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AbFab Live …
June 1, 2009, 6:12 am
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This has absolutely nothing to do with planning, advertising or marketing [but then, when has this blog ever spoken properly on those subjects?] … it’s just one of the most bizarre clips I’ve ever seen.

Sean @ Mother sent it to me with the words “You’ll like this” … and having watched it 3 times, I’m still not sure whether he means it as a compliment or insult.

[2/1 favourite: insult! Ha!]

Anyway, check it out, then start lobbying your local politician to make euthanasia legal … though to be honest, I’d rather have more of these opinionated and wonderfully mad old dears in my life than the constant wave of bland and boring ‘stars’ that the World’s media seems happy to treat like all conquering heroes.

Zac Efron? Give me a fucking break …

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if you hadnt said sean sent you this id still of guessed it was him. then i was surprised the oldies didnt strip and fight to the fucking death. maybe hes finally become mature though probably its mother changing their internet policy.

fucking mad and a shitload better than watching 1 fucking second of that ken doll efron bastard.

Comment by andy@cynic

I see Sean still has older woman issues. But the one in the hat is a fox.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Still desperate then eh, Billy!?

Comment by Rob

what the fuck?!

Comment by Age

Thank you Bernie Madoff for making this possible!

Comment by Rob Beeson

Never a truer word written on this blog Rob …

Nice to have you pop by. This might sound like an uber-sad pick up line, but have I met you before? I can’t remember if its Sydney, Melbourne or San Fran … or it could be nowhere, which is probably far more likely, it’s just your name sounds so bloody familiar.

Knowing my luck you’ll tell me you’re my cousin or something and I’ll look a total bastard, haha!

Comment by Rob

is that christian bale again?

Comment by miss brown

His Mum. Doris.

Comment by Rob

“Oh shut up.”

Comment by Marcus



Comment by northern

Is that comment aimed at me Marcus?

And as for yours NP … are you saying you don’t see this as a brilliant example of planning skill?

If you do, can you let me know what it is because you will have shown that I’m not the post-rationalising genius I have been told I am, ha.

Comment by Rob

No. Don’t you ever watch the shit you post?

Comment by Marcus

Maybe you’re good at post rationalising the post rationalisation.

Comment by northern

even campbell isnt so fucking daft to read or watch the shit he posts. he knows its a weapon of mass boredom. like his conversations.

Comment by andy@cynic

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