer.

Best wishes.

Comment by Lee Hill

Have a lovely time together and happy birthday Mrs Campbell.

Jemma x

Comment by Jemma King

Enjoy your time together and a very happy birthday to you Mrs Campbell.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

why have you put a photo of some model on this post campbell? youre not trying to claim that babe is your mum are you? look at the skin of the babe in the photo, thats a woman of 17 not 77, you cant fool me.

happy birthday mrs c, youre a great woman with an ok son and i hope you make so many demands that naomi campbell looks low maintenance in comparison. seriously do it. let rob get a taste of what its like to be us.

enjoy a brilliant birthday with your softy son and start a skin care company because you would scare the shit out of l’oreal.

ps im pissed you all have jumped ahead of me on a day where my primary presence was a fucking necessity. what makes it worse is auntie george got here first. and people think he is a nice guy. shows what you lot know.

Comment by andy@cynic

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Happy birthday Mrs Campbell, finally someone I can be proud to share my birthday with.

I only had Godzilla and Ian Wright for bragging rights before that.

Hope you have a memorable one. cheers!

Comment by rafik

Una buona mamma vale cento maestre.
Il vostro figlio è prova.
Buon compleanno Signora Campbell 🙂

Comment by Age

And in one move, Age shows what a bad son I am and what a great son he’d of been.

Thanks a lot mate.


Comment by Rob

mrs c!! firstly, have a fantastic birthday – i’m sure you will enjoy it with the grace and enchantment that we all know you possess.

and about this financial pride thing… as someone who is stupidly proud when it comes to people buying me stuff or giving me money, i have to say ‘i hear ya sister’. there’s something about having a sense of pride of independence that is difficult to separate from the financial independence. no doubt those qualities have contributed to rob being the great person we know (and let’s blame his terrible addiction to gadgets on his gender, or something).

but on your birthday, you just have to let him spoil you. them’s the rules.

have a great time, the pair of you. see you when you resurface.


Comment by lauren

Happy Birthday, Mrs Campbell. Hope you have a great time.

Comment by Chris

Happy birthday Mrs C. And remember it is the love of money that is the root of all eveil, not the money itself – so it’s perfectly acceptable to drain your son’s bank account. More than that, you will be making the world a better place as you will spend it much more wisely and usefully than he does.

Comment by John

Happy birthday Mrs Campbell – hope you have a terrific day.

Comment by Will

Wishing you a fantastic family holiday and birthday Mrs C. Has Robert bought you an iMac yet? Perfect gift for a classy lady like you. 🙂

Best wishes.

Comment by Bazza

Happy birthday Mrs. Campbell. Happy, happy birthday.

Comment by Marcus

And Mrs C. If you could stay for a month or longer, you’d be doing us all a huge favour.

Comment by John

happy birthday mrs campbell – thank you for delivering a genuine and honest person into the world!

Comment by sky tao

No dancing on the tables Mrs C.

Comment by Billy Whizz

a lovely post. the way rob speaks of you mrs c, must mean that he loves you very very much. so i am sure you will have a great time anyway. but i too think you should let him spoil you a little. because you have always helped and supported him on this journey that is life… have a great time together! and have an awesome birthday mrs c!

Comment by peggy

still no new post. maybe campbell really is going to leave us alone for a while but its still early over there so i cant risk believing our wildest dreams could be turning out to be true.

mrs c. take dodds advice. hes a semi wise old man and a month or even 2 would do you good. do us better. but do you good too.

Comment by andy@cynic

What a sweet post. Hope you have a lovely time together. Have a wonderful birthday Mrs. Campbell.

Comment by Naoko

Have a great birthday Mrs Campbell!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Happy birthday from Amsterdam Mrs Campbell. I hope you’re having a great time in HK and that Rob flew you first class!

Comment by Heather

rob didnt but branson did which makes the beardy billionaire more of a decent son and less of a tightarse than campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic


rob didnt but branson did via campbells travel fairy travel godmother lee which still makes the beardy billionaire more of a decent son and less of a tightarse than campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will get me upgrades! 🙂

Comment by Rob

Happy Birthday Mrs. C! Hope you are having a good one! All The Best! 🙂

Comment by peggy

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