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June 8, 2009, 7:10 am
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Can anyone tell me why I think this article is actually damaging to planners like me?

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i dont give a flying fuck why you dont like the article, its bollocks. when something is written praising an industry by someone in that industry it has about as much value as a steve martin song on american fucking idol. even less when the article appears in a rag only read by more of the fucking same twats the author is claiming to be the new kings of the world. but at least you slag it off which shows you have some sense.

what i do want to say is your new header is one of the most disturbing things ive ever fucking laid my eyes on. luckily i know jill is taking the piss but its still more of a weapon of mass eye irritation than tear gas.

you think jills artistry is love do you campbell? to quote that shit scottish band del monte amitri, always the last to know.

finalise the character assassination with the voodoo jill, youre our fucking hero.

Comment by andy@cynic

Funny how you give a pretty good rationale why I don’t like the article when you say you don’t want to give a rationale.

What a skill you have … ha!

And as for the new blog header, are you saying she’s done it for evil? Those women are clever and coniving sods aren’t they … but then I guess you already knew that didn’t you? Ha!

Comment by Rob

You do realise Robert that no one will comment on this post, only on your new blog header.

I wish to pass on my congratulations to Jill for her artisitc skill and vivid imagination because I cannot think of many people who would associate you with that of an angelic cherub.

But then they say love is blind.

Comment by Lee Hill

the new header is soooo cool! and the little forest tattoo… i really like it jill! πŸ™‚

if i were you rob, i would not worry about the article at all. because you are more than a transhuman x-man already. i mean, i only need to look at the header.

… so research proves there is a conflict of opinions in agencies, because creatives use the right side of their brain and planners the left. given that fact, how could anyone want humans to use the brain holistically? what kind of massive internal brain conflict would then be created, if we all used both sides? it could only be a giant mess! don t do it!

Comment by peggy

Love the new header. Don’t even get me started on the article.

Comment by Emily

Apart from his strange obsession with the pet shop boys and his superficial understanding of the advertising business (this from a qual researcher), I find it disturbing that he stereotypes Type 1 as ‘He’ and Type 2 as’She’.Very queer indeed!

Comment by Akshay

Why don’t you tell us?

Comment by Leon Jacobs

i think the article is a perfect example of the true nature of the industry, actually:

a complete mash-up of references, idea, bad fonts and stupid banners, written by a guy who has a vested interest in the outcome, with the inability to have an objective opinion about it.

which is why you should love it, rob – facta non verba πŸ™‚

Comment by miss brown

Well obviously bad design, references and opinions are all teeth-grindingly annoying – but I also have to appreciate that different markets/agencies have different views/opinions and experiences … but that’s not why I’m so pissy, but funnily enough, Andy is closest – which is very frightening indeed, ha!

[Leon: you’ll see tomorrow – and remember, this is all your fault in the first place, ha!]

Comment by Rob

Did you do something to piss Jill off? and Is this new header gonna be on for a while ?

Comment by bhaskar

Oh yes, it’ll be up there for a while Bhaskar – and believe it or not, it’s meant as a symbol of love, but like you [and Andy’s divorce lawyer] that is questionable, hahaha!

Comment by Rob

I think the idea of the creative planner is pretty accurate, but possibly because the idea of planners being able to effectively judge creative work has been around since the dawn of planning.

Effectively a waste of bandwidth that article…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

my biggest problem is that the guy keeps it at an advertising level..if ya don’t got a solution to advertise, you can be all x men and shit but it don’t work..

so seeing as you do non advertising, it makes it a bit harder (what with the compliance culture in Asia and the hierarchy obedience – they could view this guy at the upper level of the totem pole, because he gets published-) to do the work you wanna do..

the guy is stealing money out of your pocket! I’d be pissed to.

Comment by niko

If you start with a false assumption

“The problem lies in miscommunication through the organizational pyramid of the advertising companies.”

and propose a rebranding as the solution, you’re not going to sound very convincing.

As for whether it is a threat to planners like you, well I’d always hoped that you were the only planner like you.

You should be much moe woried about that heade.

Comment by John

and john, you should be worried about you ‘r’ key fucking up πŸ™‚

Comment by lauren

ha! and so should i, it seems. πŸ˜›

Comment by lauren

It’s vial.

Comment by John

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