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The Greatest Planner Who Isn’t A Planner …
May 14, 2008, 7:27 am
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If you’re a planner – or a wannabe planner – or simply a person who wants to have a greater understanding/appreciation of other human beings and the issues they are thinking about/going through, then you really need to check out Rabbi Shmuley because quite frankly, he understands people better than any researcher/planner you’re ever likely to meet.

His website is here and a bunch of his debates [covering topics as diverse as hating women to how people now view sex as a way to wind down rather than feel alive because pornography has infiltrated society to such a degree we have lost perspective about intimacy] are here.

With the greatest respect to the brilliant advertising thinkers out there – and there’s many – I find this sort of debate far more inspirational than just talking about brands and their role in people’s lives – but hey, I also believe in socialistic capitalism so I’m obviously a very confused man!

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I agree Robert, Shmuley is an amazing man and would make a fantastic planner except his faith doesn’t allow him to get involved in such acts of evil 🙂

He’s done more for promoting the Jewish faith than anything that has been formally done in the last 10 years except by his own admission some of his views run counter to the religion and focus more on the betterment of humanity and family.

Comment by Pete

i bet hes fucking over the moon being told he is the sort of guy who would be great in advertising. why not totally insult him and suggest he has a shave, eats a bacon butty and gets ass fucked? wars have been started on less.

Comment by andy@cynic

He’s an expert in fixing broken relationships so maybe you and Andy should meet him 🙂

Comment by Bazza

Interesting, im going to watch some of these over lunch.

Great comment too Andy… you’re def back aren’t you!

Comment by Age

But is his advice kosher?

Comment by Lee Hill

Lee, that is the most awful joke EVER – I am both alarmed and impressed and this is coming from a guy who asked a company called “Mushroom” if they were full of fun-guys [think about it!]

Comment by Robert

Two planners walk into a bar….

Comment by John

That’s about as funny as it gets Dodds

Comment by Billy Whizz

Sorry I should have said two ethnographic insight exponents walk into an alcohol-based, bonding womb.

Comment by John

I like the second version even better, John.

As for socialistic capitalism, could you please define that or link? (I know, Andy, we’re not supposed to spur him on …)

Will check out the Rabbi.

Comment by Thomas

yep, i would like to know about this more too

Comment by TOTOinTrouble (@TOTOinTrouble)

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