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Racism Masquerading As Journalism …
September 7, 2009, 6:17 am
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The new magazine of the BNP?

So in the current edition of the US Marie Claire magazine, there’s an article entitled ‘The New Trophy Wife’.

They argue the new ‘accessory’ for the successful businessman is no longer a young, elegant blonde – but an Asian women – and they their claim up by highlighting 6-7 famous/rich Westerners who are now with women who originate from that part of the World.

Apart from the fact 6 or 7 rich/famous Westerners doesn’t represent an emerging trend – let alone a mass shift in attitudes – the whole premise of the article is both preposterous and prejudicial.

Here’s a magazine that is supposedly dedicated to the ‘empowerment of women’ and it’s acting like the sort of small minded idiot you see in a nightclub at 2am on a Saturday morning.

Worse, it’s acting like the sort of small minded idiot who has little experience/exposure to people from other cultures and bases the majority of their opinions from 1970’s ‘comedy’ television shows, porn movies or ignorant, fear-driven, jingoistic ‘journalism’ – the type of which you can read in this month’s Marie Claire.

Of course there are worse insults than being labelled a ‘trophy wife’ … but let’s be honest, it’s not something to exactly feel proud of is it?

Sure, it might indicate a woman who embodies great beauty and style … however it also implies an individual who is ‘all image and no substance’ with some even being labelled as people whose loyalty is in direct proportion to the amount and duration of money being thrown in their direction.

And here’s the thing, whilst there will be some Asian women who think/act like this – to claim ALL Asian women adopt this attitude is outrageous – as outrageous as claiming all blondes are thick, all red heads go like the clappers and all successful men like women from the East because they’re all super-slim, uber-hot and think nothing of putting their needs before themselves.

[Though to be fair, the bullshit gender roles that so many companies are so happy to promote might influence why people think this way!]

An Asian womans fantasty, yesterday!

Oh but hang on, Marie Claire have spoken to ‘experts’ for ‘insightful’ points of view.

What a shame the people they’ve spoken to come out with bollocks like this …

[If an Asian woman is] … dating a white guy, they may not know if it’s a fetish thing.”

A fetish thing?

Fucking hell, it sounds more like literature from the BNP than some international women’s magazine.

Mind you, given they started their article with the words, ‘The Woody Allen effect’ I should of know I wasn’t dealing with the high-end of journalistic insight.

Can you imagine the shit that would have gone down if Marie Claire had said ‘black women’ were the new trophy wife and implied the only reason white men would ‘date’ them was to fulfil some sort of fetish thing?

They’d be – and quite rightly too – blue bloody murder, so I’ll be very interested to see if there’s any feedback on this article.

All Asian Women look & act like this. Even when they’re 93!

The whole article feels like a massive stitch up – designed to make American women feel even more paranoid about how they look as well as make men appear even more disloyal and shallow.

To be fair to Marie Claire, I do know that in countries like Singapore, there are a growing number of local women who find Western men a more attractive proposition than someone from their own territory – and I do know that this has contributed to some ill feeling towards foreigners from the local male community – however if people looked into the reasons behind this attitude rather than simply equate it to ‘wealth potential’, they would see that not only is the Government actively trying to encourage ‘international relationships’ [because it will help the local economy] it has more to do with mutual respect and values than how many diamonds they think they will be bought.

Sure, there will be some women whose actions are more motivated by self [material] interest than ‘true love’ – but there’s people like that in every culture and that attitude is certainly not limited to just females – and the fact is, the women highlighted by Marie Claire as being the ‘trophy wives’ of the rich/famous are pretty much all well known as being talented, smart and successful individuals … so I’m sure they’ll be over-the-moon to read some 2-bit magazine has decided to undermine all their hard work and efforts and label them simply as ‘women who married well’.

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Didn’t you once write a post about the dangers of media/advertising generalization?

I think Marie Clare have just become your latest example.

What is distressing is that many people will read this and believe it because they are the same sort of people who see the before and after photos for diet medication in the back of all the US female tabloid magazines and hand over their credit card details even though the advertisement features an image that has been altered with all the photoshop skills of a young child.
Like the UK’s press coverage on Eastern Europe’s supposed immigration influx, this article will fuel the suspicions of the many people who question the values and benefit of having anyone whose ethnic origin is not white American in their community.

This article is not journalism, it’s pandering to the ‘America under attack’ fraternity, which is currently being manipulated by Sarah Palin and her ‘death committee’ lies relating to the health care reform debates.

