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Spot The Difference …
October 20, 2009, 6:45 am
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You know what it means when I use these pictures …

… yep, the missus has spouted another glorious one of her JILLYISMS!

And before you all go on her side, think of the effect this behaviour is having on me … my life … my career … my sleep.

It’s a good job I love her madly and that she only spouts this nonsense when she’s tired or we’d be having to pay a little visit to Mr Divorce on the grounds of mental torture / despair / devolution.

In the words of Andy, I must be a Saint.

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a saint? if mother fucking teresa (the real one, not mrs c) cant get spiritually knighted then some twat who slags off his missus to the whole fucking world, well 6 people anyway, sure as shit isnt going to get one.
i particulary like how you try to look like youre defending her honour by reminding us jill only spouts shit when shes tired.

yeah buddy, thatll keep her calm. it might be true but fuck me, you cant try to claim you care while going for their back with a fucking machete. who the fuck do you think you are, mr p fucking pilot?

you might be able to pull that kind of shit with the clients but its a weak as piss strategy with wives and my fucking huge alimony payments prove it.

jill. the prick might love you like letterman loves interns but you should ditch the life sucking leach dead weight right now. if you absofuckinglutely insist on staying married to the bastard, then my advice is when youre tired, keep your fucking trap shut. or kill him.

hes insured up the fucking wazoo and theres a nice little nest egg waiting if you do us all a favour. we wouldnt suffer because we know you do all his work anyway. just promise youll think about it?

Comment by andy@cynic

funny how i spotted a major difference when i had done an f5 only to see that i had already read tomorrow’s post rob

i m not quite sure what kind of effect this will have on my life … my career … my sleep tonight! but right now i m confused 🙂

Comment by peggy

It’s to keep the relationship interesting and alive Peggy … and as you can tell from this post, I am soooooooooooo good at maintaining relationships.

As for you Andy. You’re sadly right on all of it so I’ll just go sit on the naughty step and consider my options, starting with where can I stay tonight, ha!

Comment by Rob

For resisting the urge to kill Robert after such provocation, I think President Obama should hand over his nobel peace prize to Jill.

Comment by Pete

i d support that pete. can we make it a petition? we will probably get enough people being up for it. if he still doesnt want to hand it over, he might be experiencing a shocking moment anyway soon. so that s the chance to grab it. does that sound like a plan?

Comment by peggy

just ask george to put in a word when he meets his new fucking best mate. im not jealous. who would want to meet the president of fucking america anyway? its a nothing country, be like meeting the prime minister of belgium.

Comment by andy@cynic

Still hurts huh!?

Comment by Rob

Frankly I am surprised that Jill doesn’t turn into Andy when Rob posts these…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Worse still, you use this to replace the “I have nothing to write” essay that some of us had the misfortune to see.

Comment by john

She does … but in a way where you can’t see the bruises. 🙂

Comment by Rob

Don’t worry John, I kept your comment so it can save you the bother of re-insulting me tomorrow.

Comment by Rob

it s just so sweet and heartwarming to see that you care for andy’s well-being rob, after he suggested jill should commit acts of violence against you. there must be some real bromance going on 🙂

some similar, yet different, love thing must be affecting jill, if she hasn t packed her bags yet.

Comment by peggy

Well Peggy, I’m home and she’s not here … so maybe she has come to her senses afterall.

Oh, and I’ve just spoken to Andy who happily put me on loud speaker so all the office could call me “Mr Bastard”, so I can assure you there’s no bromance going on. Well, not on my side, ha!

Comment by Rob

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