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Why Is It …
July 24, 2008, 3:33 am
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… that companies use clichés to talk about their desire to develop innovative thinking/ideas?

Shift the paradigm

Think outside of the box

Jesus, if they can’t even think of a fresh way to express their goals, how the hell are they going to ever stand a chance of achieving them?

One of the worst offenders has to be Wunderman.

After making some truly awful generalisations regarding technology and people born in the 1970’s … they’ve now gone and cemented the fact they are about as creative, imaginative and relevant as Elizabeth Taylor by launching their new corporate identity …


Apart from the fact the font looks like it comes straight from Air Austria circa 1974 – that splodge is just plain weird.

Personally, I think it looks like a butterfly trying to shag a kids building block … or maybe the silhouette of some freak deer [while vomiting] … but according to Trish Wheaton [Wunderman’s Global Chief Marketing Officer] it represents …

“Wunderman’s new and refreshed brand identity bringing focus to our core proposition for clients and potential clients and provides each and every employee with a common articulation of our values and our vision”.

Sure it does love … sure it does.

Now putting aside the fact that this demonstrates how design justification is even more ludicrous than that of adland … what I want to know is what this means Wunderman’s value and vision actually are?

Does the purple represent they want to be a delicious [and successful] as Cadbury’s?

Maybe it means they think Prince is the God of midget-sized music?

Or it signify that they are ambiguous in their claims because that way, they can say whatever the client wants to hear?

Too be honest, I still wasn’t the wiser – especially when I spotted that their logo [or the squiggle outside the box] actually varied …

Because I’m a nosy bastard, I decided to find out what they were on about, so I called up a Wunderman representative and asked … and do you know what they said?

“It represents how Wunderman think outside the box”.

Case closed, point proved and despair achieved. 

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Two types of people/companies in the world. Those that talk and those that do.

Those that talk inevitably descend into cliche because that’s the nature of navel-gazing.

Those that do, don’t need logos to represent their aspirations because they’ve moved beyond the aspiration stage.

Comment by John

Don’t despair, Rob. We need talk like this, it helps those that keep it REAL to have more impact!

Comment by Age

fuck me, dodds is being mr serious. good point though, talk is fucking easy, getting a reputation for actually doing stuff is the holy fucking grail.

naturally when youre some big multifuckingnational you dont give a shit about actually practicing what you preach because you get by on huge fees from bland clients to “manage brand consistency” (posh talk for doing as little as fucking popsicle) but the clever people and clients can see right through that shit, then theres the ultimate proof: fuck all happens

when i read this sort of shit i dont mind campbell writing his stupid little blog, infact it makes me almost smile which tends to only happen when i see a top heavy bird in a super small t shirt

come on wunderman, tell us 5 little fucking things youve done that are “out of the box” and i want real innovative, not some fucking equation you developed to show clients how fucking ineffective you and they are

out the box thinking? for fucks sake someone tell them its not 1923. cocks

Comment by andy@cynic

I don’t know if I’m representative (cue Dodds gag) but I often see design or pattern that I like and then am put off because the logo is splashed all over it. I might be a one man trend, but….

Comment by Charles Frith

He’s back and this time he’s spoiling for a fight 🙂

I wonder if Wunderman realize Google have more information on consumer habits than they could ever dream of. If Google ever decide to launch a formal direct agency, it’s curtains for the establishment but something tells me that concept has already reached the boys attention 🙂

You want to make Google the Robin Hood of marketing and advertising don’t you?

Comment by Pete

Thank you Robert.

Comment by Marcus


time for a piss test over at Wunderbar?

Comment by cheech of chong fame

They did a couple of videos for this too.

Bit of rationalisation…

The Italian office all mucking in with the creativity…

Lovin’ the fact that the little pots of purpleness have their names on them; just in case they get confused whose ‘pot’ is whose.

Comment by zeroinfluencer

Allow me to “communicate with conviction” – your videos suck.

Comment by John

I was going to say this post is the equivalent of a kid picking a fight because his big, tough brother is standing behind him (eg – Google) but you’ve never been backward at being forward even when it involved parties that kept you in gadgets 🙂

This is a great post and maybe Sir Martin (who is smaller than me) will start to question why 2 of his highly expensive companies have been behind some of the worst marketing activities in recent history. This “think outside the box” is one and the infamous Mindshare Amsterdam video is the other.

Would you trust these guys to help your company? Maybe if you work for “Everything is a pound” but that would be it 🙂

Comment by Bazza

Sir Martin can talc my balls!

Comment by Charles Frith

that ‘branding’ is a pile of fucking shit.

and rob, i think you’re spot on with the silhouette – nice one.

Comment by lauren

The first one looks like someone’s had a nasty accident.

Agree completely with Doddsy’s comment.

Comment by Will

Hey Charles, for your comment to be true either your balls are sagging like a 90 year old grandad or you’re sitting down. Or I suppose they could be weighed down with months of unused love juice. Whatever the answer, it can’t be as ugly as that fucking wunderman logo.

I should be on e news with that kind of link ability

Comment by Billy Whizz

It’s what far too many agencies and consultant types do, make out creativity and inteligence knowing for well your safe boring unimaginative clients will never actually ask you to do any of this shit you have falsely claimed to be able to do.

News for you Wunderman:

The people who did your logo have bullshitted you just as much as your “out of the box” talk is bullshitting your clients.

And this isn’t 1996. Grow the fuck up.

(What’s that boss, I have a new project… working with Wunderman?… bloody bollocking fuck bollocks)
((sorry Mrs C))

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I’ve sat down with those design consultant boys in Beijing and its a shocker what good brains can come up with. I nearly pissed myself when they gave me some positions for Haier. “Inspiration today” or some such rubbish. Money for old rope I’m afraid and I wouldn’t mind hopping on that gravy train for a wee while.

Comment by Charles Frith

You’ll want to work for Futurebrand or Landor then Charles, they’re the Kings of overpriced logos and nonsensical positioning.

Comment by Pete

For someone who has the willpower to not drink, smoke or use alternative substances, it’s rather pathetic your weakness is blogging. Welcome back, your viewspoints have been missed especially by those employed in matters of libel.

Comment by Lee Hill

Prince is the god of midget music.
And the talkers/doers refers to agency people too

Comment by northern

It’s only libel if it’s not based on reasoned argument and fact – oh I see your point Lee.

And NP was that you at the moo party last night?

Comment by John

Not wishing to be pedantic but the talk/do issue is not unique to those employed in advertising nor advertising agencies, it is an issue that affects all people across all organisations though I concede those in marketing services may be more practiced in the art of the spin.

Comment by Lee Hill

I appreciate the humour John, but I’m not going to agree to a comment which could imply I am foolish for working with Robert for the last 5 years.

Comment by Lee Hill

It’s just not right when a client stands up for their agency, it’s almost sick 🙂

Comment by Bazza

I wouldn’t describe that as foolish Lee.

Comment by John

have you forgotten what campbell did to you lee? have you become born again or something?

it was going to be a bad day anyway but this… this makes it fucking terrible. i hope you and baz are satisfied with yourselves, lol

Comment by andy@cynic

You’re just jealous because even the people who love you aren’t very nice to you Andy 🙂

Catch you next week. Again.:)

Comment by Rob

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