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Big Men Are Really Small Girls …
June 19, 2008, 7:00 am
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So my best mate had his birthday last week – and in a true demonstration of a [38 year old] man trying to deny his age, he and some mates went to Alton Towers Theme Park.

Oh how big, tall and tough they looked to all the little kids there on a day trip to school – only to be revealed as pansy’s when their photo on the log flume was revealed to all.

[They ‘claim’ they were pulling those faces because they knew they were being photographed. Sure lads, sure you were … ]


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Was he wearing brown trousers before he got on the ride?

Comment by Lee Hill

I think they call it ‘schmutzig’ in some places Lee.

Comment by Charles Frith

Top comment there Lee …

And by the looks of Paul’s shirt – the brown trouser incident has spilled upwards as well.

What a great big nancy 🙂

Comment by Rob

Now I know where you get it from Robert 🙂

Comment by Bazza

Paul is 6ft 5″ and you are 2ft 5″ … you are extremely brave [read: stupid] to slag my mate off

But knowing you, you’d make him your best friend and have him offer you a job. How do you do it???

Comment by Rob

Is Bazza qualified to comment about big men?

Comment by John

Only if Billy is hung like a Shetland Pony 🙂

Comment by Robert


Comment by andy@cynic

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