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2 Degrees Off Centre …
October 2, 2009, 6:35 am
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So “health conscious” hotels are becoming popular.

As I wrote ages ago, I think this is a bloody great idea – especially for people who travel a lot – however when I was in Singapore recently, I passed one of these new establishments and saw something that made me think they had slightly missed the point …

So basically they’re targeting health focused alcoholics?

Talk about a brave strategy …

What next? Detox retreats with a Macca’s ‘restaurant’?

And another thing … who the fuck is going to SIP free-flow champagne?

Maybe this say’s more about the kind of mates I have, but ‘sipping’ is the last thing they’d do – infact they’re more likely to pour it over their heads than sip the overpriced bubbles.

Hell, I remember walking in a restaurant [well, it was Pizza Hut but I’m from Nottingham so that was classy!] and seeing a mate of mine with his head under the soft serve ice cream machine – letting Mr Whippy’s finest slowly fill his mouth – just because they had an ‘all you can eat’ dessert promotion on, and he didn’t even like the stuff!!!

Of course this highlights how society can be pretty hypocritical – or, as the old Diet Tango radio ads highlighted – obsessed with trying to ‘offset’ our guilt by doing things [however small] that help us feel like we’ve not totally ‘indulged’.

[Random Fact: Most people who are having an affair, call their partner immediately after meeting their lover, to tell them they love them … which opens an amazing strategic opportunity for T-Mobile to sponsor/encourage affairs so they can drive revenues and make their ‘Life Is Made For Sharing’ positioning, really come to life. Yes, I am joking … but the first bit is true, courtesy of our Victoria’s Secret research]

“Health” and “alcohol”“sip” and “free alcohol” … I don’t know what planet these people live on, but it sounds a damn sight better than mine.

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drugs and alcohol on tap? does keith richards own this fucking amazing customer service focused hotel and who do i have to pay to get a 3 week booking there.

the anti betty ford hotel, about fucking time and in bland singapore of all fucking places.

by the way campbell, was it me with the mr whippy shit?

Comment by andy@cynic

Rumours say you could book into the Gansevoort and get the same benefits Andy. You could save on flights and get extra days.

You’re quite right Rob about how many companies say one thing then do things that show a quite different point of view, but as you’ve always said, strategy is only good until companies see how they can make more money short term.

How was your day of slumber?

Comment by Pete

that s what i call full service for the sophisticated client lol

would you please let us know why you are doing research on cheating habits for victoria’s secret?

the finding is interesting. though cheating is some sort of emotional disturbance. people might look for reassurance. and then there is the guilt issue. no one wants to feel guilty i guess. that call might be the quick fix. like an alka-seltzer.

Comment by peggy

Your suite is waiting Andy …

Hello Peggy. To answer your question, we’re not doing research on cheating habits per se, it’s just something we’re investigating as part of a bigger project we’re working on … and it’s bloody interesting though to be honest, Victoria’s Secret could ask us to sweep the floors and we’d still do it if we thought there was a chance we could peer backstage at one of their shows. [Which it doesn’t. Bugger!]

Comment by Rob

“Cheating is some sort of emotional disturbance”

Wouldn’t that be different on whether you are a man or a woman doing the cheating? Also wouldn’t the circumstances that lead up to the deed have an impact on the reasons behind it?

For example, would a one off interaction be less about emotions compared to a longer, more established relationship?

I’m thinking too much about this aren’t I.

Comment by Bazza

I think the choice of vitamins being offered are the perfect accompanyment to a free flowing champagne breakfast though the concept feels more at home with a hotel based in Las Vegas than one in Singapore. Where is it Robert, I have to visit next week.

Comment by Lee Hill

and you problem is? Sounds like a fucking ace hotel to me.

Comment by Marcus

So did you make it out of the business planning black hole unscathed Lee or are you suffering from [budget] cuts & bruises?

Eitherway, welcome back and I’ll send you the details of the hotel but I think it’s a little lo-fi for your sophisticated tastes. 🙂

And yes Marcus, as another of my resident alcoholic blog commentators, I had a feeling you would agree with Andy on the attractiveness of this hotel concept … but sadly for you, the drugs are strictly medicinal and the champagne is probably sparkling Blue Nun, but then like a glue sniffer, your view is that all alcohol is good alcohol. 🙂

Comment by Rob

Small error in ur critique rob. It is not champagne. Sparkling wine. So that means cava, prosecco and or champagne. had it just been champagne it could of as u say been weird. this is straight classy.

Comment by Niko

Is that “Free” flow of sparkling wines, or “free flow” of sparkling wines?

The difference is crucial… 😀

Comment by Rob Mortimer


Comment by Marcus

1/ Apologies Niko … forgot you’re a man that knows his alcohol plus I’m a man that hasn’t got the faintest idea about his alcohol, other than it makes pissheads of his mates in 3 drops.

2/ Rob M, see above.

3/ Marcus, why the hell have you become a man of so few words. We need to do some mayhem together and sort out your mojo. Any iPod stupidity take your fancy?

Comment by Rob

prosecco isnt classy

Comment by John

my mojo is fine thank you.

Comment by Marcus


Comment by Rob Mortimer

hello sunshine! thank you for your answer 🙂

hello bazza! with emotional disturbance i meant that right after cheating, the evil-doer feels mixed or disturbed, due to the effect of adrenalin, serotonin, dopamin, oxytocin and whatever else is happening on a cellular level. the awareness of what they just did might increase or extend the disturbance. there might also be some sort of cognitive dissonance involved.

of course, the hormone system of women and men is not the same. but i bet if you make a blood test after a bungee jump, you will find that the adrenaline level of both genders’ blood has increased…

i actually think that a one off interaction might be about different feelings/emotions. it is more of a new thrill or kick than long term cheating. even more if you ve never done it before. i bet the guilt feeling in this case is even worse.

on the other hand, if you are having a ‘long term cheating relationship’, you are getting used to it (cognitive dissonance again, anyone?). you are getting smaller ‘positive kicks’- so to speak – out of that other person, but on an extended time scale. i bet the fear that your partner finds out, will prevail the feeling of guilt sooner or later. so where s the love? it seems to be a vicious circle. don t do it! 🙂

i have no bloody idea if all of this is true, as i am not talking out of experience. ha!

Comment by peggy

i know 2 people who could give you your answer peggy. 2 women who fucked my life and continue to stick the knife deep in my back every time they decide i should hand over a bundle of cash for some perk they feel they deserve and that the fucking stupid courts feel i am duty bound to pay for.

not that im bitter, of course fucking not.

Comment by andy@cynic

you know, i could say that those two people are the ones who will feel bitterness, in the end. but, not knowing enough, i better bite my tongue…

Comment by peggy

Trust me Peggy, on this one – Andy is 1000% right. Especially relating to #1.

Comment by Rob

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