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Is Pain Pleasure? [Sort-of Humpday Post]
November 5, 2008, 7:45 am
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Fireworks on Planet Krypton by MikeJonesPhoto Photo: MikeJonesPhoto

So today’s the 5th November – and whilst there’ll be loads of blog posts that talk about the history of Guy Falkes – I’m going to be talking about a twisted ankle.

As many of you will have probably gathered, I’m quite busy at the moment – with an inordinate amount of time being spent travelling here, there and everywhere – and whilst it is way, way, way better than working in a bank, it is still quite tiring, especially dealing with the bloody time differences that I find myself having to work with/adapt to.

The thing is, when I was a kid, I didn’t do ‘tired’ … infact, one of the main reasons I’m an only child is because I was such a little shit as a kid and survived on just a few hours kip each night.

[I’d like to take this opportunity yo publically apologise to my parents for their years and years and years of sleep depravation]

My twisted ankle by martineno Photo: Martineno

Anyway, the point of this crappy background is that all this tiredness has made me [1] Grumpy [2] Airy Fairy and [3] Clumsy … and whilst you probably think that’s all quite normal for me … it isn’t, which is why I was quite surprised when last week I slipped and ended up twisting my ankle badly.

Except here’s the thing … while it hurt [infact it hurt like a complete bastard] the pain was seemingly overwhelmed by memories of my childhood flooding back into my mind.

I know this might be quite shocking for you to comprehend, but when I was younger, I was quite athletic. I played rugby for the school [glory boy winger], ran for the school [100 meter king], played footie … I was Mr Active … and because of that, I would find myself getting injured quite a lot, however now I’m 38 and more obsessed with sports I can either play using a Nintendo DS/Xbox 360/PS3 or watching it on the telly … my sporting injuries have reduced to nearly zero.

And whilst that might mean less physical pain for me, it also means I am getting older because I no longer feel invincible – that feeling as a kid where you believed you could overcome anything that was thrown at you.

Raleigh Grifter by velocitizen Photo: Not me, so stop laughing

Whether it was trying to jump your heavy Raleigh Grifter over 10 people lying down in front of a makeshift ramp or simply going in for tackles against people years older and taller than you, you felt the worst you’d ever get was maybe a bloody knee or a twisted ankle so you only looked in one direction. Forwards.

The thing is, when I twisted my ankle last week, it brought back all these memories of being outdoors, breathing the air, laughing with my friends, having adventures I’d remember forever [but didn’t realise at the time] … and whilst I have a wonderful and full life, there’s something about those days that were truly magical.

Sure it might be because I was naive or simply not very worldy, but I think there should be more of it … so I hereby declare 2009 as the year of reconnecting … where we stop relying on technology for our kicks or communication and get up and get out again – experience life with the same attitude as when we thought the worst that could happen is a bloody knee or a twisted ankle.

Anyone up for it or is this a byproduct of me being in the Google boys company again?

[Don’t answer that Andy 🙂 ]

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you are amzaing campbell. genius. astounding. who else could write a fucking long post about a fucking twisted ankle. youve put the american election in perspective i can fucking tell you.

no i will not join you because it means i have to see more of you and this side of you makes me fucking sick so get off the google ecstacy and get back to fucking normal.

i blame you jonathan and youre already in my bad books as you well fucking know 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

this is why i ride a bike. this is why i write dumb posts about riding a bike – that feeling of being completely alive and invincible. nothing makes you feel like king of the world when you race a 50-tonne petrol tanker off from the lights and win (well, at least for the first 100 metres!)

and sorry to hear about that ankle of yours, rob. i hope it’s better soon. andy, what election are you talking about?

Comment by lauren

americanpornidol, is there any other fucking election?

the fucking news channels are going on that people are having to queue for 2 hours to cast their vote but fuckwits queued 10 hours to be on simon cowells american idol piece of shit which means the election isnt as important to people as being a 15 minute of fame fuckwit wannabe.

my name is andy, back to the fucking studio

Comment by andy@cynic

tell us another bedtime story, uncle andy! but this time, tell us something we don’t know 🙂

-sorry, i’m being a total shit today. i’m waging a war against idiots who don’t understand basic maths. like 1+1 = 2.

Comment by lauren

In that case Lauren, you’re declaring war against the whole banking industry!

Comment by Rob

you need a fucking holiday Campbell.

Comment by Marcus

I’ll be having one when Friday’s blog post comes out 😉

Or even tomorrows …

Comment by Rob

so no skyping then 🙂

Comment by Niko

I can’t believe there were not more accidents than there were jumping people on Grifters. I can’t remember a single one.

I tell you what else was great – turning your drop handle bars the wrong way round on your racer and trying to do wheelies down the road, counting how many you did according to how many white lines you could keep it up for.

And shitting in the shed but not telling your parents. Or rather getting the girl from up the road to shit in the shed, and still not telling your parents.

They found out ‘though.

Comment by Tom

Shitting in the shed?

Are you from Liverpool or Croyden Tom?

Comment by Rob

Neither – a darker place.

The Fens.

Where parents either don’t look after their children at all…or they look after then a bit TOO much…quite a lot too much sometimes….

Comment by Tom

Oh yes, the Fens … the original title for David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks”. Possibly.

Comment by Robert

Not sure about that Rob – The Fens are very flat.

Comment by Tom

Maybe it was a euphamism. Not sure for what – or maybe I don’t want to think what it could be, ha!

Comment by Robert

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