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The Card That Does No One, Especially Themselves, Any Credit …
March 13, 2009, 6:38 am
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A new recipie?

A new favourite song?

What the fuck are they thinking?

Actually scrap that, who the fuck are they kidding?

If the end line was “More people go into debt with VISA than anyone else” I’d maybe like it, but trying to position VISA as a tool that can inspire millions of people to change their destiny every single day is a fucking joke.

VISA are not NIKE … they’re not Apple… they’re not even Oprah … they’re 29.9% APR with fees coming out their wazoo if you are so much as a second late with your payment.

Obviously TBWA’s strategy to win this account was to kiss Visa’s ass and massage their fucking huge ego, well shame on you because this ad is possibly one of the biggest piles of shite I’ve ever seen. Yes, EVER and the fact they are selling ‘credit’ as a good thing in these financially desolate times shows they and the VISA guys have about as much sense as the typical banker.

I cannot tell you how much I hate this …


No Visa, I’d prefer it if you just fucked off …

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well fucking said campbell. i agree with everything. everything.

tbwa are making a big deal of this fucked campaign when they should be hiding in shame. even if the world hadnt gone bankrupt this would be shit but saying visa empowers a fulfilling life is extra shit. wankers.

and youre right rob this is so blatantly an attempt to do a nike style ad but the fuckers missed 2 important points. you need to put real fucking emotion in the spot not corporate style self help bollocks and nike is about helping people achieve exhileration through personal effort, passion and determination not nip to the fucking shops and buy yourself something that can give you 3 seconds of feeling slightly better about your miserable, unfulfilled life. visa know nothing about achievement through effort theyre the maccas of goal getting.

theres a goifesto. a fucking goifesto. if that doesnt prove what a load of shit this is i dont know what does.

i know money is tight so agencies will whore themselves even more than usual but this is a joke especially as tbwa and visa have told them all they need to do is get a visa card and spend till their eyes bleed then their ass when the debt collectors come knocking

Comment by andy@cynic

apart from that i really like it

Comment by andy@cynic

I hope Charles doesn’t think I’m agreeing too readily here but I agree with everything, especially Andy’s comment or the message underneath all the swearing. 🙂

Comment by Pete

Jesus I fucking hate this.

Please please please tell me you’re joking about the goifesto Andy. Otherwise I may be forced to do one of my least favourite things. Vomit.

Comment by Angus

Do more people go under with VISA?

Comment by Leon Jacobs

i got told about the gonifesto by a guy working on the piece of shit account in the us. it gets worse. a whole lot fucking worse.

they want to be the “global currency”. wankers. the last idiots who said that were those beanz twats back when the net was first taking hold . remember beanz? exactafuckingmondo.

more corporate shit like coke and their “never be more than an arms length from a coke” ideals. its about profit not people and thats fine except when they do ads that say theyre all about fucking empowering society. i fucking hate this. amex tried a similar thing years ago with that “dreams” wank and that failed so i can relax knowing this is more likely to help mastercard than those money grabbing cocks.

global currency? buying a beer on visa when they charge retailers a fucking big fee for letting them put their system into their shop? theyre having a fucking laugh except were pissing ourselves at them not with them


Comment by andy@cynic

Agreed with all of the above. Visa almost put UA outta business…no wait, that was my ex-alcoholic partner who USED Visa. I HATE freakin credit cards…but you gotta admit Morgan Freeman gives a smooth delivery.

Comment by adchick

morgan needs the money after being caught with that woman instead of his wife

Comment by andy@cynic

Morgan rocks. But Visa and Morgan don’t fit. Morgan is calm. Visa is angst. Visa is not a fucking opportunity, it’s an extremely thin and risky get out of jail free card.

Comment by Angus

God this has got people riled up …


And Andy, I agree with every single word you say. But given you said you agree with every single word I said, I guess I’m agreeing with myself.

I’ve also heard about the ‘goifesto’ – which is beyond sad – but I hope to god they promote it because then that will be the kiss of death for this campaign. [Though VISA’s ego might mean they ignore the signs and keep pressing on with it]

I also find it quite amusing that they’re spending so much money promoting this campaign. If I was Mastercard, I’d do a simple ad that said how much VISA were spending on this global campaign and explain how they will aim to recoup this money via their interest and service charges … thus going with Mastercard is a statement against companies encouraging debt.

And as for Morgan Freeman – you should see the Asia version of the ad. Or more specifically, you should hear it. The voiceover is terrible – it is trying so hard to be emotional but comes across like some DISCOVERY Channel narrator … I’ve seen Tax Officers with more motivational and emotional appeal.

As for the ‘global currency’ … is it April 1st?

Comment by Rob

Get out of jail card. I like that …

And it’s true – especially in these trying times – though with what VISA is advocating interms of people’s spending habits, it’s fast going to become a ‘get in jail card’.

They had a chance to make a difference to millions of lives being affected by the financial crisis … a difference that could of helped people bridge the financial gap beteween now and tomorrow and buidl genuine loyalty … but instead of doing things like temporarilly lowering their interest rate or giving people 3 months freedom from their monthly payment [which they could of probably charged a slight premium on their interest for] or allowing points from their ‘card loyalty scheme’ to be used to repay their cards debt, went with the easiest option … a new ad campaign … a new ad campaign that says nothing new [It’s still about “SPEND SPEND SPEND”] and shows VISA has about as much care and consideration to their customers as you would expect from a financial organsation.

Comment by Rob

No one is gonna outdo Andy in the “hate” department so I’m happy to have him speak for me. UTTER SHIT!!

