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Human Rights Abuse …
May 19, 2008, 7:34 am
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I’m having the day off [yeah, wanna make something of it?] so to keep you sort-of amused [or as amused as this blog can ever achieve which is approx ‘zero amusement’], here’s what I got the guys to shout at the Bangkok conference I was at last week.

Sorry Marcus, I tried ‘Supercalafraglisticespialidocious’ but it just wasn’t working!

[PS: Andy won’t be responding to this post because he’s currently doing his best not to get murdered in a Rio slum [long story] – however he has seen the clip and I’m sure you can all imagine how complimentary he was about it! 🙂 ]

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like fuck i wont be commenting. youre a cheeky bastard but i am also secretly impressed you used your powers for evil.

“campbell” and “power”, now theres 2 words no one thought would be used in the same sentence together.

go pick on someone your own (cock) size, like a baby fucking mouse

Comment by andy@cynic

With friends like these…..


Comment by Pete

I can’t make it out… what is this evil genius?!

Comment by Age

If you listen carefully Age, I think [hope] you’ll find it say’s …

“Andy Is A Fat Bastard”

Comment by Rob

Wasn’t that too subtle? .. ha ha 🙂

Comment by bhaskar

Is this what you mean by truth in advertising?

Comment by John

Are these white linen cloths on the chairs?
Quite swanky. Looks more like a wedding than a conference.

Comment by Seb

ah yes, next year’ media grads: they know how to insult someone in a language they don’t fully understand by following the leader. so long as it’s captured on film. brilliant! 🙂

Comment by lauren

you missed a word out campbell, theyre saying “andy is a fat cocked bastard”

Comment by andy@cynic

Yeah, because that’s what I’d want a bunch of people to say and then put on my blog isn’t it!

[The answer is “no” if you’re wondering!]

Comment by Rob

It would have shown true friendship, Rob.

Can’t you see that for Andy this could have been a possibility to make up for all those nights when hot, semi-hot and sometimes not so hot women said “No, it wasn’t you fault. It’s not because you’ have a midgets cock. It’s me. I had a stressful day. That’s all. Believe me. Promise.”

But you ruined it, Rob. You’re a bad friend.

Comment by Seb

By the way, isn’t it about time you get something like this for your blog?

Comment by Seb

Women don’t criticize when you have millions Seb – that’s why you and I live in disappointment and Andy is a smug shit – despite having had a past with a plethora of beautiful leeches 🙂

Comment by Rob

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