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Come To Adland, Be Successful Then Get Sacked, Replaced And Forgotten In No Time At All …
August 4, 2008, 2:27 pm
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I know you saw it coming … hell, we all saw it coming … but the way they did/announced it is still a crock of shit.

Advertising is a people business, so why the fuck do so many of the senior management go around acting like they’re fucking Robot Mercenaries?

Oh that’s right, it’s because they are.


Listen senior ad folks, I appreciate economic issues, expectations and requirements – however don’t go around thinking saying “it’s just business” makes everything alright, because when you have people working for you, everything you do is personal.

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Absolutely, 100% correct. On that note, advertising people should remember that what they do affects thousands of jobs out there in the real world too – puts arguments over semantics in a creative breif into sharp perspective.

Comment by northern

um… did i miss something?

Comment by lauren

same question as Lauren.

Comment by Seb

Hello Lauren, I’m guessing one of Rob’s friends has just been sacked rather than something he mentioned in the past happening. Or Rob and George have just fired Andy 🙂

It’s never nice when a company has to retrench/fire but there are ways it can be done to make it less bitter but most companies even have a process for ruining peoples lives in the most efficient and effective way possible. Is this someone who was on the infamous double d list Robert?

Comment by Bazza

I read about lots of stuff at GP Y&R.
I think most people in adland understand the swings and roundabouts nature, but a little courtesy and compassion should be minimum requirements for a communications industry.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

you know rob and george havent got the authority to sack me baz, let alone the fucking balls 🙂

and for lauren and sebs benefit, youve not missed anything which is more than a mate of campbells can say because he got hit right in the back of the head by a great big fucking job axe but he wasnt at gpyr mortimer, they deserve all theyre fucking getting, but this guy was in an agency run by the same bunch of heartless fuckers.

your post is a good one campbell but thats why the big noise fuckers drive rolls royces and have big houses while you buy shit techno gadgets and get bollocked by mrs bryant 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

Sadly accurate on all counts Andy … especially the Mary bit.

Comment by Rob

respect the authority Rob

Comment by n to the h

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