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May 12, 2008, 7:02 am
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So I was walking past a bus shelter in Singapore when I saw this ‘ad’ talking about the Italian Festival that is going to happen soon …


Nothing too much to notice there except for a country known for it’s style, it looks like it was created by the $2 shop, however when I looked closely at the sponsors, I saw this …


Yep, it’s Air France sponsoring the Italian festival in Singapore.


I really hope they have a banner at the event that say’s something like …


Now that would be marketing worth talking about!


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thats it campbell, upset your mum, just how much of a bastard can one man be?

besides, its not as funny as our viz “skegness” poster

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by lauren

Bloody French stronzi!!!

But really… there is actually a very logical explanation for this and anyone that has flown Alitalia would know that most likely when the designers of the poster were asking for logos either…

a) Alitalia couldn’t be fucked getting back to them until it was too late and by then the designer just put the Air France logo there to spite them.

b) Alitalia lost the sponsorship paperwork.

c) the event organisers didn’t want their guests getting lost in transit or rocking up 2 weeks later ransacked and damaged.

Comment by Age

Spoken like a proud Italian … and also an ex-Alitalia passenger 🙂

Comment by Rob

Very cheeky Robert but not as naughty as the idea you proposed when we launched Virgin Blue. Are you getting more mature in your old age?

Comment by Lee Hill

Just read the other posts on this blog Lee and I think you’ll have your answer 🙂

Comment by Bazza

Italy’s always better as you’re pulling away… but I would have giggled if it were BA instead of AF seeing as recently there were articles in the news about British women travelling to random European/exotic countries for their hen nights, marrying locals and getting murdered for their money.

What a sadistical bastard I am!

Comment by Andrea

You really need to work for the guys Andrea, they’d hire just because of your sarcasm skills 🙂

Comment by Bazza

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