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Illegal Alien …
December 4, 2008, 6:36 pm
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My wife is an Aussie – OK, she’s half an Aussie, but in the interests of this post, lets ignore that – so I guess it’s only to be expected that she’s just been formally classed as a criminal.

Her crime?

Overstaying her visa.

Yep, whilst trying to board a plane, she’s just been pulled by Singaporean Immigration and told she has to pay a fine or be kicked out for good.

Holy shit, I live with an illegal immigrant!!!

I am a rebel … well, in Singaporean terms I am.

[Strictly speaking, I should say I USED to live with an illegal immigrant, ha!]

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you evil shit Campbell.

Comment by Marcus

Thank you.

Comment by Rob

What Marcus said. Do you think her jillyism’s may of had something to do with it?

Comment by Bazza

I hadn’t thought of that Baz … I bet the visa was just a ruse to keep her mouth shut 🙂

Comment by Rob

Greetings from Antwerp sucka’s!

Comment by JCvanDamme

illegal immigrant you say?
explains why she sticks with a fucker like you. its not love its food shelter and a fucking cat

Comment by andy@cynic

So I’m not the only person consulting my lawyers.

Comment by John

but im paying for jills

Comment by andy@cynic

jill’s an outlaw! yay!!

Comment by lauren

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