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If The Guys At PSFK Are So Smart, How Come They Put My Rubbish Presentation Up?
January 7, 2009, 11:00 am
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So despite the fact I slagged off everyone, rambled incoherently, made a stupid homosexual joke [Sorry Dean, you know I’m just trying to deny the truth between us, ha!] and said “ummmmm” more times than an embarassed politician – my PSFK Asia presentation has been put up for the World to abuse.

As I wrote in the comments of my original post, I wasn’t very happy with how I presented that day but for those who are interested [ie: My Mum] here it is …

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.1941557&w=425&h=350&fv=]

[And here’s the preso for people who want it – you mad fools!]

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you only put this up to fuck up my last comment didnt you? wanker. and do you think i like you enough to sit through 30 minutes of your shit ranting? you need a big reality check mr campbell πŸ™‚

Comment by andy@cynic

You don’t give me more than 2 mins of your attention even when I’m buying you dinner, so there’s no way I’d expect you to spend 30 mins seeing me make a spectacle of myself. Oh hang on, making a spectacle of myself is maybe the only reason you’d actually waste 30 mins of your life that you’ll never get back.

Anyway I have been given something a billion times better than this – which isn’t hard – take a look at this and weep …

Comment by Rob

hi mate,
finally we get to see you in action!
really nice talk Rob…
it’s great to see how passionate and relaxed you present.

happy new year everyone.

Comment by Age

You should watch it Andrew, you may learn something valuable. I know you will twist this comment to serve your own evil purpose.

Excellent Robert. I enjoyed it as much 2nd time around.

Comment by Lee Hill

You were nervous weren’t you? It’s quite sweet to see you like that. Good presentaton though and I love the “go and masturbate” comment. Your Mum will be so proud, lol.

Comment by Bazza

Having watched myself back, I feel I was even worse than I originally thought … and whilst I was nervous and a bit flustered … if you watch close enough, you hopefully can see the points I’m trying to make.

As I said, if you look really, really pay close attention, ha!

Comment by Rob

Looks like my lunch break has been booked…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Don’t waste your break on it mate …

You’ve seen the preso … like most works of litrature [hahaha] it’s better than the film!

Comment by Rob

So you’re saying the book is better than the film? Brilliant upsell of your work there Rob, not as good as Rolex, but good. πŸ™‚

Comment by Bazza

Nice preso. Love the ease with which that you tell Asians they love intellectual masturbation, and I guess they agreed!

Comment by bhaskar

I thought I learnt from the best … but I think I need to spend a few years in Rolex’s PR Dept!

Comment by Rob

rob, i don’t know what you’re whinging about. i’ve not seen you present at your best, but i’m scared to now, considering that i watched that whole thing right the way through. which means that you were engaging, informative and self-depricating enough for me to listen to stuff i’ve heard/seen on this blog a dozen times and still make time to pay attention to it, even with my short attention span.

Comment by lauren

Sent you an email with a few comments (positive!)

Comment by Rob Mortimer

i should point out campbells spent all his google bullion so theres no fucking point creeping to him unless you know something i dont

and lee, you set them up and ill just sit back and bask in the glow of everyone knowing what the fuck i could say without having to type a fucking word. now thats effective fucking blogging.

im about to watch your embarrassment with the office so thats another day well have to write off thanks to people being sick or falling asleep

Comment by andy@cynic

zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzz

Comment by andy@cynic

you were nervous werent you you big fucking girl but you were mildly funny, linked “gorilla” to masturbation and said the odd clever thing so ill let you off but next time we need to do it as a double act which means i talk and inspire everyone and you press the “down arrow” on the lappy

wonder what our google friends will think about you saying theyre fucked. ill give you this campbell, youre an equal opportunity brand character assasinator

this could be a job for our new intern. get her to work out how many brands you spit in the face of. i can name apple, google, fallon, singapore education without thinking so ill go with a total of 12 brands that should give up and die as guru campbell has said they have “issues”. george will shit. again. lol

Comment by andy@cynic

Glad you ‘liked it’.

What’s with your comments, eh? Not exactly friendly territory to hang out in….

Comment by Piers Fawkes

don’t worry piers. were all one happy family just campbell is the psuedo red headed stepchild no one really wants here

Comment by andy@cynic

Hi Piers … what’s a nice guy like you hanging in a place like this?

I hope you don’t take my comments about my preso as a slur against your fine conference … it’s all about me, absolutely nothing about you.

God I sound like every woman who broke up with me, ha!

In all seriousness, I loved the conference, I just hope I get a chance to do it again some time and feel I’ve done myself proud rather than insulting everyone from Fallon to Wham [though maybe both needed it, ha!]

As for it not being a friendly territory to hang in – it is really, it’s just the people who actually comment are evil shits who bring me and the overall tone of this blog, down.

Blame them – I’m lovely!

PS: Andy, George didn’t ‘shit’ – he was very nice, however he was rather upset to hear you’re getting interns to waste their day working out how many companies I insulted. Saying that, we’re both interested in the number, ha!]

Comment by Rob

But what did Mrs C think?

Comment by John

Probably the same as you Mr Dodds, ha!

Comment by Rob

“two thumbs up” said the reporter from…. wherever!

I was also at PSFK and it was a great conference (well done Piers) and Rob excelled himself as usual. Rob – have you had any complaints and has someone reported you to the police yet? πŸ˜‰

Comment by perki

Mr Perki … how the hell are you.

I cannot tell you how disgusted I am with the news you gave me today and if you don’t take it any further, I’d ask you if I could. Besides, I’m leaving Singapore so what’s the worst the small minded, immature little pricks* could do?

* = I am not calling all Singaporean’s this – of course not, I love this country – but I got told something today that shows just how petty and myopic some Singaporeans can be. If you thought the banning of the Singapore Complaints Choir was pathetic, you have heard nothing yet – I am absolutely fuming!

Comment by Rob

It’s brilliant Robert, get over it. πŸ™‚

Comment by Pete

God that’s your first comment in bloody ages … I take George is keeping you busy then eh?

Regret your decision yet? Bad luck, it’s too late πŸ™‚

See you soon and we need to talk the Miami Ad School thing please …

Love to the missus, hopefully she’s enjoying it, ha!

Comment by Rob

Thanks Rob. I will not let this one go as education is a major passion for me. If what I presented last night is seen as negative, defamatory or being a bitch, I will definitely get my coat!

Lets work on this.

Comment by perki

I’ve watched it. I’m back.

Comment by Marcus

Hello Marcus my lovely – happy new year – going to bed now so speak next week. Hope you DIDN’T break your leg, even if it would be funny if you did πŸ™‚

Comment by Rob

Just fucking sort you blog out Campbell. It looks a bloody mess.

Happy new year to you all.

Comment by Marcus

A mess? What’s changed – except your attitude? πŸ™‚

Comment by Rob

My attitude? Don’t be daft. The blog is all over the place – or am I the only one seeing it?

Comment by Marcus

No one comes here anymore Marcus … it’s just you and me. Lets get cosy lovely πŸ™‚

Comment by Rob

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