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If Pacino Is The Actor’s Actor, Then This Guy Is The Wankers Wanker …
January 11, 2009, 8:35 pm
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I’m surrounded by boxes and dust – but I had to take 2 mins to give you an update on the Singaporean Ad Agency run by the wannabe Pol Pot.

You will remember they have banned all holiday time till June 2009 and mandated all staff to stay at their desks till 8:30pm EVEN IF THEY HAVE NO WORK TO DO … however I’ve just heard they’ve implemented another of their fuckwit rules – and this time it’s one that even Scrooge would feel is a bit harsh.

Apparently, any member of staff who does not use up their vacation time will only get 50% of its value paid back to them by the company.

Apart from the fact it’s the company who is stopping people from taking their legally entitled holiday, in essence, they’ve just given all their staff a [potential] pay cut.

I am sure this is illegal but given Singapore is the ‘friend of the corporate’, I’m sure they think they can get away with it … besides, they know people are so worried about the economy, they’ll not risk doing anything that might jeopardize their employment.

Well I think this bullying should be stopped … so if anyone in that agency is fed up of how they’re being treated, get in touch because I’ve got one of my clients to agree to give you access to one of their top notch corporate lawyers for free … so if you’re prepared to take a stand [and are able to prove your situation] let’s see if we can strike a blow for common decency.

Whatever you decide to do, remember no one deserves to be treated like this, especially by someone whose greatest achievement in life has been to take credit when it’s not due.

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campbell. the arthur scargill of fucked up adland. i like it when you are trying to pick fights. even more so when i know you have a very fucking big brother backing you up

Comment by andy@cynic

If it is not illegal, it is morally wrong. I hope they get what is due to them.

Comment by George

Come on George, you’ve been doing this long enough to know morals and advertising don’t mix … why the hell do you think we’re not rich? 🙂

Comment by Rob

You’re a fucking legend Rob. I hope they get beat with the big stick.

Comment by Age

I’m appalled.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Hi Freddie …

I take it you mean about the behaviour of the agency, not my clients generous offer.

Saying that, I bet you’re not that surprised given you know who I am talking about both interms of agency and individual …

And Age, thanks – but I did nothing except stir the spoon that is lying in a pot called ‘shit’. 🙂

Comment by Rob

This calls for some public naming & shaming ???

Comment by bhaskar

Yes it does … but I can’t now, especially if people do want help to get out of this situation.

To be honest, I thought Andy made it obvious in his comments relating to the last post on this subject matter – but I shied away from naming the specific individual, but we’ll see how we go in the next week or so eh? 🙂

Comment by Robert

He did , You’re enjoying, not naming The Despot arent you? ha !

Comment by bhaskar

This is why I joined you guys.

Comment by Pete

Well it’s certainly not for the money 😉

Comment by Rob

That’s called brand strength Rob.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Good work, that is some top class spirit right there.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

It’s not about top class spirit, it’s actually about anger and justice … and I know that sounds totally wanky, but it’s totally true.

We might have a ‘taker’ on the offer but obviously I can’t say any more right now. Fingers crossed!

Comment by Rob

Hope so. It’s diabolical practice

Comment by Rob Mortimer

yeah, imagine working long hours, getting ripped off, threatened with unemployment and being under-valued in order to produce something for which you get no credit. and upon the back of which the organisation gets an amazing international reputation and rockin’ profits.

impossible is nothing. or so i hear.

Comment by lauren

You are right Lauren except for the last 2 claims …

They do have an amazing international reputation, but not for the right reasons … and whilst globally they are hugely profitable, rumour is they are so under budget, that even the Enron look like a better investment.


And will they get rid of the people behind this nonsense or will it be lowly paid individuals who have had no training or support? Have a guess.

Comment by Rob

Good stuff Rob.

Comment by Marcus

True Lauren, but this is going backwards. If this practice is acceptable then it makes those injustices seem less terrible on the scale.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Could they resign en masse and start their own agency?

Comment by John

Could and would are – as you know – very, very different John … and when you come from a culture that saddles you with fear and filial expectation/responsibility, it is why most stick with a career philosophy of ‘resiliance and patience’ rather than active ambition.

I hope there’s some exceptions to that rule in that agency – but I’m not sure.

Comment by Rob

why not find a better replacement for the wanker boss. Powers that be would be swayed, peeps on the floor would be saved.

so instead of lawyers rob, talk to headhunters..

Comment by niko

good idea niko but from what i understand every fucker knows this guys a wanker so whod hire him when hes half the fucking reason they win clients in pitches

have you solved the financial fuck up yet campbell? lazy shit

Comment by andy@cynic

happy new year Mr. Boucher.

Comment by Marcus

and to you mr brown.
let’s make 2009 the year we liberate this blog from the evil fucking tyrany of planners

Comment by andy@cynic

I do have a cunning plan Boucher – if only you weren’t technically dysfunctional. If only.

Comment by Marcus

thats what my it boy is for isnt it? that and bringing me online porn

Comment by andy@cynic

mr m – i’m not quite sure what you’re saying..
“If this practice is acceptable then it makes those injustices seem less terrible on the scale.” . are you suggesting that if highly paid office workers are made to work in those conditions, then labourers working at third-world rates suddenly becomes less terrible and not something to jump up and down about and get a hot-shot lawyer involved in? i’m a little confused.

Comment by lauren

Not that it becomes a less terrible thing; but it might seem less important.

And essentially I meant: All employment practices should be going forward, if some start to go backwards they all risk doing so.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

*Might seem less important: Its harder to worry and complain about the treatment of others when you feel mistreated yourself.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I don’t think Rob is fighting for the highly paid execs, more likely they are the ones in his sights.

Comment by Bazza

campbells only got one fucking eye so hes probably got his reflection in his sights. we can only fucking hope

Comment by andy@cynic

You know Boucher, if you weren’t so digitally challenged you may have had a chance at winning my BUNCH OF ARSE competition.

Comment by Marcus

it better be angelina jolies bunch of arse or you can fuck right off 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

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