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Love Is In The Heart Of The Beholder …
June 25, 2008, 7:05 am
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After Age’s lovely post about the tiger and the piglets, I’ve found another story to make you go soft and reinforce that if different animal species can find love and happiness together, we should be able to.

Yes I know this is all very sickly and lovely – but as much as I am a cynical little fuck where adland and corporations are concerned – in life I’m quite the sentimentalist.

Anyway before you all start throwing up [including me] lets get on with the story …

Hippo 1

A baby hippo, who survived tsunami waves on the Kenyan coast, has formed a strong bond with a giant male century-old tortoise.

The hippopotamus – nicknamed Owen and weighing about 300 kilograms – was swept down Sabaki River into the Indian Ocean then forced back to shore when tsunami waves struck the Kenyan coast on December 26, before wildlife rangers rescued him.

Hippo 2

“It is incredible. A-less-than-a-year-old hippo has adopted a male tortoise, about a century old, and the tortoise seems to be very happy with being a mother”, ecologist Paula Kahumbu, who is in charge of Lafarge Park , told AFP.

“After it was swept away and lost its mother, the hippo was traumatized. It had to look for something to be a surrogate mother and fortunately it landed on the tortoise and established a strong bond.”

Hippo 3

“They swim, eat and sleep together …” the ecologist added, “… the hippo follows the tortoise exactly the way it followed its mother.”

“If somebody approaches the tortoise, the hippo becomes aggressive as if protecting its biological mother.”

If that doesn’t make you go ‘ahhhhhhhhhh’ then you’re either sick, Andy or Bambi [who used to have the monopoly in ‘sweet animal acts’] so with that, I bid you farewell and I promise I’ll be more cynical, miserable and evil tomorrow.

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have you been hit on the fucking head? what the fuck is going on? youll be writing about your favourite fucking teddy bear next. tomorrow better be back to normal or youre off to the tailor who makes jackets without arms. yeah youll be teaching planners a lot with this wont you. gay

Comment by andy@cynic

awww, nice story.
Andy… we all know you’re a big softy (literally), so cmon!!

*runs for cover*

Comment by Age

So let me get this clear, you’re blaming your tendency to go soft on weird inter-species love and then suggesting it as a solution for mankind?

Comment by john

too fucking right i am dodds and dont tell me youve been affected or its the end of the fucking world as we know it.

Comment by andy@cynic

I was addressing your illustrious partner who I’m hoping has written this nonsense under the influence.

Comment by john

youre back in the good books which is fucking lucky for you doddsy

Comment by andy@cynic

Zippity doo da zippity ay,
my, oh my, what a wonderful day.

Comment by john

Hello Mr and Mr Nasty – have you let love into your hearts? 🙂

Comment by Robert

have you become a fucking mooney?

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by Robert

can we all just read The Jungle Book again and be done with it?

Comment by lauren

I love that people find posts like this uncomfortable – well not the content, but the fact I wrote it. It’s the best compliment ever – but I am not sure why, ha!

Comment by Rob

I don’t find it uncomfortable at all – I just question the anthropomorphising of what is clearly an innate survival strategy.

Comment by john

Look at Doctor Doddslittle getting all Darwin on us 🙂

Comment by Robert

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