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The Difference Between Advertising And Art Is …
September 3, 2008, 7:19 am
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… art isn’t created with the sole purpose to make you do something after experiencing it [even though it does want to leave a lasting impression] whereas that’s the ultimate goal for advertising – which is why if you have an ad that is only focused on being visually impressive, you can easily be sucker punched by a less fancy, but to-the-point competitor.

Style with no purpose may be fine in many industries [fashion anyone?] but not in adland – even if alot of the communication out there seems to be proving me wrong, ha!

[Thanks to Freddie for this piece of M&C endorsed brutal simplicity πŸ™‚ ]

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Which came first, the clip or the post?

I’ve noticed that since you started Sunshine all of 3 days ago, the posts on this blog have been quite serious. Is this the new mature you or the fact Andy is on holiday πŸ™‚

I don’t think you mean to imply art is just about being visually impressive, not with Lauren and your Uncle being in your life, but I agree with your overall point is valid.

Creativity in commercial communication cannot be as freeform as creativity in other fields because our job is to achieve something specific on behalf of our clients, not just gain fans of our own personal expressions.

Comment by Pete

art officer, lauren brown, reporting for duty…

Comment by lauren

I’m hungover.

Comment by Marcus

Sorry for the delay in delivering your orders Lauren – been ranting at Marketers about their crap youth marketing strategies ,,, your order is to kill gratuitous commercial creative bollocks and your make namesakes duty is to sober up and act responsibly. What sort of role model is he to his shed!

Sorry Pete, I’d respond to your valid comment seriously, but it’s been a long day though you will see by tomorrow’s posts that my ‘sensible streak’ hasn’t lasted – but then did you really think it would? πŸ™‚

Comment by Rob

Is it just me, or does anyone else think this is a post “in the style of” John Dodds?

I have a feeling Mr D will disagree, but what about the rest of you?

Comment by Rob

Well it’s attracting as much interest as one of mine!

Comment by John

Conclusive proof I would say …

Comment by Rob

rob, i’m happy to accept the mission, but unfortunately seeing as ad creative for the sake of ad creative is the mark of a person without the balls to be an artist (for the shame and/or the money), the only way i can kill gratuitous commercial creative bollocks is to have enough money to pay artists the same wages as ad creatives and generate a global visual arts industry that is socially acceptable. [longest sentence ever].

Comment by lauren

The key word there is “only”.
No ad should only be focused visually. The visuals have to have a point, even if its abstract funny or emotional.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Are you suggesting that art (something that you sloppily avoid defining) is “style without purpose”?

I’m potentially furious about this post.

Comment by Marcus

marcus, you and i can barely define art in a satisfactory manner, surely you can give rob some slack if he avoids the whole calamity πŸ™‚

Comment by lauren

Come on Marcus, stop being precious – you know that’s not what I am saying, art absolutely has a purpose [far more than many give it credit for] however it is very rarely to get people to get off the sofa and buy a jar of Nescafe Gold Blend is it?

And Mr M … of course I agree with you, however as much as the word JUST may be key, there is no magic formula to getting the right balance, we are reliant on the people who see it for making the ultimate judgement [and no, I am not counting research groups as a valid source for feedback]

Comment by Rob

Art can be whatever we define it to be Marcus.

(baiting tiger with pointed stick)

Comment by Rob Mortimer

you’ve been at JWT to long.

Comment by Marcus

Lol. Good comeback.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Photography is art and some are using it to advertise – whats the craic with that?

Comment by broket

yes broket camera companies are doing that but it doesnt mean its any fucking good does it? and stop getting your fucking panties all twisted up marcus you know campbell didnt mean it that way. hes a cock but not that much of a cock

Comment by andy@cynic

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