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Neil’s A Diamond …
May 6, 2008, 7:27 am
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I just love who is behind the quote regarding him being the ‘Greatest Living Entertainer’.

Then it say’s “Happy Mother’s Day” … the blokes a bloody legend and if more brands were true to themselves rather than try to blow in the ever-changing direction of what’s cool, they might have some cred too.

With this in mind, I’ve finally come to the conclusion that NIKE is one of the greatest brands ever.

Now I know you might think I’m stating the obvious and/or very fucking out-of-date, but hang in there for a second.

You see what I am becoming more and more impressed with is there hunger to win.

Here is a brand leader whose been in business for countless decades and yet demonstrates the same hunger, attitude and passion as if they were a young challenger brand – and that is consistent regardless of what area of business they operate in.

Now compare that to most other brands – and yes, I include Apple and Virgin in that comment even though they are generally very good and have been consistent interms of their tone and approach.

What NIKE have done – and what NIKE are – is fantastic, they’re the supergroup of brands however rather than becoming old and bloated and full of their own self importance [Bono anyone?] they’ve remained a lean, mean fighting machine and for their ability to keep the hunger for the fight, they deserve extra respect because the reality is anyone could of done what NIKE did, but few would of gone the distance to be what NIKE are.

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Oh give Bono a break. He used to dress like a pikey and sing mediocre songs and now he’s a rock star. It’s also so fashionable to knock him that I’m standing by him. Now I might not have embraced anything since Achtung Baby but a man who uses the Bible on George Bush to get his way is clever.

But you’re right. Neil Diamond is a fucking legend. I was thinking of moving to the States a year and a half ago (they were the only ones who would employ me) and I was sitting in a bar in Prachuab Kiri Kan south of Bangkok and watched Neil let loose with ‘Coming to America’. It was most awesome.

Comment by Charles Frith

To be fair to Robert, he has been anti Bono from back when he was a pikey so it’s just the rest of the World has caught up with his view and you’re being contrary for the matter of being contrary πŸ™‚

I really like this post, I still haven’t quite worked out how you have gone from Neil Diamond to Nike but it works and what you say is something I hadn’t considered in those terms before but you’re right, I can’t think of many brands who have been around that long who started with a challenger brand attitude and managed to maintain it without looking contrived decades later.

I have a meeting with them tomorrow so I’ll obviously point this out claiming it as my own personal point of view.

Comment by Pete

*bangs head against brick wall*… more NIKE blowjobs! ugh, not you too, rob!

that’s it. i’m outta here.

Comment by lauren

good post campbell, in just a few paragraphs you have managed to fuck off virgin and adidas who if i need to remind you, help keep you in the luxury lifestyle you dont fucking deserve. well done mate, great client service there.

id join you lauren but the prick does have a point about nike and neil diamond rocks like a bastard so im willing to give him another chance. besides george will hit him when he sees this πŸ™‚

Comment by andy@cynic

OK fair dinkums Pete if he’s been slagging off Bono all the time. That’s called consistency which is deffo my weak spot. As for the Neil Diamond to Nike Narrative?

… I hear that Barry Manilow’s mum has got a few words to say to Neils….

Comment by Charles Frith

I have nothing against people talking about categories they aren’t ‘experts in’ [hell, I’d be out of a job if I didn’t] – my problem with Bono is that his actions do not reflect what he proclaims or what he asks others to do.

Don’t get me wrong, what he is doing is very good – and better than many others, including Governments – however since bloody Live Aid I have always felt his reason for getting involved in these sorts of things was more about his own fame than an actual desire to help the helpless.

Comment by Rob

Just when I thought this blog couldn’t get any better, Rob reveals his appreciation for yes, the greatest brand in the world and my inspiration for wanting to work in advertising in the first place.


Comment by Age

Adidas rock. Full fucking stop. This post worries me more than it will fucking worry George, I can tell you that for nothing.

