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I Don’t Know How You Did It …
August 4, 2009, 8:20 am
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… but ever since I got to the UK, I’ve been in quarantine with a bad dose of swine flu.

No, not man flu … or even man swine flu … but the real pig sponsored disease thing.

Seriously, all you had to do was tell me you didn’t want me to write my blog anymore – you didn’t have to go to such extremes, I’d of listened. Honest.

Anyway, you’ll be happy to know your evil wishes have come true as they’ll be no more blogging from me for at least another 10 days – not just because I feel like death, but because the only internet access I have is my crackberry and to be quite honest, the roaming charges writing this post will have probably crippled me.

So with grudging respect, I salute you – but please can you stop wishing me ill, it really isn’t very nice and you have my Mother worried sick.

On the bright side [for me, that is] I’ve caught up on 39 years of sleep, lost weight because lifting a fork is hard work and saved money by not being able to buy 10,000 DVD’s so I guess all in all, it’s been quite good for both of us.

For a cynical bugger, I may have to admit that inside every cloud there is a silver lining … but don’t hold me to that, this is a man with a 39.4 temperature talking!

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Is this your way of extending your holiday? Smart move, not as clever as your mate who got a year off saying he was going to help the tsunami victims but good all the same.
You OK? Always knew ACDC were the devils music. Take care Rob, will get updates from K.

Comment by DH

whoa… not good. hope you’re feeling better mate. you’re just not allowed to have holidays are you?

Comment by Age

Whoa, don’t blame us Rob, the rules of Sherlock Holmes state the person who fled the scene is the person who did the crime. Where is Andy by the way. 🙂

Hope you’re improving Rob.

Comment by Bazza

Welcome to the UK, it’s Swill.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

they say tamiflu makes you tripping. i hope not too much… get well soon!!!

Comment by peggy

get well soon and all the best from the german night shift. i’ll try to send you an email thingy soon.

Comment by Seb

oh dear. you poor bugger.

Comment by Marcus

Kisses & hugs.

Comment by Jemma King

Oh Oh! Get well soon Rob.

Comment by Shalabh

Get well soon Rob. Are you putting a new spin on viral marketing?

Comment by martin

For anyone who wants to know, Robert is on the mend and will have plenty to complain about soon. Thank you.

Comment by Katerina

Hello lovelies … there’s one thing to be said for Swine Flu, you get to go straight to the front of queues when you start coughing.

Hope all is well – back soon – you poor, poor buggers.

Comment by Rob

all of the flues – swine flue ! hang there mate, youll be fine soon !

Comment by bhaskar

Have you gone off bacon sandwiches?

Comment by George

isnt swine flu an std from a fucking pig? what have you been up to campbell?

Comment by andy@cynic

Isn’t that what your first wife wrote on her ‘reasons for divorce’ form Andy?

What are you doing on here? I thought you weren’t back for another 3 weeks!

Comment by Rob

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