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Maybe This Will Help You Get Your Priorities, Perspective And Values Back On Track.
August 6, 2008, 4:06 am
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It’s long, but it’s worth it … but if you’re really too busy, just watch the first few minutes.

Funny how those closest to death often seem the most alive.

Except Randy Pausch is no longer close to death, he died last week.

What a total legend – and proof that even a bad powerpoint presentation can work if you’re enthusiastic, interesting and genuine.

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its good but its not that good. its certainly not in the same fucking league as sir ken but then mr privilige wasnt about to peg it when he made his tedtalk was he?

this clips popularity is because randy was about to die, pure and simple. i know what youll say campbell, im a bastard and if he was healthy he would have made a totally different speech and youre probably fucking right but whats most impressive isnt what he says anyway, its how he behaves with dignity and optimism but then you experienced that first hand with your magnificent dad.

good point about powerpoint, take your own advice sometime.

Comment by andy@cynic

Are you and Dodds sleeping together? I’ve just got an email saying almost exactly the same thing as you. Saying that, you should be careful Andy, talking about things like dignity and optimism is likely to get people to realise you’re not the bombastic twat you like to present yourself as 🙂

And as for powerpoint guidance, I wasn’t the man who showed 500 Google people that he used Yahoo search, but I did find that kinda legendary and you were nice about my Dad, so I will let you off.

Comment by Rob

This is the 2nd time I find myself agreeing with Andy, it is becoming a very worrying trend.

Comment by Lee Hill

You know what: I focking hate that guy.

I hate the fact he knew he was gonna go.

Hate the fact he had the chance and the time to collect all of his life lessons and made it possible for everybody to see over and over again.

Hate that he took the chance.

Hate the fact his family could prepare for the shock (even though no prep is gonna be enough)

anybody don’t like fucking bad

Comment by n to the h

I know why you say that matey – and I hadn’t looked at it from that perspective – but I still don’t hate him, I’m just jealous … jealous of him and his family because he was able to “consider, evaluate and express” and they were able to “listen, discuss and learn”.

Take care matey – you’re not as tough as you pretend and that’s meant as a massive compliment.

Comment by Rob

Andy – Kudos on the Yahoo search whilst in prescence of Google.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Rob, in the words of Ari Gold:

“That was a good speech. If I was 25 and liked c@@k, we could be something.”


Comment by n to the h

I’ll have to post about Andy’s little “moment of conflict” because not only was it funny [though Auntie George wasn’t happy as usual, ha!] he managed to make a brilliant point out of it which had everyone nodding their head in agreement.

Flukey bastard 🙂

And N-to-the-H … it’s not about seeking manlove, it’s about knowing what you meant and how you feel.

We get told death is something we should be able to get over rather quickly but it’s been almost 10 years and I still am helpless to its power.

Comment by Rob

George should have been very happy – regardless of whether Andy’s Yahoo moment was genuine or contrived, it’s always a salutary lesson to businesses that people don’t have to use their products.

Comment by John

That was basically Andy’s point – well, he said he did it because he wanted to make sure no one got too complacent because it was only a few years ago that Yahoo was King and for all intents and purposes, Google’s hold on their revenue/users/success is rather weak … then he went on a left-field rant about ‘misplaced beliefs of loyalty’ which somehow he managed to bring back to the central point like he was Ronnie fucking Corbett.

I hate to say it, but when he’s good, he’s very good indeed – even Auntie George applauded – and he’s tougher than any techno genius with no understanding of real life, ha!

Comment by Rob

I’d like to hear/see the “misplaced beliefs of loyalty” argument – that would be very interesting unless it’s just a rant about Bazza deserting him.

Comment by John

Funnily enough – he did mention that – but it’s basically about brands/people who believe that popularity equates to loyalty when the relationship is far more functional and disposable than that.

Ego mania [or as we at cynic say: BRANDLOMANIAC] is another way to express it – I’m sure you’re VERY familiar with that 🙂

Comment by Rob

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