Great to see you carrying on where you left off. I hope all went well in Australia.

Before you or Andy or anyone else states it, I appreciate the irony in starting my comment with reference to the dangers of generalization and then make some generalizations of my own. Apologies, I’ll go and apply for an internship at Marie Clare right away. 🙂

Comment by Pete

maybe the marie clare pricks spoke to nina?

quite a fucking good post. for a monday.

Comment by andy@cynic

I must make sure that Bitch Magazine covers this… and your post, which is i must concede, my favourite so far

Comment by Sonal

Didn’t know Ann Coulter edited MC magazine.

If you only need 7 people to do something before you can class it as a new global trend, then the people of the World are going to shun work and just shit their pants and cry a lot. (It was Amy’s 2nd birthday yesterday)

Good post, bunch of crap article.

Comment by DH

“Didn’t know Ann Coulter edited MC magazine”

Excellent comment David. And I’m glad you like it Sonal, even if it is for ‘making-your-blood-boil’ reasons. 🙂

@Andy … I’d forgotten about Nina’s comments, if you’re still in touch with her, can you point her to this so we can get her feedback. And no, it’s not my desperate attempt to get more people on this blog. Well, not the only reason, ha!

Comment by Rob

“I do know that in countries like Singapore, there are a growing number of local women who find Western men a more attractive proposition than someone from their own territory” “simply equate it to ‘wealth potential'”

a growing number – this has been going on for a long long time, even in the states or uk. This music video show one asian’s guy pain … (skip to 2:00 for the good stuff)

its alright though..being Eurasian, ive got best of both worlds, western enough to be ripped off but not western enough to have women flaunting over me for no apparent reason

Comment by Jacob

I’m so glad you wrote about this because I saw the article last week and was shocked at what they were implying.

Jacob, can you tell me what you mean when you say this situation is occurring in the US and UK because I don’t quite get your point. Are you agreeing with Marie Claire’s article?

@Age. Will try and get to NY to see you. Will let you or Rob know.

Comment by Bazza

oh boy. where do i start. racism as journalism, fear masquerading as empowerment, media as perennial oppressor.lordy.

some fantastic messages of empowerment for women here:

celebrate YOU by buying more make-up and spending loads at the hairdresser, because you look shit otherwise.

be skinny. in capitals. and by eating hardly any food, loads of times during the day. wow! you can do it, you fat slag!

ashley judd changes the world by being naked. revolutionary. she’s 40-something don’t you know and she looks orange, i mean, fabulous.

be the life of the party. it IS the ultimate ambition. and by the life of the party we mean that others MUST talk about you afterwards. even if it’s because you were a two-bit whore who drank everyone else’s booze.

and of course the usual features of clothes, clothes, bags and shoes. and some more clothes. after all – what more does being a woman entail?

actually, the racist story about being a ropey – sorry – trophy wife fits in beautifully here!

sign me up.


Comment by lauren

what Lauren said

Comment by niko

I love Lauren … I love her very, very much.

BTW, have you seen all the ‘praise’ being heaped on that mag simply because they’ve used a nude ‘fuller sized’ model in their pages? And yet no one has noticed that the rest of the mag is chock-a-block with more stereotypical bullshit fearing women into diets, expense and insecurities.

Yep, they’re really moving the female gender forward aren’t they …

Which gets me thinking, which regular articles in female mags do you think does the most emotional damage?

I reckon the “WHO WEARS IT BEST” section is pretty good at undermining a woman’s confidence, especially when they pick fault on the slightest bloody detail. Mind you, when they do the 10000 zoom on a celebratories zits it’s not exactly positive.

They may claim it shows the ‘famous’ suffer from the same issues as the average women – but the way they express it [ie: sheer horror] kinda undermines that caring, uniting spirit.

Hypocritical little shits …

Comment by Rob

I’d like to hear the Asian woman’s opinion on this.

Comment by John

“White men are so on trend this year, watch out for cheap beige copies from Primark”

There is so much wrong with this its disturbing.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

rob, flattery will get you everywhere you know.

and you also konw that these mags are designed solely to put the boot in. there isn’t a single article in there that will ever change the status quo. no gender-based magazine will. fear is an amazing motivator and the publishers, media buyers and clients all bank on it. in fact, there are some theorists that believe that if women weren’t anxious about themselves anymore, capitalism as we know it could not exist.

in a side note, Glamour WAS suprisingly gutsy by recently running with the ‘regular’ model with a flabby tummy – and i mean properly flabby, not hello! ok! ‘flabby’. sold out in NYC on the day it hit shelves. apparently.

although i suspect, like Vanity Fair’s Demi cover – a token gesture at best.

like i said, don’t get me started. i have plenty to say about this ‘industry’.

