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You Know The Economy Is Bad …
December 29, 2008, 8:36 am
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… when even our dear old St Nick is trying to earn a few extra bucks by pimping himself out to all and sundary when this was once his most profitable time of the year.

How sad it has come to this … the banking industry has a lot to answer for.

Rob  Santa by you.

[Hope you all had/having a nice break … enjoy it, I have a feeling 09 is going to be a right bitch, ha!]

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So that explains why my children’s presents arrived late this year.
Thanks for ruining my Christmas Robert!

Comment by George

Don’t blame me [or Santa] for your Christmas shopping procrastination. Don’t tell me, it was another year of socks and nighties wasn’t it? πŸ™‚

Comment by Robert


Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Santa’s lost weight.

Comment by Marcus

You should see the state of Rudolph. Paris Hilton has more fat than our poor reindeer chap!

How are you Marcus? Did you have a good one???

Comment by Rob

I’m fine. ho ho ho.

Comment by Marcus

You do look a bit Happy Hizbollah in that pic.

Comment by Charles Frith

why is santa wearing gloves? its a wanking thing isn’t it.

or hes michael jackson in a shit disguise.

and for fucks sake have a shave campbell. you look like a tramp.

or gary glitter.

except instead of young kids you like old fuckers in shit coca cola endorsed outfits you sick bastard.

why the fuck am I writing this? I’m on holiday, I need more booze

Comment by andy@cynic

did you have a stiffy? you just look a bit too fucking smiley for a man who has another man sat on his knee dressed as fucking santa

Comment by andy@cynic

I read Andy’s shit and it touches my heart. Rob you look like a perverted Grizzly Adams which is a big improvement. High 5s to Jill for upping your game. πŸ™‚

Comment by Billy Whizz

Looks like you finally got a deserved restraining order for Christmas.

Comment by John

i always knew you were a gay boy.

thats to billy not john but its kinda apt for him to

Comment by andy@cynic

I sense a sponsorship deal with gillette around the corner.

Comment by Lee Hill

oh, i see – snuck in a post did we? well, glad to see it – that picture is stunning. and i’m wondering how much you had to pay him, considering myer take their santa pics very seriously you know.. πŸ™‚

Comment by lauren



And I didn’t even get a snog for that …

Comment by Rob

ha!! $50!?! you coulda got a blowjob from a hooker for less that that.. but then again, you couldn’t send that to your mum for christmas could you.. πŸ™‚

(erm..sorry mrs c, sorry jill – it’s late and, well, i have no other excuse)

Comment by lauren

Thanks for that image Lauren … I don’t want to know what sort of hookers you know who’ll do that for $50 but I know a man who would.

Billy … Billy … get over to Melbourne quick …

Comment by Rob

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