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There’s No End To The Elitist Delusion You Can Find …
August 20, 2008, 5:27 am
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Remember the Purple List thing? It was that ‘creative persons network’ that my lovely wife called “Delusional Elitism At It’s Worst”.

Well, given they kicked Marcus off for basically not fitting their self-defined stereotype/image … she was pretty much right … however Charles has found one that is even more up itself: i-GENIUS.

For fuck’s sake …

Now the thing is, the actual cause of the network is pretty good, I quote …

“The world is full of people who want to make a difference. People who are interested in helping others and the wider environment.

i-genius helps people promote what they are doing, their work, their ideas, their passion – and through our community, enables them to connect with others.

In our community we seek to stimulate fresh thinking and bright ideas, and inspire a new generation to become ‘social entrepreneurs’. Social entrepreneurs are individuals who create or develop businesses (whether commercial or not for profit) where the primary focus is on social change.

i-genius also seeks to stimulate partnerships between our members and to support them by developing partnerships with established organisations (corporations, NGOs, government, media).

If have an idea or passion that you hope will be of benefit to others and the world we live in, we welcome you to join i-genius”

Not too bad eh?

And organisations like The British Council, Channel 4 and Ashoka are involved … however whilst I’m not doubting the members are all extremely talented and clever … the fact they signed up to something called i-GENIUS implies they might also be the sort of people who buy products that reinforce their fragile ego like perfumes called ‘Beautiful’ or ‘Seduction’ or cars called ‘Discovery’ or ‘I’m Successful And Have A Huuuuge Cock’.

[Which begs the question, what were Nissan thinking when they launched the Bluebird??? Targeting the untapped Ornithologist community … or were people simply less sad / or marketing less sophisticated back then?]

Then is any of this really unusual? I mean if NIKE only sold their trainers to those who were fit and embarked on sporting activities, they wouldn’t have enough money to endorse Mike Edwards [Notts County Football Club Captain] let alone Tiger Woods.

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Comment by John

dont fucking freak me out dodds, you make it sound like thats the first time youve felt that way on this blog.
is everyone here going fucking soft? is it just me and the occasionally positive marcus who are left holding the fort of sarcasm? you fucking wimps, go back to italy where you belong 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

Fucking hell I’m sick of people/companies/brands putting the letter “i” in front of things.

i-Genius? Can one of these so called geniuses post-rationalise the shit out of that for me please? WHYYYYYYYYYY?

What the fuck is going on here?! Enough already.

So lame.

/angry i-rant.

Comment by Age

Quick question: are you a member of this organisation John? 🙂

Comment by Rob

wow. “genius” as a title is so loaded with subjectivity that it is strange that they would use it. but then again, how do you get the self-obsessed to think outside themselves? you don’t.

Comment by lauren

God I love you Lauren … and after your comment, I’m more convinced than ever that Mr Dodds is a member of said organisation 🙂

Comment by Rob

rob, doddsy’s not in i-genius. we didn’t approve his application 😉

Comment by lauren

You are becoming more and more like Andy everyday.

Luckily I am only refering to his attitude, not his looks 🙂

Comment by Rob

bunch of arse.

The End.

Comment by Marcus

Time for the Black i-Genius list, Marcus?

Sign me up 🙂

Comment by Rob

Any extra outlet to pitch stuff is fine by me.

Comment by n to the h

at least you know that their meetings will be a perfect setting for Bullshit Bingo (rules attached):

Comment by Ella

Is this the lovely mad Ella – or someone I should be frightened of?

Either way, welcome – it’ll be a lot more colourful with you around!

Comment by Rob

Campbell old bean, I’m as sane as they come – the rest of the world that has a problem or two. mainly when it disagrees with me 🙂

Comment by Ella

You’re going to fit in just fine here … 🙂

No John, you cannot have her Facebook details!

Comment by Rob

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