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I’ve Found The R&D Department In Adland …
May 6, 2008, 7:59 am
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Remember I wrote that post regarding Adland’s reluctance to invest in new thinking/approaches?

Well it would seem someone out there is taking on the issue because I’ve just read a lovely article about Arnold Boston!

Good on them and I hope they develop stuff that proves it’s not just for hype, but for true communication liberation.

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Arnold are a great agency. When I worked on VW my client used to rave and rave about working with them. They still value creativity.

Comment by Charles Frith

Pity we won VW off them then Charles 😉

Arnold are a really great agency but they did lose their way for a couple of years following some staff and client losses but this sort of initiative is exactly the sort of thing that can help them get their mojo back because they are definitely one of the best agencies here.

Comment by Pete

oi pete, you mix in those circles more than me, is john peters still at arnold?

Comment by andy@cynic

Hi Andy, John left Arnold late last year and I think he went to Deutsch. I can find out for sure if you want to know?

Comment by Pete


Comment by andy@cynic

Before I find out, can I ask why you want to get in touch with John? I don’t want to be responsible for any violence.

Comment by Pete

You know him so well Pete …

He’ll take your question as a compliment you know 🙂

Comment by Rob

are you suggesting i would only want to catch up with someone because of some violence desires? thanks pete, what a mate.

i want to talk to him because we were at chiats together and i have something i know hed be fucking brilliant for.

is that ok for you pete, will you find out for me now please?

Comment by andy@cynic

Oh dear, a friend of mine has just told me that this R&D lab thing is more hype than substance.

Apprentely they’re trying to create a sense of innovation [from calling their meeting rooms after famous inventors and giving the ECD a studio table to create the impression of a construction environment] rather than actually trying to create some real innovation so I just hope [1] my friend is wrong – though I doubt it and [2] they come to their senses and build this for real very soon – because without real agency R&D, we’re going backwards rather than forwards and yet we have the potential to help companies and industries grow like few others!

Comment by Rob

more hype than substance from an advertising agency? shock!!

Comment by lauren

I know – it’s amazing isn’t it Lauren.

Apprentely the link I put up now requires subscription – which is a fucking pain in the arse – so if you really want to know more about this hype, you can click here instead …

Comment by Rob

not impressed.

Comment by Marcus

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