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Sony Ericsson Aren’t Like VW …
October 29, 2008, 4:36 pm
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Forget what I said about being happy to be back with SONY Ericsson … 4 days in and the fucking thing has broken and I didn’t even drop it.

To make it even worse, I’m stuck in the only airport in the World without a fucking mobile phone shop so I can’t even buy a cheap piece of shit to call a bunch of people back.

I don’t know how you did it Bazza, but I’m still not going back to your bloody iPhone!

PS: Given my [brand new] VW needed 2 new gear boxes and turbo’s within 2 years of me buying it, it would seem VW aren’t like VW either. And stop laughing, it’s not funny.

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I sort of ruined my humpday positivity with this post didn’t I. Oops …

Comment by Rob

It seems to me you’re too dependent on your mobile phone…whatever the model. 😉

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Don’t you start Freddie …

Comment by Rob

i can’t believe for all the clout you have, that you can’t get a decent fucking phone. for god’s sake rob, for your own sanity, downgrade to something old, ugly and that will last until time stops.

Comment by lauren

use a tin and string campbell itll make your bluster sound much more fucking intelligent. i say this as a mate

Comment by andy@cynic

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