On the Morgan Freeman note, is anyone else sick of hearing his voice over? I mean… I am willing to eat a kebab that EVERY client on the fucking planet, if asked who they see doing their voice over, will say “can we get Morgan Freeman” or someone “like Morgan Freeman”. Dude’s got some good movies but fuck me…

Comment by Age

There is a fine line between brave and stupid and while TBWA and Visa would claim the former, the ad demonstrates the latter. Crap.

Comment by Danny Jackson

my life is shit.
visa will make it bette – i just know it will.
you’re all just haters.

Comment by lauren

Visa = Superficial and very tempoary Prozac

Comment by Rob

I agree with Andy this is a terrible commercial even if you discount the fact they’re showning a total disregard for what millions of people are going through at this time.

If Visa were pitching for Nike, they’ve ended up with Hi-Tec. Horrible.

Comment by Bazza

what is a goifesto? goi as in yiddish slang for non jews? as in we need to celebrate the fact that non jews have and take out a lot of credit and that jews are the money lenders?

pleas tell me I am totally missing the point with goifesto.

oh and I would def reconsider morgan playing Mr Mandela. yes he is an just actor and this is just a gig, but still…

Comment by niko

You really compared this piece of utterly shit with work on NIKE, did you? You know how much I love NIKE and after seeing this ad I think they should never ever be mentioned in the same sentence.
Saying that I have to say it’s what from an European view I would review as typical, pathetic American ad. Sorry.
Apart from that I like VISA. They let me withdraw money worldwide without any fees.

Comment by Seb

They “Let” You? This sums up exactly why and how Banks – Lenders ( LIARS ) GOVTs Large Corporate Entities Credit “Facilities” DEBT MONGERS get away with thier Bulshit. DUMB PEOPLE DONT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. They pass the “Buck”.

The facts are there are MORE STUs STU = STUPID PEOPLE than there are Banks – Coporations – GOVT “Employees” Lenders Wall ST Stick Pricks put together.

Think about it inteligently even for a few moments. “They Let YOU”.

Comment by WTF

I didn’t compare this ad to NIKE Seb, but I bet Andy’s average weekly spend on booze [which would be a fucking fortune] that TBWA did.

And you think you get to withdraw money for free do you? Check again matey – check VERY closely.

Comment by Rob

As a loyal TBWA employee, I think this is amazing with a deep insight that is nothing like Jonny Walker.

Comment by northern

What a loyal employee you are NP. Mr Froggy Dru will be feeding you escargot next time he pops into errrrrm, Manchester.

Funnily enough I’ve just written a comment over on Freddie’s blog about Johnnie Walkers latest attempt to claim that their whisky inspires individual greatness/progress.

How that is any different from beer claiming it can make you sexy and more attractive to women is beyond me – but hey, the advertising standards authority is about as consistent as Nottingham Forest.

Comment by Rob

No, it’s actually for free and they don’t muck me about the exchange fees. But then again it took them 4 months to give me back money that went away in a card fraud. By the way, just checking, did you get my email?

Comment by Seb

Oh and I just found the time to listen to your PSFK speech. Like it. Especially the Vietnamese moped thingy.

Comment by Seb

If you’re taking cash out on your credit card, they’re probably charging you – either via an ATM fee or a % on money taken from your card. I could be wrong – and you might only take cash when you’re in credit – but knowing VISA, they would charge their blind, dying Grannie for a glass of water.

As for the moped, I saw it last week – and it’s soooooooooooo fucking cool. Going through testing [which takes a bloody age] but when [positive thinking] it gets through that, I’m going to be the smuggest bastard in adland.

PS: Got your email, I’ll respond soon … just got a ton of shit on my desk to sort out as I’ve been away for a while and head off again on Sun.

[Peggy: I promise I will respond to you before Seb, I’ve been uber-slack to you for waaaay longer]

PPS: Given you saw my video, I can only assume you’re now feeling depressed so sorry for fucking up your weekend as well.

Comment by Rob

ha ha the vitriol! love it.

This ad is an insult to humankind.

And Morgan, you and I are not speaking anymore.

Comment by john c







Was ist das?

Maybe if it wasn’t for a credit card. Maybe if it felt better thought through. Give me running man and crutches dude anyday.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Rumor is TBWA won the pitch with this so they can’t even blame Visa for turning it shit.

If Visa can empower people to have better lives maybe Mr Prez should get one and sort out all the bankrupt banks so I don’t have to pay for their mistakes for the next 1000 fucking years

Political. Who the fuck do I think I am, Ben Elton. (Thats for you Andy)

Comment by Billy Whizz

Best post this year. I salute you, sir.

Comment by simon

but hes working from a fucking low base isnt he simon

Comment by andy@cynic

Financial services company produces bad TV advertising? Why is this surprising?

Financial services aren’t aspirational and very few people will buy them for aspirational reasons. So TV is not the place to market them is it?

Comment by John

ich weiss auch nicht, rob m. but interesting how a credit card can make a life all exciting, enjoyable and full of mysterious energy. did anybody else wonder about jesus dividing the water in the vid? “will you go forward by also giving back?” that s when they remind you that you have to pay the money back ha! and i don t like the voice over at all. for me, it does not fit the softy illuminated visuals and it sounds like somebody is telling a fairy tale, which they do haha. i don t like the whiny song either. heard that before. and would i even know that spot is for visa without the end line? nope… goifesto is hilarious, just for the name. i would never have guessed visa is inspired by communist ideology haha. i d love to read that thing. i imagine it is highly entertaining.
and rob, i hope you won t spend the weekend sitting at the desk. a great weekend to yall!

Comment by peggy

Sadly credit cards do have some aspirational appeal – well, the colour of them does if you’re a person lacking in other areas of your life – but the marketplace is so different these days, that the last place you’d target them is on mainstream television. Hell would be better, but I don’t know if even a DM campaign would reach those sad fucks.

Comment by Rob

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