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Anything Is Easy For The Person Who Doesn’t Have To Do It …
June 9, 2008, 2:20 pm
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Given this ‘workshop’ is being given by a bunch of people who have not actually ‘produced’ anything in the real World – the question asked in the headline could be directed at them!

And how creative is using a fucking lightbulb to represent an idea?


And could they please introduce me to these ‘creative teams who can generate 100 new ideas in an hour’

Oh hang on, they’re not saying these generated ideas are GOOD ideas are they?

Haven’t they heard of quality over quantity … probably not … but then when you don’t actually have a specific objective to achieve, any idea can be a good one can’t it.

Tossers … and these are the people who are training tomorrow’s “marketing department pacifists” – God help us all!

Thanks to Steven for bringing this to my attention

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My word, you’re back in a feisty mood.
I hate telling people what I do, everyone is always quite happy to tell me how easy it is and impart their sparkling ideas.
AND, speaking of speed, I’m constantly amazed at suits and junior folk who only ever do a first draft of a creative brief before trying to get it signed off.

Comment by northern

Fiesty? As Bachman Turner Overdrive once said, “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet”

God what a shit pun … and you sound rather uptight too Mr NP, is the media person still pissing you off?

And you’re right, I’m amazed how many people think a creative brief can be ‘knocked out’ in 2 mins – either because they think they’re brilliant or that it’s a pointless bit of paper – but then the World does have the misfortune of being run by politicians when the people who could make it all better happen to work in barbers shops or sit in pubs 😉

Comment by Rob

I really appreciate this “made for elderly people”-size of typography you use. We’re all not getting younger. Ha.
Anyway this is probably on of the worst posters for the worst “creative thinking” seminars I have seen. And I have seen really horrible ones. Though I don’t think there is any creative team that can come up with even 100 shit ideas. That’s two ideas per minute and you have to subtract time for ordering a semi-fat white chocolate moccacino, checking emails, swearing at people and talking about how brilliant that last idea was. Ha.
No, seriously it’s rubbish to tell people that it’s important to have a lot of ideas. Creativity is not a clearence sale where you try to get out as much as you can no matter what price.

Comment by Seb, just to counter the talk that fast is always bad..welcome back Rob.

Comment by niko

Welcome back Robert, nice to see you’re appetite for destruction is in wonderful health.

Is INSEAD behind this “workshop” or are they simply supplying the location? Surprise me.

Comment by Lee Hill

both, i believe the guy running the ‘workshop’ is a associate tutor/seminar leader – or some such thing, on a transfer for a few months from a U.S college, not sure which one.

Comment by Mr McG

It’s at INSEAD – that’s all anyone needs to know to make a decision about attending.

Comment by John

Thank you Mr McG, that explains plenty.

Comment by Lee Hill

I bet Seb and I could come up with 100 ideas in an hour if the brief was suggestions where to shove that lightbulb.

I’m guessing insead (or INSEAD as everyone seems to be writing it) is some fucking management training school. What a bunch of cocks.

Comment by Billy Whizz

It’s worse than that Billy, insead (they don’t deserve capitals) are french (they don’t deserve capital letters either)

Comment by George

You can tell George has been exposed to Mr Campbell can’t you.

Comment by Lee Hill

i love how the bright-sparks have also used the most off-the-shelf font you can think of to add to their run-of-the-mill imagery. actually, they could have used arial. but helvetica is a close second. oh, but wait, they’ve hung the end of the ‘w’ off the end.. how zany!

Comment by lauren

I find the statement on the cover quite interesting. “A good creative team can come up with 100 ideas in an hour.”

I have worked with some of the best creative people in the world. They don’t have 800 ideas in one day. At least not 800 good ones.

Comment by leonjacobs

oh and jill – love the illustration on the next post.

Comment by lauren

100 ideas an hour? every hour? impressive so how come not one of those french insead fuckers has come up with a way to get their countrymen to use some fucking soap

im with lee, campbells influence has definitely infiltrated “auntie g” and hes a much better man for it (im talking about george, not campbell)

ps – jill has more talent in one of her sneezes than campbell has in his entire body. we work with the wrong one but that can be changed 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

The “w”, my lovely Lauren, breaks the border of the red square what symbolises breaking the rules of square thinking. Apparently 100 times per hour…how zany.

Comment by Seb

if the bloke in the picture has found a way to make a light bulb glow without electricity, why the fuck is he trying to contain the light in his hands?

theres not much fucking use having a great idea if you dont let anyone see it. or maybe the tight french fuck is trying to keep the idea a secret till theyve sold it for billions. that or hes worried the krauts might come in and take it. that would be an invasion the world wouldnt be too bothered about.

i fucking hate insead and id never heard of the fuckers till today

Comment by andy@cynic

having a light bulb baby is very creative.

Comment by facu

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