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The Last Brand Loyalist In Town …
October 27, 2008, 6:22 am
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Some of you may remember I have been having to endure with a bunch of shitty mobile phones, simply because SONY Ericsson decided to have a mental attack and either take features out of phones that people would want … or simply make them so bloody uncomfortable to use, you’d rather rely on 2 tins with a piece of string attached.

Well after Nokia’s, iPhones, HTC, Samsung’s and pretty much everything inbetween, I finally got my hands on a SONY Ericsson that is half decent [the C905 if you really give a shit] and I can’t tell you how pleased it’s made me.

Of course being a moaning bastard not everything is perfect – and I hate to say it, but I’ve obviously got used to some of the NOKIA tools that I previously slagged off – however as much as this demonstrates that over time you can get used to pretty much anything, when a brand does stuff in a way that really works for you [as the SE navigation system does for me] you’ll hang in there because underneath it all, you know that’s the thing for you.

Saying that, I can’t work out why one of the manufacturers hasn’t set up a subsidiary that basically lets customers’ build-their-own-phone.

Unlike DELL it wouldn’t be a cheap option, it would be a premium service but I still think there’s enough sad bastards like me who’d use it and make it worth their while.

Anyway all this leaves me to say is that in a World where people dispose of things in the blink of an eye, maybe I’m the last brand loyalists on Earth – unless someone out there can tell me about a time where they went back to a brand even though they’d been making substandard products for a few years.

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Basically anyone that loves their Holden?

Comment by Age

another fucking new phone? you sad bastard and i dont want you spending 3 hours showing me every fucking feature that makes it cool because i dont give a fucking shit. alright?

Comment by andy@cynic

I don’t drink … I don’t smoke … I don’t murder people … I don’t get divorced … let me have one bloody vice for godsake! 🙂

Comment by Rob

andy murders people?

Comment by lauren

You should sit in one of his creative reviews Lauren … it can breach the Geneva convention at times.

Comment by Rob

The legend grows larger…


Comment by Age

Note to self: no more free iphones to Rob Campbell.

Come on Robert you can do better than Sony Ericsson ccan’t you?

Comment by Bazza

I was loyal to Sharp phones until they stopped making high end models.

I am still loyal or happily preferable to many brands: Colgate total, pukka pies, sennheiser, korg

Comment by Rob Mortimer

You don’t want Rob to hear about your love of Colgate Rob Mortimer 🙂

Comment by Bazza

There’s a real difference between loyalty and habit and most companies complacently confuse the two (usually with dire results).

Comment by John

I think this is where Robert recounts his Coca-Cola story where he was lucky to leave Atlanta alive. Naturally George mopped up the mess even though what Robert said was brutally accurate.

Comment by Bazza

I don’t think George’s blood pressure could take me reliving that episode Baz,ha!

PS: When you sort out Age’s issues with the iPhone, I’ll start using it – hahaha!

Comment by Rob

My loyalty there is solely product related, not brand.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

so mortimer loves colgate.

what the fuck has happened to that guy? earth calling mortimer earth calling mortimer get a fucking grip 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

No andy, its the total i like, not the colgate.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

i know in the bullshit community you might be able to get away with that crap comment but in the real fucking world youre still a bloke who has admitted to liking fucking toothpaste.

i am giving you this shit out of love, not gay love but love and you better fucking appreciate it

Comment by andy@cynic

I do Andy. I do.

I like it because its been proven to work. And partly out of sympathy that they were banned (in the uk) from stating a credible fact in an ad for no decent reason.

The fact based on supposedly solid research was essentially: ‘more dentists use total than any other toothpaste’. I still don’t see why that was taken off.

CP however I don’t give a monkeys for.

Also, its toothpaste I know… but as a kid I hated the stuff my parents bought (it tasted awful) so it was a nice change.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

its just toothpaste.

Good evening.

Comment by Marcus

i’m loyal to a price point. i am your ultimate lowest common denominator consumer.

Comment by lauren

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