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December 8, 2008, 7:00 am
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The good thing about Asia is there’s a whole host of national day holidays – covering everything from countries birthdays to various religious celebrations – however the bad thing is they rarely are celebrated across the whole region which means I tend to miss out on them because I’ve had to go to a meeting in a country where they are happily working there little arses off.

Well guess what, today is a national holiday in Singapore AND I AM IN THE COUNTRY … so while you lot are busy beavering away on your computers, I’ll be sat on my arse watching some documentary or losing to some pricks in San Fran on MarioKart.

Hmmmmn, not that different to when I’m working I suppose.

Anyway I hope you’re having a really great Monday and there’s no hint of sarcasm in that statement, honest. Cough cough.

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everyfuckingday is a campbell holiday

Comment by andy@cynic

Sorry for the delay in responding to you Andy, I’ve just got up. Ha!

Comment by Rob

so, how many times did you get your arse kicked on MarioKart then?

Comment by lauren

we play in 45 minutes and the fucker is going down

Comment by andy@cynic

Im having a week off. So get your ass on xbox live.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

No wait.
You have Mario Kart…

Excellent. Friend code please!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

my friend code is my bank ac number. put $5000 in and ill be your friend for an hour. but no fucking touching alright?

Comment by andy@cynic

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