Comment by lauren

The sad thing is about these magazines that make them (often) worse than the beauty industry ads (even that word…) is that they are largely women setting stone rules for other women.

We live in a world where Jordan can be famous for having big tits. Where pop artists are signed based on looks not talent.

The silly thing is, most men love real women. They don’t want this hyper-reality hollywood version.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

aspects of that are correct, mr m, but i’d also say that’s a cop out.

firstly, i don’t think mr frank a bennack jr, VC and CEO of hearst – parent to MC and a host of other ’empowering’ ‘women’s mags’ likes being called a woman? or maybe he does, who am i to say.. heh. he’s running a business and is going off P&L, supply and demand, bottom line.

and, i don’t see media buyers, planners, creatives or copywriters making much of stand against the same old messages that really fund a publication like this. like mr bennack – it’s business, right?

Comment by lauren

i agree with lauren.

all those glossy mags for women ‘educate’ you on just that: how to be a trophy wife. and now western women, like western economies have to be afraid of the asian competition? wack. and isn t it funny how the cover looks like it could be for a men’s mag, except the facial expression that woman got?

i never buy these mags. if you have read one of them, you know them all. they are full of advice how to look young, skinny, attractive and be good in bed, not to forget about the psych tests that tell you by making 15 ticks who you really are 🙂

Comment by peggy

why do trophy wives wear white?
all kitchen appliances come in white.

i expect marie fucking claire to do an article on this next month.

for the record im with lauren on this but i remember when campbell slagged off dove for their 2 faced shit he got slagged off so im in a quandary because i like it when campbell gets knocked down a peg or 20 but sometimes the fucker is right. normally after hes consulted with me.

i would like every fucker to know the asian model in the post is a friend of campbells. she must feel pity for him or think hes dying because no fucker in their right mind should be a friend of his when they look that good. his wife is another one who has bad judgement which proves something but i dont quite know what the fuck it is.

have i lowered the tone of this post?

still got a long fucking way to beat marie claire.

Comment by andy@cynic

over here Fonzie 🙂 !!

Comment by niko

Ahhhhhhh, now I get it Niko.

But you won’t be. Boom Tish.

Comment by Rob

True Lauren, it is still coming from both sides though.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Trust the brazen retards at Marie Claire to take an interesting and positive phenomenon like inter-cultural relationships and turn it in to a vapid fashion trend that women should simultaneously aspire to and fear. Honestly – it kills me that “fashion” or (shudder) “women’s” writers find a need to classify everything they see according to the workings of their supremely moronic industry. You could, of course, be seeing more inter-racial Asian and Caucasian couples because of growing cultural and financial exchanges between the two communities in different parts of the world, but NO. Not if you write for a women’s magazine. Then it must be something people are doing consciously to brand themselves as “cool”.
I agree with Lauren, about media’s continuing contradictory carrot and stick approach to women (phallic symbols, anyone???) – and it kills me that women, whatever ethnicity or social background they stem from, are portrayed as being “chosen”. I mean, Al Gore’s daughter married a Chinese American dude last year, a slutty male reality TV star in the States is Eurasian and gets amazing amounts of play, but no-one thinks to write an article about how women are choosing to date Asian men.

PLUS – as the offspring of a supposedly stereotypical trophy-wife/wealthy older man relationship, I find it amazingly offensive that the writers act as if the women are somehow being conned into a relationship, rather than being active and equal partners.

Comment by Ella

isnt it all the fucking wrong way round anyway because if some hot young woman marries some old rich man, doesnt he become a trophy fucking husband?

just realised i was a fucking trophy husband to #1. that would be cool if i wasnt still paying for her fucking spa treatments.

Comment by andy@cynic

i love this jingle for lightworks cosmetics from the 60’s, and i love raymond scott. but it is a little strange how it still seems to fit in today’s constructed worlds for women…

though obviously, you seem to get offered legal advice too nowadays, so you can enjoy your spa treatments forever.

Comment by peggy

they must read your blog rob 🙂

Comment by peggy

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