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A Marriage Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas …
October 21, 2008, 7:00 am
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Sex&TheCity by MaRy AnnEs

So I’ve just found out that 5 … that’s FIVE … friends of mine are heading for divorce.

OK, so in a couple of cases I am actually happy because they’ve been treated like shit for ages and deserve a whole lot better – but Christ almighty, what’s going on out there?

I blame shows like Sex And The City and The Young And The Restless for giving people the wrong impression of what they should expect from a marriage and what they think they can get away with.

Fucking Americans, everything shit is their fault.

[To my currently divorced friends – I know in every case you are innocent and were married to bitches and bastards so don’t take this personally]

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do you know something i dont campbell?
i didnt know you had 5 friends or are you trying to claim that old bitch madonna is one of the matrimonial muck ups? twat.

hope theyve all had nice lives because its about to get fucking shitty for a while

Comment by andy@cynic

OK, I meant 5 people who I’ve said “hello” too. Once. πŸ™‚

Comment by Rob

i got married recently and i can tell you, the concept of marriage needs to be filed under ‘mixed messages’. who says you have to marry for life? what is the purpose of marriage these days? considering people’s mortgages don’t even last 5 years, how the hell are their marriages expected to, given that the ‘seriousness’ of buying a house is given more weight than a civic/religious rite of passage. i don’t think, rob, it’s necessarily a matter of ‘getting away with’ – it’s that the fundamental question about what marriage means to us, as a society, doesn’t have a definitive answer anymore.

anyway, i blame the women’s liberation movement – those dumb broads wanted to stop being treated like property and now look where it got us! everyone got sub-prime mortgages instead and the whole market fucked out AND divorce rates are high. the world is fucked i tell you.

Comment by lauren

i forgot to add this:

Comment by lauren

Lauren … step away from the computer, have a big, big glass of water and then tell me you haven’t really got married because if that’s how you view it, I need to give you Andy’s divorce lawyers number. πŸ™‚

Comment by Rob

yep, and he’s a lousy husband too i might add… she’s been miserable ever since!!

Comment by Age


Andy’s been away for a few weeks – please don’t tell me he’s now a bloody bigamist? Nah … he’s not that stupid and Lauren certainly isn’t.


Comment by Robert

you didn’t know? oops… i’ll email you about it.

Comment by lauren

Dibs on any ginger type lady friends Rob or ladies with low self esteem at the moment, even lower standards in men, a liking for things Balkan, dutch, living and breathing…

can’t find oil if ya don’t drill!

Comment by niko

Are you Andy’s long lost brother Niko?

Comment by Rob

Like Devito and Schwarznegger?

Comment by niko

No … like Hitler and Mussolini πŸ™‚

Comment by Robert

still got dibs.

nothing like getting drunk and getting laid to get over that soon to be pennyless ex-husband, ladies…

Comment by niko

Now that’s quality advertising πŸ™‚

Comment by Robert

it’s all about finding that cultural human truth, digging deep,living amongst the audience, not just doing desk research, Rob.

If done right…well, the ads write themselves πŸ™‚

Comment by niko

That explains a lot.

Comment by John

You talking about yourself I take it Mr Dodds?

Comment by Rob

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