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Not Quite Living Upto The Promise …
May 2, 2008, 7:13 am
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No I’m not talking about Andy’s ex-wives … or even Nottingham Forest … I’m talking about this …

The most non-tarnish tarnished photo frame IN THE WORLD!

And what do John Lewis say …

“You live in a tropical climate”

Well thanks guys, I actually already know that but what I’d really like to know is WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT MY SHITTY PHOTO FRAME???

I’ve said this quite alot, but the true test of customer service is when something goes wrong – infact it’s the single biggest opportunity for a company to keep a client long term – so it amazes me just how many companies say one thing and yet, when the time comes to live up to the ‘promise’, they approach any customer with a complaint with an air of distrust, inconvenience and blamelessness.

Advertising can do a lot for a company, but compared to an organisation who genuinely, demonstrably cares about their customers belief in them [note I said ‘belief’, not satisfaction] the benefit is strictly small fry.

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now theres a name i havent heard for years. john fucking lewis, the most boring name for the most boring fucking shop. you should be grateful campbell, a tarnished frame is the most exciting thing that shop has ever fucking offered.

good point about how brands who do need less fucking ads than brands that dont. jesus i sound like a boring fucking planner, wash my mouth out with beer

Comment by

haha! welcome back Andy.

Comment by Age

I thought this blog was on hiatus.

Comment by John

god i love the john lewis green stripe…it goes with pimms and croquet. can’t beat that πŸ™‚

Comment by lauren

It’s called ‘TIME DIFFERENCE’ John … so you’re Thursday is my Friday. Pah, what’s the point explaining concepts like that to the elderly.

And yes Andy – welcome back. I suppose!

Comment by Rob

Good point Rob.
So many companies forget that a little bit of real customer service can go a long way yet they seem intent on spending millions on advertising campaigns when for a fraction of the cost they could get even more powerful results through training and empowering their staff to look after their customers satisfaction. (though I prefer your use of the word “belief”)

Comment by Pete

John Lewis…isn’t that a porn actor?

Comment by niko

Not unless you think Christmas Decorations and tarnished photo frames are hardcore – but given you live in Amsterdam, who knows what the drugs make you see πŸ™‚

Comment by Rob

I resent that…I am from Rotterdam…

Comment by niko

No wonder you think John Lewis is a pornstar then πŸ™‚

Comment by Rob

say no to pcp kids…it just causes pain and hurt

Comment by niko

It’snothing to do with time differences – I just assumed the post title was a flash of self-awareness.

Comment by John

Not quite living up to the promise of 4×6 inches is probably not a bad thing anyway. Shame about the tarnish.

Comment by Charles Frith

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