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Infamous Annonimity …
May 7, 2009, 6:39 am
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What started off as a PR stunt for Virgin Mobile [ie: over the Christmas period, Virgin allowed subscribers to opt into a scheme where all SMS’s – sent to a pre-determined group of individuals during certain ‘early hours’ of the day – would be stopped so no drunken and/or embarassing ‘love notes’ could be sent to an ex] has been turned into an amazing website [not by Virgin I should add] … however instead of stopping the ‘moment’, this one encourages it and then promotes the shit out of it.

Check it out

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we all like to read what goes on in the sordid little lives and minds of the people around us but this isnt that fucking good, its too much like getting a punchline without the joke

heres a game for you all. ive sent them a bunch of texts and you now have to guess which ones are mine. makes a fucking mockery of the idea but its more anonymous pisstaking twitter than an insight into whats really going on with people at the moment.

fuck me i sound like a planner. time for beer

Comment by andy@cynic

insightful Andy… are you feeling ok?

Comment by Age

that virgin thing is a great idea. could have saved some lives

as for the website, i ve come accross some anonymous twitter posting site. can t remember the name. but it was all a bit more serious/heavy stuff going on there

Comment by peggy

It’s a brilliant site, in that the content just keeps on comin.

Comment by golublog


there. that’s better isn’t it 🙂 [john hasn’t been pedantic enough, so i’m pickin’ up the slack].

Comment by lauren

wotevs Lauren, wateverrrr ;p

Comment by Age

Careful Andy you’re revealing your clever side but that’s why I’m happy to publially say “what Andy said”. As well as Lauren. Never underestimate the importance of spelling Robert.

Comment by Bazza

Well said Bazza. Sadly there’s a “c” in publically.

Comment by John

And only one “l” and no “a”

Comment by John

Missing a full stop at the end of the sentence.

Comment by niko

I hadn’t finished.

Comment by John

If one were being really pedantic.

Comment by John

Like Lauren.

Comment by John

ah the joy of being home.
andy still writing awkward texts.
lauren being pedantic or sweary.
john as usual.

Comment by Seb

by the way, andy, this one sounds like you:
Gonna be late. Someone jumped in front of our train.

Comment by Seb

Fuc of

Comment by Bazza

oi dodds and niko. pick on someone your own size. its not big or clever to humiliate microbeings.

fuck me sebs back. how the fuck are you my german friend? campbell tells me youre up to something good and i dont mean beachboy karaoke. now come back and pan the shit out of campbells attempts at being an intellectual, were all tired and want someone else to have a turn.

Comment by andy@cynic

Bloody hell Andy, I think you are being insightful. Can you not let it happen again please.

Seb’s back. SEB’S BACK! Woohoo … how are you matey? Hope all is well and that Seb 2.0 is doing ace and feeling toptastic.

Comment by Rob

Guess I had more “welcome back” on this blog than Michael Jordan in the NBA. Guess that’s why I’m always coming back. But I will try to keep up with the intellectual output of Sir Rob. And the new thing I’m up to actually is Bee Gees karaoke and I’m looking forward for you to join me, Andy.

Comment by Seb

fucking hell seb, the fucking bee gees? its a “tragedy”. boom fucking tish

Comment by andy@cynic

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