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Question: Does Fred Look Gay Today? Answer: Does Dolly Parton Sleep On Her Back?
December 16, 2008, 6:45 am
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Many moons ago, when Freddie still worked for me, he made a fatal error by turning up to work with his trousers so high, he was in danger of his belt strangling him. [See above pic]

Because I thought the World of him [and I still do], I thought a dose of tough love might help hum stop making any more fashion faux pas, so I asked you lot to decide whether Freddie looked gay – to which there was an overwhelming response in the ‘affirmative’.

Well just like people will forget the lessons of the current financial collapse in a few years, Freddie seems to have lost all sense of ‘clothing tact’ because in a moment of absolute stupidity [and yes, that is the right word] he decided to go to work dressed as a Swedish gay sailor/waiter pornstar.







And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that on your plate you have multiple pieces of meat … each about 6″ in length … that you probably enjoyed sliding slowly deep into your mouth.

Jesus, you’re a Dad of 3. Or at least you ‘claim’ to be!!!

Now Fred will probably try and claim it was the office Christmas party but rumour is it was his attempt to win the Swedish tourism account.

In that attire it seems he’ll bend over forwards for the business!

This is deeply disturbing … even more than the fact you love Toto … and whilst you might like to blame Facebook for showing you in all your ‘out-of-the-closet’ glory [which highlights how right my proposed proposition for Facebook would be] you only have yourself – and your depraved fashion sense – to blame.

Saying that I feel I should take some of the blame.

I should of seen the ‘high panting’ incident as a sign of what was to come, rather than simply regard it as an isolated moment of alarming judgement.

To his family and the people of Sweden I apologise.

Now is it just me or can anyone else hear a noise?

No, I don’t think it’s Fred trying to hide under his desk … oh I know what it is, it’s the sound of a million Vikings turning in their graves!

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this is the campbell i know and love. the evil mischievous shit who started a company called cynic. and this is the freddie i know and wish i didnt.
gay viking boy dont you know you keep dynamite photos like that as far away from campbell as physically possible. bad luck mr ikea your credibility pain is our pisstaking gain

Comment by andy@cynic

and he looks like a german sailor waiter porn star. and i wont fucking tell you why i think that or how i know so fuck right off

Comment by andy@cynic

Is this your way of trying to negotiate a move to our San Fran office?

Comment by George

I aim to please … but not as much as Freddie it seems 😉

Comment by Rob

You’re a terrorist Campbell. I knew it was only a matter of time before this picture would end up here. But given it was taken on Friday night, I’m surprised it’s taken you so long to get it out in the public domain. What’s with you? You’re going soft.

My kids were highly impressed with my gay sailor outfit (who our intern put together for me. Well, I made an effort and bought the glasses for ten bucks). My wife wasn’t. At all.

The funniest thing was the Russian swinging couple who somehow managed to get into our Mardi Gras party. They had most definitely misinterpreted what was going on (who could blame them?) and asked our CD if he wanted to ‘join them’ and for how much. At that point I was pissing myself.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

I take it your CD WASN’T dressed like Freddie Mercury’s wet dream fantasy then?

And as for me ‘going soft’ … yes I am, every time I look at you every part of me ‘goes soft’ and I am eternally grateful for that reaction. 🙂

Comment by Rob

wow ! Fred – as with most gay men – you look damned hot ! Can you come and dance around my Christmas tree for me ?

Comment by fan

All Christmas trees need a fairy so I think Fred should make “fans” festive dream come true.

Comment by Lee Hill

is this a good enough excuse for a the annual dusting off of the gay swede joke?

A Swedish fella dressed in a bow tie and feather boa goes into the chemist and says, ‘Hallo. Ah am looking for tha de-odorant, pliss?’

‘No problem,’ says the chap behind the counter. ‘Ball or aerosole?’

‘Neither’ he replies, ‘I want it to put it on my armpits.’

haven’t we all gay’d up for a client though..?
ouch, sorry.

Comment by Mr McG

Trying to tap into the pink dollar Freddie?

Comment by Bazza

Lee … your response just about guarantees you a slap up dinner on our dime. Yep, something we’ll pay for and not even charge back to you.

Comedy gold [your comment, not my offer to pay]

Comment by Rob

fucking hell Fred.

Comment by Marcus

you should be a fucking planner marcus because youve summed it up fucking perfectly. i came back hoping it was all a fucked dream but there he is, in his “hello sailor” outfit. sick

Comment by andy@cynic

These pictures make me feel all funny.

Comment by northern


Comment by Billy Whizz

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