Neil Diamond has the best voice ever. Jesus that guy is good.

Did I mention that Adidas rock and kick Nike’s arse all over the kitchen floor?

Comment by Marcus

Marcus, you are wrong about Adidas but right about Neil Diamond.

Comment by northern

Spoken like a true sort-of German πŸ˜‰

Now I have a suspicion why you would say that [and it’s a genuine reason rather than being all Frith-contrary-like] but would you like to open this debate by telling all?

And ‘NO’ is not going to be acceptable πŸ˜‰

Comment by Rob

YAY, NP has committed career suicide as well as me

Comment by Rob

you just want me to save your sorry backside from George’s size 9’s.

Comment by Marcus

Yes – and he is desperate for some tough-guy credibility following the ‘cake episode’ where his wife systematically robbed him of his manliness, but not in a Wayne Bobbit kinda way.

Comment by Rob

So why Adidas better apart from being German (and a TBWA client , don’t tell on me Fred).

Comment by northern

Adidas deal in Heart candy.

Comment by Marcus

Ooooooh you’re using Lee Hill language there Marcus, he will be impressed.

I know what you’re saying – but NIKE used to as well, but I do have to admit they’re somewhat slipping though I still admire their ability to keep their energy level, even if their soul is being picked away bit by bit.

Comment by Rob

I’m not trying to impress anyone. It’s a good phrase and somes up what I think makes Adidas different.

Good afternoon.

Comment by Marcus

i fucking hate nike. i hate them as much as seb and age love them. i hate nike so much that i had to shop for 2 days to find running shoes in east london that weren’t nike. i hate them so much that i no longer wear my absolute favourite shoes because they are owned by nike. and won’t be buying converse ever again (which fucks me off ‘cos i have worn cons since i was 14).

i know why i hate them and i know that my opinion doesn’t matter to them, nor does it change things for them. but i guess when you set up a brand for people to adore and idolise, you also set up a brand for hate and vitriol.

Comment by lauren

i know im going to sound like a fucking planner but a brand that polarizes opinion is better than a brand that everyone thinks is “nice” which is another reason why nike is fucking good at what it does even if i think their ads have changed the brand personality in a bad way and that guy richie ad is totally fucking shit, well shit for nike not shit as an ad for the benefits of cheap celebratory (or heat magazine)

Comment by andy@cynic

planner boy.

Comment by Marcus

so andy, by that rationale, do you think that innocent is a bad brand?

Comment by lauren

Second best quote ever after the one on Banksy’s Wall and Piece:

“Im not giving you a quote to use on your book”
Met Police

Comment by Rob Mortimer

planner boy? shed lad.

by your comment lauren you seem to imply everyone loves innocent and i dont know if thats the case but even if it is, they openly stand for something which people could hate (or love) which automatically makes them a fuckload better than 90% of the brands out there.

fuck i am planner boy arent i. but its not as if its something difficult to achieve πŸ™‚

Comment by andy@cynic

You do make it look rather easy Andy.

Comment by Marcus

thats because it is fucking easy, not like doing ads, you have to be fucking genius to pull that off

Comment by andy@cynic

Nicking a scene from a movie or a music video isn’t that difficult is it Andy?

Comment by Robert

no campbell youre right but its still more difficult than picking 3 words at random and claiming its the answer to the universe πŸ™‚

isnt it time for your bed little boy?

Comment by andy@cynic

I bet you’ve been thinking of that answer for months – it’s a good one though. For a creative πŸ™‚

Yes it is time for my bed but I’m waiting for a certain creative prima-donna to stop ignoring my email, SMS, notes via Katerina and call me like he said he would 4 hours ago!

How sad is it that I have to conduct business via my blog – maybe that’s the future but it makes slagging off people behind their back an absolute shit to get away with πŸ˜‰

Call me. Please.

Comment by Rob

So did we all agree that Nike shits on every thing else?
Yes? Thought so.

Comment by Age

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