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September 21, 2009, 6:08 am
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I know we’ve just had a couple of days off [and I was basically ‘off’ all last week], but tomorrow I go to China to spend a few days helping an organisation try and save bears from terrible and wrongful treatment.

Yes, you can call me Noah, Dr Dolittle or simply Mr “I Need The Good Karma Points”.

Anyway, because I’ve been a slack arse, I don’t really have a blog post for today so whilst I will endeavour to have something for Friday – which I’m sure you’re all a quiver of excitement over – here’s something that makes Google Earth look like one of those shit pen telescopes you used to get as a kid.

Well, you did if you were as old as me.

All you have to do is click here and play with the zoom.

Apart from seeing ex-presidents, trophy wives and bored-as-shit people in the audience … you can also see how easy it is to be watched from afar, which is probably great news for the American Secret Service and bad news for Andy.


See you Friday … unless I get mauled.

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if a bunch of bears are relying on you for their safety they really are fucked and for that shitty slur on my fucking great character, so are you.

why the fuck do teddy bears need saving anyway? you know paddington isnt real dont you mr soppy?

Comment by andy@cynic

Good luck Rob, Yogi prefers peanut butter ‘n jelly in his picnic baskets btw.

Comment by Age

Don’t keep any peanuts in your pocket.

Oh, Jill says you always do. LOL.
(I’ve called up my “inner Andy”)

Comment by Bazza

just wondering why you would need the good points rob… never had the impression you would be living on karma credit 🙂

either way, saving the bears will make it all good!

and there s something technically weird going on in the super zoom picture, no?

Comment by peggy

This reminds me of an aphorism about bears, woods and….

Comment by John

… and???


You’re thinking of sex with bears in the woods aren’t you Mr Dodds. Jeez, just how depraved can you be?

Comment by Rob

Now I understand why Billy called you the ‘Gary Glitter’ of animals.

Well he didn’t because he’s not capable of such intelligence, plus he won’t know who Gary Glitter is, but … oh I don’t know … let’s leave it there shall we?

Comment by Rob

I’ve just seen Bazza’s comment. You’ll feel bad when I’m mauled to within an inch of my life.

Actually you won’t will you. Bugger.

Comment by Rob

Piegons need more love.

Comment by jamiethepigeon

You won’t get any sympathy from Bazza if you keep referring to inches.

Comment by John

pigeons need more love do they jamie. well youve come to the right place with pigeon fucker dodds, hell give you all the love you can take.

Comment by andy@cynic

sorry for the plug. because saving animals from wrong treatment is an important issue…

but look at this

where s dr drew when you need him

Comment by peggy

its very nice 🙂

Comment by sicakvideoo

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