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Spare A Thought For The Young Advertising People …
May 12, 2008, 7:59 am
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… who are spending the next 4 days with me in Thailand as part of the Asia-Pac MediaWorks training scheme.

[Even more amazing, it’s me that’s doing part of the training, not the other way round!]

If I can get 50% of them saying ‘toptastic’ by the time they leave, I will regard it as a success though I appreciate they might have a different opinion.

[Given last time I did this event I got everyone to say how much they loved Sacrum, I welcome any suggestions for what you want me to try and get them to do this time]

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how about getting all the poor little fuckers to shout “planners are wankers”

Comment by andy@cynic

Get ’em to chant ‘Punk Planning Rocks’ and I’ll make sure everything in your life will be smoove smooove forever. See ya Thu!

Comment by Charles Frith

Wait. Its Asia so Punk Planning ‘Wocks’ is fine 😉

Comment by Charles Frith

“Billy is gay”

Comment by Bazza

Make sure they are instructed how to make tea properly. And don’t play them Queen.

Or BoneyM.

Comment by northern

i think you should get them to do thriller – like those filipino(?) prisoners from a while back…

Comment by lauren

“Baz is nothing more than a prostitute selling his wares to the highest bidder even though he’s a talentless midget”

As an aside, what’s happened to this blog, no one is on it anymore? It’s like Cloverfield but without the hot people or excitement.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I blame Campbell.

Comment by John

too easy a target isnt he dodds

Comment by andy@cynic


that should fuck there minds up.

Comment by Marcus

Genius – Mr Brown is officially BACK!

Comment by Rob

A spoonful of sugar……

Comment by northern

…bite on this rag

Comment by northern

At least no one has suggested, “We Want Your Man Meat” … which is a step in the right direction.

I suppose!

Comment by Rob

There you go expressing your subconscious desires in public again!

Comment by John

You’re just happy I said it John so you didn’t have to!

Comment by Rob

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